The Ongoing Kashmir Issue: Politics

The Ongoing Kashmir Issue: Politics

According to recent reports, the Kashmir issue has killed many people and it is still persisting by in large. On the other hand, Pakistan has launched a big crackdown on the sale of Indian films. This is because Pakistan is in the middle of Kashmir and India, making it fit right in the center of both economies.

Pakistan is getting affected by both economies, their fright and flight. However, the truth is that Pakistan itself has paid a consistent part in this underlying and true Kashmir and Pakistan issue.

Kashmir Issue

Kashmir holds Muslims by majority whereas India holds non religious people by Muslims. Pakistan, however, is the land of Muslims. While the ongoing Kashmir issue is a bothersome ordeal, the person who is running the show and sitting on the main chair is the one to blow.

The ongoing Kashmir issue doesn’t look that good. However, the bigger concern is that it is affecting the two countries on its side by side.

Pakistan At Loss

Pakistan has recently banned Indian films. One should wonder whether this was done in the interest of money or kinship or in the interest of self. To create a little spark on the land itself or to have and become consistent efforts to destabilize the economy from all three sides.

Nonetheless, the ongoing issues between the three economies and the state of Kashmir is the reason why Pakistan has taken a back step from India itself; on movies; one thing that has been working well for Pakistan.

Is There A Problem To This Solution?

The Kashmir issue is a serious concern. However, beggars cannot be choosers and beggars cannot pick or choose. If Kashmir is at a disaster, its Prime Minister and working party should be held responsible for it.

Fighting for this #Kashmir issue is a major concern. This is because it is getting affected by all three sides and countries parallel to it are struggling. A big sound can have a huge trickle down impact and the ongoing issue has nonetheless hit the Pakistani economy to a great and big extent.

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