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The World At A Cohesive War

The World At A Cohesive War

By on August 26, 2019

World At A Cohesive War

The World is in a collective state of shock and Trump is leading the way with his “War” notions.

One, the escalating trade war between the U.S. and China is getting the best out of both economies. However, Mr. Donald Trump is collectively leading the way.

Not only is He bothering the entire World with his slang nature and mid-level tongue, he is apparently fearless and announcing immediate and nice things some day and total War the very next day.

At the moment, Trump is in France and whereas the Kashmir issue is getting the best out of the World economies.

The Kashmir issue is being discussed on many levels. However, the Prime Minister of India, who has a very big say in this, is the one who is in trouble. However, he flew to the Middle East amidst what is going on.

Contrarily, Qatar is also on the eye and agenda of many. Interestingly, Qatar will be holding the World Cup soon and honestly, it’s already on the agenda of the President of the United States of America.

Stocks, money and other related and similar things are in the hands of a certain few who are also literally taking care of the World economy in many ways. They are the ones who are tackling the Ups and Downs of and in every market but in fact, They are the Ones who have to be controlled.

Conclusion: State Of War

In a nutshell, the World seems like a joke to the mass populations but the War notion doesn’t seem to make any sense. The entire year has passed and on Quarterly basis, probably a year since these terms and presidencies actually came to fruit.

Stay Tuned.

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Self

By on August 22, 2019

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Self

Winter is nearby and a lot has gone down this year. If we are talking about winters’, we must not forget about all the deaths that happened this year. Life isn’t easy but to keep going, you need to keep a watchful eye on yourself. Looking for top 10 ways to improve your self?

Keep Reading!

Honestly, if you ask me, working on your own self is the best way out of this mess we are in. Living life is not easy, living off people is not permissible and screaming your way out of the day is really not the route to happiness. To succeed in and at life, you need to be happy and that starts by training your ‘self’ towards ‘the right’ or the good.

In today’s new age, where everyone is trying to play their own ‘game’, know that there are very few people who are honest and loyal. Loyalty is the best of all traits and loyal are those who succumb to nearby pressures’ live in a subdued temperature and smile always at what they already have.

Count your blessings.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your ‘Self’

Honest to God, know that so many people have come before us and so many of us have already died. It is the human race, it will be the human race and it will be these humans till the end of time. However, the World has changed in such a motion that everything looks haphazard now.

Now; we are on the notion: Is it us or is this for real or is this really happening..

You snap your eye and there is another tear; between that there is another fear; another fear is another one that is created out of a spirit of a man- for a woman; and of a woman; off her children.. Smile and you are in fear that it doesn’t get taken away from you, especially things that ‘get you going 😉 ‘..

Life’s a mess already and the solution now is: To stay TO yourself and stick WITH yourself. Don’t lose yourself in this super crazy life which is superseding at human pace but erratic craze and haze (which is not normal).

To keep to yourself, you have to make sure you keep your “Tongue” in particular, only to Yourself- not even your children. Once you accept that you as is are there as a father to your children and as children to your mothers, you will find balance and grace in the fact that ‘everything is already there’.

People can take your life, beliefs, honesty, dignity and self by their hypocrite ways and that is where the notion of self-belief comes in. Remember, life is a competition until someone else is competing and if not then you need to realize that it is going to be only YOU till the end so you might as well start taking life forward, your way this time.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Self

  • Don’t make others as big a priority that even you can’t handle it.
  • Tell people to back of on the Second you think its getting out of control.
  • Stand up ALWAYS for yourself. You should be your own motivation. Start believing in self-love.
  • Take people by your limits. No one is above you.
  • Make sure you don’t get angry at anyone more than you can take and make sure you don’t let anyone cross you in the hidden, let alone in the real.
  • Start believing in yourself.
  • Mind over matter; body over emotions and emotions over feelings. The way out? Intellect.
  • The only motivation to get up is ‘making money’. Money is food, life, travel : everything else needed to keep us sane. Find an opportunity to make money every day.
  • Never be afraid to give. Always do good.
  • Say no to people who you deem suspicious. Never enjoy a fool and never let anyone lower than you enter your home. It would eventually destroy your sanity.


