Samsung’s New Waterproof Galaxy Buds Might Be An Excellent Answer For Swimmers

New reports suggest that Samsung’s new pair of Galaxy Buds may be completely waterproof. The report revealed that Samsung has released a patent that has teased its new Galaxy Buds as wireless and more waterproof than ever before. The new waterproof Galaxy Buds may also come with a new neckband accessory which would link the buds to make them ideal for swimmers.

The patent regarding the GalaxyBuds was revealed by LetsGoDigital. It has been filed with WIPO and it shows a hollow tube that people can clip around the earbuds to make them entirely waterproof. Thus and thereby, you can listen to music when you are totally submerged.

Additionally, it is also being reported that the new pair of Galaxy Buds may come with the ability to collect data while swimming. This may include speed and calorie count and usage.

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It still remains unclear if the waterproof earbuds neckband can be used with other galaxy buds. However, it’s still enough to realize that a new pair of waterproof earbuds can actually exist.

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Right now, Samsung’s best pair of Galaxy buds are the Galaxy Bud Pro. They have an IPX7 waterproof rating and they can help you submerge till 30 minutes of a depth of 1 meter.

Furthermore, if Samsung does develop an IPX8 rating on its new pair of earbuds, it would give it a high boost over its rivals especially Apple.

Nonetheless, the new waterproof earbuds are encircling a lot of attention. Waterproof earbuds are something we haven’t really heard before. Furthermore, completely Galaxy Buds might definitely be a catch.

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