Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.

Apple ‘New Safari Technology Preview 68’ Released

Sources have revealed that Apple has released a brand new update for its Safari Technology Preview (downloadlink).- Courtesy: Apple.

For those who don’t know:

Apple launched the Safari Technology Preview in 2016 to see the features that might come to different versions of Safari next. Essentially, it was launched to ‘test the waters’.


Apple has come up with a 68 release that involves bug fixes, web inspector services, webRTC, animations payment request, Apple Pay and others.

Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro
Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro

So now the big question:

Who is this update for?

The new Safari Technology Previous 68 release is for both macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra users.

Lets not forget that Mojave is the latest Mac OS released to the public in September.

How To Get The Update?

If you want to download Safari Technology Preview 68 today, go to the Mac App Store and download the update. However, the update will only appear if you have the browser at hand.

You can’t really say that Apple has given users the ability to download Safari technology preview without reason. There is a reason behind it.


Apple’s main aim with the Safari Technology Preview is to gather feedback from different developers and gain insights on the browser development process.

You can, however, have both the Safari Technology Preview + Safari browser at hand.

Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.
Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.
Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.
Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.

The software was designed for designers but it does not need a proper account to download.

Tech giant Apple has been in the news for other reasons too. In the news today, it was revealed that Apple has been fined for slowing down phones deliberately.

Moreover, the new Apple event is also around the corner so there is a lot of speculation going around about the company these days.

Let’s see what the Cupertino based giant has in store ahead.

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