Always keep to yourself.

Life Goals: How To Be Happy

By on August 21, 2019

Life Goals: How To Be Happy

I am here to tell you and let you in on a little secret today. If you want to be happy, ALWAYS stay and Stick to yourself. This means never let go of yourself just as another wouldn’t let go of their baby. Being happy is all about internal happiness and happiness is all about being your self. Honestly, it all starts with you. Find happiness in little things and you will be amazed at how good this life is and the possibilities of “The Within”.


A man is born without teeth and so is a Woman. A man must always remember, that; and a Woman must remember that eating with her eyes wide open and laughing on someone in the hidden after ‘a’ meeting is a divine intervention to go check herself and never question herself but never make the mistake of fooling another’ too.

Men and women are alike. Though, the universe works in such a way that it spins through your eyes and comes back from the skies and its mayhem. How about we change that and start realizing in ourselves that writing is for men and workship is for women. This means men and women can work in coordination but it is better to have rooms for both. Men and women are alike but it is for the sanity of a ‘man’ to stay away and of a woman to stay to her self and never question anything in the hidden (or in her hiding).

As is in the rule of writing; writing makes it easy to forgo but if it gets too complicated, even the greatest minds cannot fix it. Man and woman are to writing as hands are to teeth and teeth is to literacy as women is to men and men are to women as children are to fathers and fathers are to men as women are to grandparents. Life is a circle; can’t blame evolution. We must Change the notion of Creation by Believing that all that we know was ‘created’ and its not us. It is not the divine nor the ‘rule of law’; different from law based on kinship or political fiascos. Must remember; life is a game for all; only the Truthful reign.

Life is all about doing and going; tit for tat; love for learn; learn for love; help for one; none for all; all for none and hell to all. Remember; Only the ones by Religion are those who never speak a blunder from their tongues purposefully (say taking down a man or a woman or bogging them down with their words or orders). Take yourself as yourself (as a daughter of someone) and you will realize how secondary money is, even money is, if you want to realize that everything is already there. And if everything is already there, why must or should we question ourselves?

Literally, those who you have made cry or not are still there. You might not know when a sword strikes you but the other will be equally glad when the sword strikes you instead. Thats Karma and call it ‘e=mc2, karmic retribution, eating disorders, forgery or being evil), always start with yourself no matter how mean the world is. Literally, most people are here to make you cry except your blood. Remember that.

Furthermore, if you are riding low on self-esteem, always stick to the point, never let go of yourself, prioritize yourself over others and be it your kids, children, mothers or fathers, you are only going to be able to stand (even for them) and especially for them, if you take care of yourself so: let go of others and make yourself stand. Count on a day for your blessing and the other for your remorse; the third for your misery and fourth for your applause and the fifth one for prayer. Get your weekend in order and plan for Saturday. That’s a week and remember: money is the only motivation to work and work is bliss for life will eat you up and chew you down if you don’t have the ability to fight!

The key to being happy, therefore, is, to nourish yourself, to identify yourself, to give time to yourself, to sit in silence (as the soul picks up on everything) and remember: never let go of your emotions externally for everything is felt (good and bad; especially the bad). It is written and it doesn’t change a fact about anyone who has done it as it doesn’t change any fact about you that you can do it.

Be it Pakistan or America, everyone wants to be happy. If you are looking for an article to understand how to be happy; remember life is not easy. Happy are those who have done something for the others and miserable are those who stand to watch each other fall while keeping themselves sane or at least trying to.

Getting freedom and attaining sustenance is One’s dream. Other routes to happiness, dreams and freedoms include other measures of life or of life or of achieving sustenance including premiership, leadership, full control, power and Authority.

Being happy is all about about self-control.

The delicacy, of religion and faith is the purity of one’s self against their faith and belief. That only He knows.

