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Say No To Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes: Tech Unveiled

By on April 4, 2019

If you have been smoking e-cigarettes, you should stop.

E-cigarettes are no longer safe and you should stop smoking them right away.

According to the FDA, e-cigarette users are reporting high numbers of seizures.

The FDA is collects information through vapes so that e-cigarette users can share their information.

In accordance to a report by the FDA, 35 people have reported seizures. Amidst 2010-2019, there are many incidents related to vaping.

Moreover, reports reveal that 35 people who have reported seizures related to vaping.

E-cigarettes are a no go zone. There have been so many cases regarding it, where they exploded in their faces. Now, report reveals that these e-cigarettes are causing seizures. We are concerned with these cases, they say.

The truth is that e-cigarettes are no longer in. They used to be, as a measure to avoid normal cigarettes. However, they are electronic, associated with technology and therefore and thereby, not important as they are very damaging… This is also because you simply do not have control over them. It is infact, the technology, that you are looking at, so technology is ruling you not the other way around.

With normal cigarettes, at least you are in control of what you are lighting but in the sense of electronic cigarettes, you simply do not have control over them.

The defence of electronic cigarette manufacturers is that people might be taking amphetamine and cannabis with e-cigarettes and that’s what is damaging them. The truth however remains real. E-Cigarettes are a no-go zone because they are damaging you, they are ruining your health, they are damaging your brain and they are

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