Satire Comedy: The Top Four ‘Mains’ Of The World

We’re talking about satire comedy and there are only a few things that come to mind.

The globel theory is Trump and the real theory is Slump.

Let’s start with:

THE SATIRE: Mr. Donald Trump.


If we are talking about Trump, all he needs is attention.

Whether it is bad ‘attention’ or good attention, learn that both attentions are harmful. And everybody loves attention.

Moreover, in satire comedy, which is probably who he really is, satting on fire, tiring in flame, losing control, and playing the blame game [Iran].

Trump’s priority for now are the following:

Schools, comedy, fashion shows, airports and “other Decisionz”.

Losing Control Satire: 2nd is Donald Trump Jr.

Jr. likes to call himself Jr. because ‘he’s awh so cool’ [read his Twitter; you’ll understand how he writes]

He loves his bromance and loves to romance, for he is the son of the President. However, nobody likes them, so its always forceful and when it starts getting forceful, it becomes a joke.

Jr’s priorities [being the PM of America] include carnage, wreckage, mayhem, sight seeing and split bee-ing. He pukes all the time after his alcohol and rushes to kill humans and blood. He didn’t have that childhood, so he takes care of the children and argue, if they are Muslim, then we’ll say, it was them, and their parents. And we’ve done a good job. And may America Live Forever.

However, lets not forget that Trump’s favorite movie is V for Vendetta and so is Trump’s. I hope they don’t take V personally now.

Satire: Presidents/PMs

Fully Satire: 3rd is Ms. Ivanka Trump:

Ivanka Trump is interested in the Jewels. She’s catering towards it. Her order is to pass humans as humanoids [sarcasm of course because who the hell is she to pass orders on Muslims]. And if its their scare, that means they are pansies. I bet she’s in reverse.

Ivanka’s first name is f-i-ranka [category of Firaun], rest, we know her second name as well, which is Trump. She acts like a boss, moves her butt like a jagger and starts shouting when she doesn’t get Jared her way.

Ivanka, who has a successive board share on the Presidency, is just a ‘pwetty tool’ and image. She too is after Trump and everybody’s running their own blame game.

She doesn’t like to work but she literally throws tantrums. Though does anyone care? Only the goons who have a literal figure of ‘Americans’. Rest, they’re migrants.

Many successive shows, seasons and movies had Trump’s backing and his magic hand came successfully to show the World what’s next. That was showed through Game of Thrones. Though it was a show that raked millions, some of the popular ones ‘got caught’- Danereys. Nonetheless. It’s Trump’s Calling.

My analysis would be to reveal Trump’s paradise: Which is made out of envoy, craziness, carnage [through bomb, shells, airplanes, fighter jets etc]. His family isn’t one. He has reproduced with many. He is incest and these are laws for a common man and woman. Read molestation, murder, ‘chor bazari’, etc etc etc.

Definitely Satire: Fourth one is the Queen.

Everybody presumed that the Queen will be dead but it is the Queen, so she said, I won’t be dead, you be dead.

Mr. Prince Charles and the dead plus the obnoxious husband were wondering if she’s finally dead so that they understand ‘what’s gonna happen if the Queen is dead’.

While they were discussing THEIR problems, Trump came in between, the unwanted child, saying no prooooblem. I’ll ensure the Queen DOESN’T live and rest, I will ensure that Britain exits from their monarchies and bow down to him, as HE is the richest person in the world.

However, their sad part was the Queen wasn’t dead. She was just rejuvenating. The Queen got fully back in by end of December two thousand and eighteen.

Anyways, while the Royal Family was dealing with their own health and related issues, like tears and tissues, Trump and the rest of Brexit, including Macron, were very concerned. Because if the Queen were dead, they had to run to Trump.

Nonetheless, towards the mid of December, the Queen was back and now, the Queen is going to make sure ‘they’ [in trump’s language, they, in anyone else’s dictionary “People”, will live forever, in their very own Britain.

The truth is, this isn’t Satire. This is the Real Deal.

People are saying something is in the air or are not feeling well. The truth, its people at work. And Mr Thump Thump is leading the way.

Satire: Speculation

There is some crazy speculation that there has been some divine intervention that has stopped these ‘goons’ from celebrating their daily christmas.

News is also abuzz that things will stop but things will take time.

Stay tuned for these paradoxical updates at Tech Unveiled.



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