Question: Why Is It So Important To Stay “Fit”

Question: Why Is It So Important To Stay “Fit”

Question: Why Is It So Important To Stay “Fit”?

Staying fit is a healthy activity but most people are unable to achieve it. Most of the reasons why we slack today and meet sicknesses such as cancer as well is that we are unable to stay fit. Staying fit is not just about eating the right foods. It is about a lot more. Staying fit is about staying and being healthy, it is about having the right attitude and it is also about staying happy and in neutrality so that you can cope up with whatever comes your way in one hour or second of the day. There is a reason why fit people are in the show biz and they get paid so well… it’s because staying healthy and fit is not an easy job anymore. In fact, a very tough one. If you are wondering still as to why it is so important to stay fit, here are few points for you to understand.

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While the point of this short write up is to help you understand as to why is it so important to stay fit, the point to remember here is that it is not an impossible job to do so. If you want to understand further as to why you should stay fit, here are key points to remember.

What Is Staying Fit All About?

Staying fit is all about having the right nutrition. It is also about having the right gym and fitness routine. There is a reason behind eating right and going to gyms and training. It is because a collection of these things helps us going in the right direction of staying fit. Only fit people can cope up and move ahead. In such challenging times in which we live today, a non-fit person will automatically struggle.

Coming back to the point of why it is so important to stay ‘fit’, we have to realize what is going on today. There are so many avenues that help us stay fit. Trainers and trainees are popular today because they are a part of us getting in shape. What has also become a part of us staying fit is having the right routine, meeting the right people, and staying put and in neutrality to deal with whatever comes our way. Fitness has now and today become a billion-dollar industry and do you wonder why? It’s because we have to stay fit because of external pressure that can practically bring us down and literally eliminate us from the universe!

What most people might not know is that every day, when we wake up, we are by Him. It is the center of what is going on in the world. Nowadays, with new global world orders, global politics, and war, it can become very difficult to cope up with what is going on externally and remain stable and sane. Therefore, it is important to keep up and try to heal internally by processing whatever is coming your way and then start a new routine, say exercise or fitness itself.

Staying fit is important because otherwise, you won’t be able to cope up. Moreover, since the world economy is by the number of threats in the world, it is important to get up to keep up otherwise you will fail.

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Points To Remember For Your Motivation

Having said that, it is also important to note and realize that not being able to stay fit is not just your fault. The point that we are trying to make here is that not being able to stay fit might not necessarily be a choice anymore, given that you might also be dealing with ‘hidden forces‘ that might be working collectively to bring you down. This could involve just normal people sticking their tongues out for you in their homes or personal lives just to annoy you and bring you down.

Hidden forces are there to turn you upside down in a world that is not pretty anymore. A common practice out of this is destroying yourself because you don’t want to deal with such people or their doings. It’s kabbalistic knowledge to be honest. People who do such things are those that are suffering in life. They are doing it to others because they have nothing better to do. Furthermore, they are like this because they can’t see the other person succeed because they want to party too or perhaps are working for someone or so many other reasons.

The point here to remember is that STAYING FIT CAN BECOME QUITE DIFFICULT NOWADAYS. Furthermore, if you want to be and stay fit, you have to straighten up, get OUT of this laziness between you and yourself and start running for starters. After all, running makes you lose the most weight.

How To Stay Fit

Coming back to the point of staying fit, here are things you need to remember.

If you want to stay fit in today’s time and era, start with religion. Religion plays an important role in shaping us and becoming who we are. If we are in the debate of religion or no religion and perhaps ‘for looks’, which the disbelievers used to practice for hiding their identities because they were guilty, then remember that religion came down on us, it is pre-written, most world majority believes in it and we are automatically by Him, which is also the divine seed in us.

By practicing religion, I mean praying 5 times a day. The idea behind prayer is that you are getting up every day to the same world and you have to keep up in so many regards so it is colossal of everything in between and you bowing down to Him. Because trust me, in that if He is there or ‘is He there now’, we might have lost ourselves to careless routines. However with news of ‘the impossible happening’ by mysterious forces, then I guess it’s time to realize which side to stick on. This could be part of ‘the enlightenment’ as well.

You should also try to read the Books (whichever religion you are by)- say if you are by the Quran and you are a Muslim, start reading the Book for clarity regarding this life and how to behave in it, which moral codes to follow, which ways to progress and which routines to follow. Mazhab/religion teaches you everything. (Read: Essentials of Islam).

Therefore, when you are automatically practicing religion, you are automatically getting fit and once you are by the gut *which might have been taken away from us, unless someone came and broke our bone, read hidden forces above*, you automatically will start becoming fitter.

Finally to say ‘why it is so important to stay fit’, it is around respect, self-respect and the motion and notion to move forward. You should be able to handle everything that comes your way if you are a part of this universe; otherwise, you will lag and people will take advantage of you. The universe is not an easy feat today. We have too many responsibilities on us and innately, we have more. Thus, even if you are bothered but want to go ahead and succeed, you must and must move ahead. You must break all barriers between you and yourself and start running. Moreover, you should be able to identify problems. You should be able to process and proceed ahead and you should be able to go by without anyone else’s support and hand. That is the most important and integral rule of life, otherwise, you will have NO problems.

More on staying fit…

If you are still reading ‘why it is so important to stay fit’, here are three known and unknown ways to do so.

3 Effective Tips To Stay Fit

Move The Bone But Energy Too

While it is important to move the bone to lose weight, it is also about energy too. Despite the fact that you are going to the gym or exercising, it is also important that you lose weight by moving your energy. Start moving, start jumping and start going forward by exercising the right way. It is important to start dancing and practicing yoga with a gym too to lose weight and stay fit. Staying fit is all about being in the right proportions so move your muscle and you will stay fit.

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Staying Fit Gets You In The Right Mindset

Get in the right mindset by staying fit through the right exercises and a positive attitude. If you want to stay fit, you must practice some yogic exercises. You must also try to lose weight by having the right drinks like those made out of ginger and lemon. Furthermore, to stay fit, avoid the wrong foods such as big heavy meals filled with spices or so much more.

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To Stay Fit Be Rigorous and Have Zeal.

Finally, staying fit is all about being rigorous and having the right zeal. People who have the right zeal are the only ones who can carry forward. The right zeal is the right attitude and you can only have it when you are fit. Since being fit is also about your hormones, you should take care of it by getting on track and start running.

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Running is one of the major answers for staying fit and cancer as well. Since cancer is most of the sickness today and is being identified as the gap between you and yourself, then spots on the body especially the lungs, it’s about time you start running and take care of the ‘fat’ in your body. You should also try to mix running by having plenty of water and draining it all out by the right fruits.

To stay fit, remember to have a lot of fruit, vegetables and meat. Furthermore, to stay fit, you must also try to let go, enjoy and practice mind integrating exercises. You should also have healthy sleeping habits. There is only one life and what all has been taken away from you is by the other. Therefore, keep going forward and the only way you can go forward is by staying fit.

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