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What Is Our True Purpose In Life?

By on August 4, 2020

What Is Our True Purpose In Life?

We, human beings, are innate beings, with a divine purpose in life. While most of us will not understand what that true purpose is, it goes without saying that ‘our true purpose in life is to Help’.

Those of you who often wonder and ponder as to where to go ahead, how to go ahead and what to make out of life, realize that you plan for the next 10 days. Then, you realize that your true purpose is to help (that takes care of this life and the after life as well) and that you are ‘free beings’, here to live your life, given to you by Allah SubhanaTaAllah and there is only one life and none other, life becomes simple. Simplicity is the way of life.

Life is beautiful, only if you realize how to make the most out of it and that is by realizing your true purpose and that true purpose is to help, as stated above.


Nobody has had it easy. We have millionaires who commit suicide, men and women from all natures and kinds, who now commit suicide at their ‘prime age’. If you want to realize an answer to the question if we are controlled and something is affecting our mood, relationship and reactions, even in the hidden, then the answer is yes. And if we want a person behind that name, it would be Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg is all about technology and who doesn’t realize the science and man debate. The answer for that is that everything was and is tested on Man and science is the opposite of all human processes. If we want to start with something afresh, the answer to that is annihilation: This is God’s land, eat, sleep, pray, make amends, tie knots, be happy and live your life. However, if it becomes that selfish and that gutted, then you stand with what is referred to in Islam as Alms Giving, which really is ‘sadqa’, or perhaps under the category of ‘what is your true purpose in life’, which is help and: to help by money, food or perhaps money itself.

We have already bore the fruit of technology. It is time that we stand tall against all irreconcilable measures to take back technology or give technology and stop turning life into a game and it is all life. Call it AI or how our words are recognized while we speak in our homes to find ads on our screens that are similar to us by talk, I’d say that if everything is done in proportion, it would balance out. However, if it is as extreme as robotics and man and women robotics and arpeligic wheelchairs to shred and picking motives to grind, then I’d say that it is time we stop, we come back and we start life all over again.

The Shredder And The Griller

It always goes to basics, and it always goes back to roots and ‘what is natural will never suffice’. We are all tied by His decree by faith and that is mazhab and that means to feel for another’s pain or loss, happiness, anger or perhaps their true self-sufficiency itself which is their heart. It is a bitter world now because we are being shredded and if we look at it closely then gadgets especially the ‘rod’ ones are to blame here. People die because of it and His decree is here to protect and save. However, this is not how the world works and whoever is at work here, must stop, confide and make it a solace to protect each other and one another. The wrong can only persist for so long till it bursts into your face and then it becomes casual talk and all else fails.

There are limits to a man. Once transgressed, that man should be held in full proportion and be questioned for his actions under ‘his authority’. Secondly, Balance is the key to self sufficiency and today is by no means balance. Everything must be restored in its true balance and state to find normalcy, behavior, and for the world to be set in true motion for everyone to bear and take on the fruit of His authority.

Life indeed is e=mc2.

What Is Our True Purpose In Life? Tech Unveiled

We Have Had Enough: Its Time For Normalcy Again

If we want to come back after all this shredding and roding, we go back to what is our true purpose in life and we find solace in the fact that He is there and we find a motive in helping others and be normal in normal routine otherwise.

For us Muslims, who have a better understanding of it:

We Are Being Controlled: It Is Time Zuckerberg Admits.

“Dream within a dream anyone?”

Do you ever have a feeling when you are being rodded by the eyes in the hidden? If you are not talking and if you are not speaking then what is it? Zuckerberg at work. Its time he admits.

I’ve tried and tested only to realize that perhaps there are certain ‘powerful’ hands at work: Newer ones, our age generation, because the ‘older ones’ are still there and still mature and still there for a reason.

Our generation is being controlled by Zuckerberg who can’t get his hand or head out of his Facebook, which literally is a gateway to hell.

If we realize these are signs of Qiyamat, men turning into women, women turning into men, talkbacks with parents, running around, no understanding, no aesthetic sense, no nothing, then we blame Zuckerberg for it and we have a certain name and we put our stamp on it. Rest, we make him admit.

Furthermore, it is a bigger game. It is called the shredded. It is used for paradigm shifts. The shifts would be us. The blame is on Muslims. The motive is to shred them so they buy more or shred them so they get certain products a few more, who are distributed worldwide say the Whey proteins. Or to take care of natural exports if he or certain hands are doing it by countries. I mean the list goes on!

Every Pattern Must End On E=MC2

Before this gets out of control, Zuckerberg should be probed into and he should be taken behind bars only to realize his true identity which is Jonah Hill. Jonah Hill DOES fit in the description of Dajjal, (a man with 1000 personalities). Moreover, if power is money in his dictionary, he is going down and he is going down big.