Therefore life, automatically, becomes a place on Earth where you have to go up, climb, succeed, thrive and make sure you are alive (till the End of Time perhaps)- That is longevity, the should-be mantra and peace and life instead.

Furthermore, remember that Life doesn’t come easy but the right kind of attitude can take you places altogether. That’s rigidity, help, happiness and everything, in one and all in one together.

Life isn’t a bowl of melons- What matters are emotions, life, heart, soul, feelings; the key- Pour Out Of These Feelings.

To Evolve: Sustainability And Sustenance

Whether we are young or old, getting freedom and attaining freedom is not that easy. Life has been hard for all of us and we have seen our shares of ups and downs.

Life is all about getting freedom. It is about attaining sustenance and it is about having the right attitude so people start believing you in full strength and full rigor.

There are different rules to being happy.

Rule no. 1 of #life is to stay happy. Rule #2 is to let go out of the past and move to something better. Go through the transition rather than avoiding it or reacting to which your heart has already settled on. These are gimmicks of the Universe that you will never be able understand. Let go and Realize. That is the point of inception, the start of the Human Mind.

In fact, the Human Mind is so vast that it can become adaptable and it can get you places. However, restricting yourself, finding excuses, getting your work done through others and to reacting to things that are not that is abnormality. The idea is to never sit on one place for too long, especially if in #depression (going through a divorce, knowing a friend’s death, going through trauma or being terrorized at the hands of Any).

What Principle Should One Stand For For Success.

Honestly, if its not you who’s talking, no one should be talking to you. All emotions of self destruction being with the anger of the other. And for that, you have to have belief and that is already in you. It is the notion of ‘karma’ as is- only if you understand.

That for understanding and high fives for their falls in the Real ;-)). After all, Life is a gamble.

Rule Of Life/ Rule Of Law

The biggest rule of Life is= What Goes Around, Comes Around. If you plant a seed in the universe, there might be two seeds that might welcome you to your fanatic hood. Planting one seed might have helped you to get an insight regarding your interests in plants and nature. Trust me and trust it that Life doesn’t come easy. It is not a game and life itself is the truth.

Finding and attaining that balance is an automatic recovery and move along of and in life.

Life is unpredictable and it is true that it is only going to be you at the end of it all because you Are your best friend.

However, if your limits become somebody’s glory or your doings become somebody’s dismay, then you will naturally be out of life itself. Being happy is the Rule of Law and the Rule of Jurisdiction as well.


Life isn’t easy and there is no escaping from it. The only option is death and death is forbidden by all laws for God’s mercy is always near.

If you expand your horizon, you will realize that everything is there and the only motivation we work for is money and the only thing we need to get going is happiness.

Furthermore, if you are getting bullied and in trouble ; if you have been shamed as off later reports of people ‘coming out’, and ‘murderers being jailed’ and what not; Really, understand the time we are living in for God’s mercy and open your eyes to realize everything is already there. If their motive is to sham you, don’t react. The heart can only take for so long till it explodes and if it becomes one to one, even the sourceful cannot deny its mercy.

Its getting scary as to see the faces of our population today. Things are not right, we know, people are at it, I know but someone is doing it and that one person Must Be Caught.

God’s mercy is always near. You wear not borne out of the womb of a bigger source. Remember your parents for mercy and stick with your children for help. There are so many people in the universe who will help you the next day. Just start using your tongue and realize how good it is to be free.

Being free or happy is all about sustenance.

Life doesn’t come easy and if something is so obviously disturbing you, move away. It is on no one’s mercy to decide someone’s fate or faith. You are not the book to judge; you are here to work for God and he works for you. Its a two way road. We help God by helping others and he helps us by giving. Don’t forget the generations that have passed away and lets remember for all of us who are here.

Never forget the discrepancy between an evil person and a nice soul. And if you are suffering from paranoia or any other disease even corona for that matter; Remember that Disease was created to scare people off of God’s mercy. They are after your death and they want you to admit and that’s the game of cancer; to play with you in the hidden. Remember seeing shadows and spirits are people and its all external. Nothing can cross you in the hidden (say you sitting alone at your home) so relax because your parents have worked for your home and you’ve worked for where you are sitting. Life indeed is e=mc2.

