Pakistan: An Insightful Look

Pakistan: An Insightful Look

Pakistan: An Insightful Look

Pakistan is a country deeply problemed by the ‘notion and in the name of Islam’. However, if you realize that even ‘Islam’ is now a ‘power house’ and they are literally running mafias in the Name of ‘Islam’, then you will realize how important it was to turn to God, not 10 years ago but perhaps, since the day you were born.

Islam is being controlled. There is a power house doing it in the ‘name’ of Islam but that is not really Islam.

If you believe that everything is Created and the truth is only that you feel, think, talk or process; you will realize that “All that we know is the truth and created means its done by someone else”, even emotions, really”. (Read: The Truth Breakers of the 19th century- The Creators of “Deception“).;

After all if something is there, a man has done it not a woman because a man is responsible for deeds and women are responsible for enjoyment. Furthermore and unfortunately, the notion of ‘misogyny in Islam’ should be read to realize: “That only the Books that are there are to be followed (be it of Any religion”; and “The Rest”; all religions are the same and all people of all religions are the same.

Everyone stands on their coffin and that is automatically their grave. Rest is their breath and if by religion, there is nothing better than that).

Pakistan: A Look Forward

It would be funny to sit on a global podium and discuss ‘countries’. Or anything else for that matter.

Moreover, what we have to believe is what we know and what is being lowered down on us by our ancestors and also;

being held by religion means that a man always stands for his family and a woman only Stands for her blood.

This notion alone is so deep, if understood, even you would sit in a moment of silence for a refresher and direction. It really starts with the Right.

The Right Hand for your heart. Pump your right hand and you will right your mind and pump your left hand and you will fix your right. (Mind, body, mechanisms).

Direction Forward For Pakistan

Pakistan is a ‘given’ as it is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and it is in every heart that Islam is the finality of All Religions.

Then it is important to understand how important it is to let go of bad people at the first sight and how good it is to not resist.

If led by the right men by religion, Pakistan would have become a Global Superpower, which it actually might be. Power is something you need for having something in hand that the other can see as a threat.

Pakistan needs to realize that the World is at least 20-80 years ahead of it. It could get some help from respect. It could get some help from understanding and it could get help from Dignity as well.

A Muslim laughs on anything that is not remotely or similarly close to what is different than them. Muslims bigot to such an extent that they forget their manners.

Moreover, Muslims have put the world to a shame. In addition, the answer for Pakistan is sitting in silence- let the right men do the right work.

Furthermore, threat is created as is food that we cook. We plan too and imagine the plans in ‘all of that’. Things happen; who does it and doesn’t doesn’t matter. Lets just say that the divine source doesn’t throw bombs from the air or we would be seeing them with out technologies.

Pakistan… a story further

Pakistan needs to be taught a lesson and then the world as well. Since by individuality it is not possible, Pakistan’s way forward is to deal with the world with respect and dignity and let things follow through.

A Muslim’s ego might end his collar bone and a collar bone is all you need to stand straight.

Muslims, if by religion, will never commit a crime, let alone cry on a non-Muslim bone. Unfortunately, Pakistan doesn’t have Muslims by population because of free masonry, practiced well and wide in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s presiding authority needs to check its underground tunnels, basements, openings in basements, foods, collars, collar bones, money. Furthermore, to get rid of the men working against the country’s favor and reinstate the right men for this country to lead from the ‘ahead’.

Pakistan has time and its only strength is that it has nothing to lose; especially not blood as none of the Real Muslims do as they are already by blood.

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