SriLanka Attack: Bans Face Covering

SriLanka Attack: Bans Face Covering

SriLanka Attack: Bans Face Covering

In a shocking state of affairs of SriLanka attack, the massive attack on Sri Lanka left the world in dismay. Furthermore, banning face-covering is against The Muslim’s belief and henceforth, after the pressing bomb in the country that let 250+ dead, a lot followed through. It was Trumpet and somehow that man is missing since the last few days.

While it was reported that the ban on face-covering came from the Sri Lankan President Mairthripala Sirisena on Sunday, there were about 253 people killed in the attack. However, it still makes no sense as to why they are banning the Muslims. Nonetheless, the SriLanka Attack that left 250+ dead was another shock of 2019 along with Jacinda Ardern’s brutal murder at the hands of the attacks on mosques.

It is a tragedy really not just the SriLankan attack but perhaps the ban on Muslims as well. Even if the country gets an influx of tourists, it is true to begin and say that the ban on the veil is still a surprise because you can cover the feelings of a man but you can’t take their emotions away.

The rule of life is strange:

I mean I am not Ellen. However, if you want free advice:

You have to survive, be patient, and let every matter and leave the matter in His hands. Things are no more in the hands of Man. This might perhaps be the Divine Truth. You really don’t want to know how many people are dying as is.

It is quite devastating as to what is going on in the world especially considering the fact that Muslims were the prime target in 2018 onwards to this day. The SriLanka Attack hit Muslims by a great proportion.

Strange Matters, Strange Expositions And Strange Behaviors (2018-2019 onwards).

Sources reveal that the mastermind behind the attacks was someone who spent a lot of time in India. If they are identifying ‘it’, it is Dajjal!

They are still looking for answers but what’s strange is that there was a synagogue attack in the United States of America and NPR reported that the Veil ban comes after covering Easter Sunday attacks.

Who’s doing it? Dajjal and since the last 2-3 days, he is definitely not laughing.

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A divine truth? Muslims are The Chosen Ones.

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