Security Breach: Facebook Privacy Leaks (TechUnveiled)

Security Concerns: Be mindful of fitness and health apps:

Your privacy and security is being preached and leaked!

According to market watchers, that is and should be the prime concern of individuals. For many than most.

Apparently, fitness and health apps are tracking pretty much everything from the end user and security users as well: Literally, everything!

Everything is being tracked these days and this is not good for your privacy.

Statistics Reveal The Following:

According to a report by Wall Street Journal (Image), Facebook (FB 2.18%) is being scrutinised for it was confirmed that it is taking away your private information without you knowing at the end.

And reports reveal… That it IS sensitive information that is being sent out and things or this doesn’t seem right.

Tips To Remember:

If you get a hunch that they are stealing your information, you MUST take care of yourself. However, easier said than done because… there’s no way out of it either.

Key point to remember here is:

Whenever you think there is a problem, remember these key points:

  1. Read the conditions closely.
  2. Make sure you read it as you would read a doctor’s prescription.
  3. Read this information closely before they agree to the terms and conditions: Make sure you are careful before hitting agree.

Without a proper agreement and without reading carefully, you will definitely have to read the agreement and sign it before you sign away your data privacy. (This is the security breach you must take care of).

You also have to make sure that you sign it before it breaches in your privacy.

Key point to remember here is that you also have to make sure that you research before you download an application. Make sure whichever app you download, you research on it first and then get it.

Moreover, if the app has a reliable operation and reputation, make sure you get it.

Very Interesting Security Insight

According to an interesting insight, Period App Flo, Facebook knew exactly how many times a person was having their periods. It is a privacy policy that alerts users that data will be shared.

Interestingly, according to your reports, your security data is being shared by almost 9 different companies, for at least Flo including Google (GOOG -0.39% at the current moment (According to MarketWatch) and Twitter (TWTR -1.05%).

Essentially, your data is being shared all the time and it is a scary thought.

What you need to do and ensure is that you read the terms and conditions before you sign into an app. And see if you disagree, you can get into an app properly and read its terms and conditions properly before you sign into a reliable app all over again.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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