Finally, things that have been blown out of proportion should be forgone. Remember that we are all humans and our spirit contains the divine seed which is turning to the Higher Source be it Allah or God for Muslims.

God’s mercy is near and no one controls the universe except Him. Find Him and you will find his mercy and his mercy is near and that is why even the good and bad should Fear for Fear instigates human emotion.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Why Is It Important To Get Rid Of The Past

By on August 19, 2019


The past is the past. Something that has already happened. Truth be told, a lot of people cannot step out of their past because of undeniable moments. However, such people need to realize that the past happened but with you, time passed with you as constant and all of it is a new start. Where you are standing is 10 inches away from where you started.

Lest be told, the past is not a better future. It is stated in the Holy Quran that Allah *Subhana’Ta’Allah* (May the beautiful God be with you) people were removed from your life because of a reason. It is also stated in the Book that the past holds no future or responsibility. In fact, it has become the ‘past’ for more than one reason and that; reason is the past itself. Something might not have been right, something might have been dysfunctional or He might have seen it and then the path chosen for you and by you is the one heading towards the better future. Ideally, this concept of the past and moving on is a huge struggle and easier said than done. However, it is the best way forward.

Motivation Talk

All you need to achieve this is motivation and a spiritual healer who can guide you through that transition. Additionally, and ideally, between this is your Faith.

Not only does your faith has to be redeemed it also has to stay put and it will, only if you are stronger and smarter and understand Allah’s work.

Islam or not Islam, the principle of faith are the 5 pillars of Islam. Islam is the finality of the religion and the last bit left for the Muslims is the Day of Judgement. In fact, they are striving for the day of judgement and hence forth, they should ideally keep everything within.

Within births forth many notions and hence forth, the best way forward is to read religion, accept birth, adopt childhood, live aggressively but be passive about your emotions. The ideal pace to let go of your emotions will be to leave it on Allah. Rest, don’t even spend an inch lower on people not an inch higher.

To Conclude

Staying in the past is staying stuck on something. Whether it is emotions or whether it is love, the truth is that in between that phase, call it a spiritual phase or a transition, the period itself might not have been smooth. Therefore, don’t delude yourself and think positively about the future as it will birth you good deeds and good notions.

Further, spark that emotion with you and it won’t be more time till you come out of that loophole and start experiencing life- enjoying growth and momentum both.

Top 10 Ways To Succeed At Life

By on August 17, 2019

This life is nobody’s A-Game. Nobody has mastered it and nobody knows how to go through it.

However, you didn’t come down with no one. In fact, you had everything when you were born. However, there are instructions for living this life and it is important if you are abide by the manual.

Furthermore, if you want to know about the top 10 ways to succeed at life, here are perspectives to help you go through it.

1- Life By Religion

If you want to know about the top 10 ways to succeed at life, know that there are many different religions in the world. More importantly, you belong to one of them.

We are categorized by the sub-divisions of religions themselves. However, if it is the race of religions, then there might be too much confusion. Hence forth, to state, there is no perfect formula to succeed at life but to stay put and true to yourself.

If you want to learn about the manual to go through, know that the Book that was revealed for you by your Prophet is the Book you need to learn to make sense out of this mess-a-hole.

Furthermore, ‘to live life’ doesn’t come with a manual. If we take everything into account, we can easily say that it is all about you and all on you, for the Ones who understand. The focus should be you. As long as you are alright, you might easily be able to succeed at life.

Want to know how to succeed at life or live this life till the end without 3rd grade worries?

top 10 ways to succeed at life: Tech Unveiled


There are 10 simple pointers that can help you succeed at life. These are:

1- Don’t fool anyone as it all comes back to you. (Based on the e=mc2 formula). As you do, will be as you sow.

