Self-Help: 3 Mistakes You Should Never Make In Life

If you are someone who has made mistakes in life, don’t worry, because we all do. Moreover, even if you have, now is the time to be cautious. Furthermore, to categorize it, to live a healthy life, here are 3 mistakes you should NEVER make in life because you will always regret them. These are:

Never Make The Mistake Of Crossing Your Parents (especially in front of others)

One of the three mistakes you should never make in life is bad mouthing your parents or crossing them in front of others. What you should remember is that your ”blood is your blood” and ‘nobody is above your blood‘.

It may be someone else’s impact on you that you are shouting on your parents and shouting mostly means something is conflicting with your blood. It is a result of anxiety, stress and fear, which leads to these things. However, you must always check it.

This is because such mistakes you will always regret because ‘your parents are always your best interest at heart’. Therefore, trust your parents and confide in them than anyone else. After all, our parents are the ones who borned us with love not others. Thus, we must always be respectful to them than anyone else. (Read- How to give and take respect).

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Be Careful Of What You Say, Words Get Written

Another thing you should try to ensure in life is to be careful of what you say because words get written.

If you are saying something about someone, they will hear it. If you are not being mindful of someone, they will find it. Moreover, if you are not nice to someone, they might call you out on it and it may lead you to jeopardy when goodness is the only will in life. (On ‘God’s goodness‘).

Thus, you should always try to make sure that you are careful of what you say because words get written. Furthermore, if you are talking about someone in your hidden, say about someone in your own room, again be mindful because they might again hear it and there can be consequences on it.

Words get written and if someone actually has to say something to you, they will say it because words are precious. The idea here is to always be mindful and things will continue in due motion. Never make an effort beyond an inch and walk in your path. You will always attract good that way and your empty life will be complete without any additional effort. This inevitably will lead to balance and help you get out of the mess or rut that you are in than screaming, shouting or blaming others.

Never Be Sorry To Say Sorry, For An Apology Is Better Than A Regret

We, as humans, might be quite known to have an attitude in which we may develop a God-like attitude that ‘we can do whatever we like and approach anyone we want at any time’. However, what if the other person doesn’t want to talk to you? There is law on that. Law is on everything in fact. Therefore, before things exasperate into further conditions, it is always a good idea to say sorry, for an apology is better than a regret… and most people cannot live with regrets.

The idea to remember here is that one must always be mindful of what they are saying and they should always know how to mend things as well.

Mistakes are common but not one mistake is made twice for that is not a mistake, it is a deliberate effort to confuse you into another mistake.

Being mindful is the best way in life. Withal, not being able to practice it is quite unfortunate. We have hundreds of thousands of books printed on mindfulness, life, longetivity, positivity and so much more. However, if we don’t know how these things work, there is no point of them.

Have you ever wondered though as to why it doesn’t work?

It doesn’t work because we don’t take care of where the problem is coming from.

Its true that many people today have died of suicide and suicide is a common pattern these days. However, all of this comes from dissatisfaction from self. If we start clearing us today, we will perform better tomorrow and there is always a better tomorrow.

Mistakes are common and can be made because they teach you a lot about life. However, once you have made them, you should always learn from them.

If you are someone willing to make an effort on your part, the above mistakes are the ‘3 mistakes you should never make in life’.

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