Pakistan: An Insightful Look

Pakistan: An Insightful Look

An Insight into Pakistan

Pakistan is an evolving country yet Pakistan is still being seen in the slumps by many. However, the notion according to us is : (Why?).

To be honest, Pakistan is off-limits, or so it should be. It is a country that has all the essentials to live and survive this life. The bare minerals, the resources and all that, it’s all here in Pakistan. Essentially, that would mean exactly why it is off limits. However, the prying eyes are exactly what the problem is and has been in this country.

Trump, Trump is a notion that conflicts and contradicts in Pakistan.

The problem with Trump has been to take things away whenever he deems right and rightfully so because it is his world, or so he thinks.

The message to America at the moment from Pakistanis should be to stop all contradictory matters that conflict with this country because it is their purpose to invade and root off all the good thing this country might have.

As far as America goes, (The NewZealand bombing, the Australian shooter, the Gaza Strip, the Muslims and all other things are proof of what has gone down in 2019 so far; till April, and this is a notion of Pakistan- So far, In Pakistan)- In Pakistan, the natural calamities such as those in Balochistan are proof that things might be very rocky this year. For Pakistan, summers are right here, the weather changes, the crops, the wheat, the natural resources, the etceteras are all here and they may revolt this country; the message, however, so far, should be that “we’ll be careful”.

The One Word Problem… With Pakistan

The one word problem with Pakistan is that Pakistan is usually in the limelight and is getting there… After all, all the fashion is being inspired by Pakistan. The problem is that people in Pakistan are getting paid for their inspirations but less but the europeans and Americans (and designers too) are copying the image of Pakistan and getting paid more for it. The idea here is: It is a mix and match, a judaspiction.

If we get to the bottom of things, then I would realise that Pakistan is a realm of possibilities but the problem with Pakistan and Pakistanis per se is that it the politics that is ruining this bloody country… Bloody, a notion to be taken seriously because the underlying meaning here will be: Still?

Pakistan has had 3 main parties up until now and the savior at the moment seems to be Imran Khan. Other parties would add up to; say PML-N (Check Hamza Shahbaz) ).


Imran Khan’s term has begun recently and at the moment, in Pakistan, there is pretty much everything that one would need to survive… Life, essentially and integrally.

Pakistan’s main problem has been lack of funds but the irony and laugh here and within is that it has been the people, the underlying magicians come politicians who have been looting this country for so many years. The problem hasn’t been Pakistan but essentially the People Of Pakistan! (Check Zardari).

Currently and at the moment, PTI is still in power but the hooligans have been the PML-N and it is coming right in-front of them. Essentially the notion is that Pakistanis have never seen that day that their politicians go to jail. However, the idea is and what is essentially happening here is that things are changing in Pakistan. The truth is here and so is PTI’s notion: Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf and we are about to see some changes in the country. The hope always was and remains that Pakistan is a country that needs the right kind of people but the people of Pakistan are still the problem.

Pakistan lacks education but it is getting there because we have the right institutes in the country however due to the image of this country, we get tied to our own rhythms. Pakistan has the right kind of population, the right kind of infrastructure, the right kind of people (as well), money, faith, religion, integrity, sincerity, loyalty. The loopholes; however have been the hoggers who are looking for their own vested interest in the middle of this country where they only see the good for themselves or are too scared of getting caught; after they’ve done everything. The idea here is: Too Long. Things are changing in Pakistan and it is 2019; the world of possibilities and new realms.

Pakistan is on the forefront this year and the hope is; it’s all coming back to Pakistan.

The key note and takeaway here is: Pakistan is off limits (a) What the government should ensure and that would be to mark their bloody authority-After all, it IS blood that we are talking about at the end of the day and that too in Pakistan).

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