2- Never talk to anyone on any other’s behalf. Let the truth preside and don’t let anyone fool you by telling you lies about anyone else; This is called intention. The basic thing to look at in yourself too is intention. As long as your intentions are clear, you are in the win. If not, then you’d definitely be in trouble.

3- Never loose your integrity or spirit for anyone. Be who you are and don’t stoop down to anybody’s level as that is defeat.

4- Read by the Book and you will understand that no one is in full supremacy, nobody has the right kind of dollars, nobody has the right kind of strength to deal with life. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Don’t interfere in anyone’s life. You don’t know how the other spent their 52 years of life.

5- Don’t eye anyone as it is Haraam or forbidden. Eyeing someone means getting involved in one’s ways rather than ignoring them and finding your own.

6- Avoid people by your judgement.

7- Do what seems right to your heart. It is innate and will come to you naturally.

8- Don’t talk to anyone about anyone. Don’t get involved in murder. Don’t get involved in bad ways and don’t wrong anyone intentionally as the guilt will haunt you forever- If you are a truthful person.

9- Always thank God for His blessings. There are too many days to come by, there is life ahead of you. Just thank God and move ahead.

10- Talk less, show less, pretend less and conceal yourself; as every eye is naturally on you because of your ways and style.

And also, because there are very few people who are right in the world.

Stay tuned.

The Ongoing Kashmir Issue: Politics

By on August 16, 2019

According to recent reports, the Kashmir issue has killed many people and it is still persisting by in large. On the other hand, Pakistan has launched a big crackdown on the sale of Indian films. This is because Pakistan is in the middle of Kashmir and India, making it fit right in the center of both economies.

Pakistan is getting affected by both economies, their fright and flight. However, the truth is that Pakistan itself has paid a consistent part in this underlying and true Kashmir and Pakistan issue.

Kashmir Issue

Kashmir holds Muslims by majority whereas India holds non religious people by Muslims. Pakistan, however, is the land of Muslims. While the ongoing Kashmir issue is a bothersome ordeal, the person who is running the show and sitting on the main chair is the one to blow.

The ongoing Kashmir issue doesn’t look that good. However, the bigger concern is that it is affecting the two countries on its side by side.

Pakistan At Loss

Pakistan has recently banned Indian films. One should wonder whether this was done in the interest of money or kinship or in the interest of self. To create a little spark on the land itself or to have and become consistent efforts to destabilize the economy from all three sides.

Nonetheless, the ongoing issues between the three economies and the state of Kashmir is the reason why Pakistan has taken a back step from India itself; on movies; one thing that has been working well for Pakistan.

Is There A Problem To This Solution?

The Kashmir issue is a serious concern. However, beggars cannot be choosers and beggars cannot pick or choose. If Kashmir is at a disaster, its Prime Minister and working party should be held responsible for it.

Fighting for this #Kashmir issue is a major concern. This is because it is getting affected by all three sides and countries parallel to it are struggling. A big sound can have a huge trickle down impact and the ongoing issue has nonetheless hit the Pakistani economy to a great and big extent.

Top Passports In The World

By on August 8, 2019

Top Passports In The World

Everybody loves to travel and travelling comes with a lot of patience. However, things and times have changed. If we are talking about travel, here are top passports in the world today.

If you want to be in on the top passports in the world, here is something you should definitely read.

Travelers should reunite to know that the top reigning passports in the World are that of Japan and the UAE.


On the Henley Passport Index, Singapore and Japan had a successive tie.

According to this index, Henley has given Singapore and Japan a decent score of 89.

This score is according to the total number of countries plus total number of destinations, then their passports and ranking, and then according to their visa.

On the other hand, Arton Capital’s Passport Index has given the UAE a mobility score of about 175.

The Passport index states the following:

The top reigning passports in the World, according to 2019 estimates are:

1- United Arab Emirates

2- In second to third: Finland, Luxembourg, Spain.

3- Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, US, Ireland, Japan etc.

4- Sweden, France, Norway, Malta, Greece, Singapore.

5- Canada, Lithuania, Iceland.

Least Mobile Passports

1- Afghanistan

2- Iraq

3- Syria

4- Pakistan

5- Somalia

Unfortunately, countries that I love are on the low list, however, bigger countries are on top of the list because, trade is two way and the rankings are done by basing everything on the United States of America.

Nonetheless, these countries are still happy and their citizens get a free pass for a lot of things. However, on the other hand, things will always look sleek and lim (plus dim), for the countries trying to fight for victory of God knows what. (In other news, Kyrgyzstan’s ex-president was arrested today.)

This battle is a never ending one. The “Sakun” is health, wealth, wellness and overall well being.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

The World: A Bizarre Outlook

By on July 31, 2019

The World: A Bizarre Outlook

The world outlook seems meager and bizarre, for things are seemingly at a definite halt.

It looks to me and it appears to be that there is War and even if it isn’t, then these are definite signs of war on the whole.

In a comprehensive read up of the World, we look at many different factors.

For one, India is at War with China and is in cohesive effort with Trump to bring down the East Asian region. Modi is backed by Trump and these are clear indications of his supposed wrath for the Muslims.

War: Tech Unveiled

On the other hand, Trump is in full fight with China, as he is aiming to bring down the technology sector in the country.

First, it was his trade war and now, it is his attitude towards the Western economy. The Eastern economy, he doesn’t take much seriously except Saudi Arab, which has gold, oil and silver presiding there, by in large.

Let’s not forget that these three are priceless commodities and commodities are not that easy to get.

Hence forth, to conclude, it is important to say that Trump is fighting a war and the war is succulent and prudent.

On the other hand, it is important to see what is going on in Pakistan.

A grim outlook of the country shows that there are attacks on all boundaries of the country. NWFP is at war, so is Baluchistan. Karachi has been drowned by floods, with about 12-20 reported deaths and then we have India, which is igniting the war and is some what paying a price for it.

Things seem weak. However, the quick reminder is that these are lives and a lot of people are dying.


In Afghanistan, there was an important gun men set up which blew off many people. On the other hand, India seems to be bothering Muslims in the country and Afghanistan in general. That appears to be Modi’s strong hold in the economy. Seems like Modi hasn’t learnt his lesson in the past few months.

Moreover, there also has been a flood in River Chenab as India has released its water without any information as such.

Interestingly, Pakistan had been a little normal till Ramadan. However, since Ramadan, there have been so many bombs that the collateral damage for the leaders of the country is quite prominent and huge.

On the other hand, there has been a major river flood and flooding in general in Europe and they are saying that it could create a big economic havoc in the region.

Things don’t look good on any front. (Globally and Economically). Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Stay Tuned At Tech Unveiled.

Stocks 2019: News Snippets

By on July 24, 2019

If you are a stock enthusiast, here are the top snippets from today: Stocks 2019

Stocks 2019: Tech Unveiled

1- ASX 20 Gets An All Time High: Read here. (Indication: Positive).

2. China Launches STAR to Boast Stock Market: Read here. (#Emerging Businesses)

3. Dow Falls To New Levels: Read here. (Controlled by Mr. T).

4. Stocks fall because trade progress is disturbed. Read here. (#CurrentPolitics).

5. The Apple iOS Update: Read Here.

Stocks 2019: Tech Unveiled

6. Apple stocks could hit new all time highs: Read here.

7. CannTrust drops significantly: Marijuana gets hurt. Read here.

8. KSE Turns Upwards March: Read here.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Dubai In Paper: News Ranked

By on July 22, 2019

Dubai In Paper: News Ranked

1- Smart Dubai To Launch Expo 2020 Virtual Assistant

2- Dubai to feature bigger enterprise this year, with Rashid leading the way for Dubai’s assistance’ type fish.

Read here: News

3- Dubai Won’t Be Showing Calories In Menu For 2 Years

Read here: News

4- How to Do Business In A City Like Dubai

Read here: News

5- Dubai On Job Performance: How it performed and what’s on stake.

Read Here: News

6- Dubai Modernizes: Here’s what you need to know.

Read. here: ..News

Stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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