Find him under the name of Zuckerberg or Hill, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this new age kid is getting caught and it won’t be pretty. Talk about occupation strategies or facial surgeries or robotics or head to head Megatron with AI and real names and confusions (the ‘next chapter’ of Facebook’ by God Jonah, I mean whatever it is). This kid is all about ‘huhuahas’, and is running the ‘satanic’ club, which is not a mazhab but his own. It is free will and he is the ‘leader’ of that. And honestly, free will doesn’t persist in the world because everyone is liable for their actions and representations and doings by the universe as well (the air we smell, breathe and sit on as well).

Whether he admits it or not in exact proportion, men and women are breaking down now, median ages are turning into 10 or 15, money is losing hands and so is power. There is absolutely no normalcy in the world. We are just being shredded and there is no solace.

This game is so big, not even a monkey could understand it. The game is called its the other and it is a new game the other day. It is ‘anything but him’ so you don’t realize who the problem is and the problem is him. Taglines, shredding, privacy, robots, drugs, its all the ‘new age’ and that ‘new age’ is essentially all technology and essentially, its goodbye technology and hello new life (back to basics, go live).

We Have A Name: Its Close To Dajjal’s Doings

Jonah or Mark or his Facebook, all have been in the news for similar purposes. A true enemy of the Muslims who had a tattoo of Dajjal as well and got it removed on some kind mercy’s name, he should be fared well (he messes with the hidden) and it is about time people take responsibility for their due actions and start realizing life, peace, serendipity, serenity, love and belonging.

Amidst all of that and the fact that everyone has a lot of money now, we realize that the true purpose in life of one’s sake is to help so that you drive motive to the other and can breathe a few or two in your own. Life isn’t easy and robotics are making it all the more difficult. It is all fake now and it is time things go back to normalcy. If we head with this motive, things would sort down and life will indeed be back and with our true purpose in life, we head with reason, for no body can live without motive by and per se.

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5 Health Tips For Corona Victims

By on June 24, 2020

5 Health Tips For Corona Victims

A lot of people are testing positive for corona virus since the last two weeks. If you are in the same boat, don’t worry as these 5 Health Tips For Corona Victims can help you instantly.

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1- Drink Plenty Of Water

The idea with corona virus is to clean your system as much as you can. For that, you need water.

Water is a source of energy, one that goes unmatched by all others. It contains ‘nothing’ and keeps you going.

Water is a miracle of Allah SubhanaTaAllah and if you really believe this instead of thinking its a health tip that is just there, you will realize its benefit.

Thus, 5 Health Tips For Corona Victims includes’ drinking plenty of water.

2- Distance Yourself From People

Another one of the health tips to recover from coronavirus is to distance yourself from people. Be it your mother, father, husband, children or any other, social distancing is what you should go for.

Make sure you are keeping your own. Try to avoid social contact and talk. Just be with yourself and you will be able to clear your respiration that way, self and overall health and well-being.

This is another one of the 5 Health Tips For Corona Victims that can help save lives and protect you from this pandemic.

3- Put Aside Technology As Well

You should also try to put aside technology as well. Your mind picks up on everything. It is, therefore, important that you keep away from technology as well.

Put your phone on airplane mode, sleep as much as you can and rest. You will be good in a matter of no days.

4- Stay clear from energy drinks and toxic food

It is also better to stay away from energy drinks and toxic food. This is another one of the 5 tips for corona positive victims.

While energy drinks might be your gateway to a sore throat, toxic food, such as those high on oil and spices, might irritate your chemical balance. Therefore, go for foods as pure as possible and eat naturals (carrots, greens; essentially, vegetables and fruits).

5- Keep Yourself Clean

Finally, if you are still reading ‘5 Health Tips For Corona Victims’, make sure you keep yourself clean.

Drink plenty of water, have green tea, avoid things that are not natural, have greens. Also, avoid people because intuition is real and it will all add up.

Don’t drink alcohol as it will add to your hallucinations and may take away the sense of right and wrong, if things get out of control.

Make sure you wear a mask especially everytime you go outside. Better than sanitizer is water so ensure you clean yourself every time you come from outside.

Lastly, don’t show anger in the hidden. Give yourself time to breathe and relax. Everything else will follow suit.

If you are pissed at someone and keep cursing them or avoiding them in the hidden, it is better to take the 99 names of Allah and read the Quran as much as possible; it will get their eye off you and take off nazar off you in general.

Every thing has a cure because everything artificial is based on man and man itself is a production of God. Therefore, it is better to keep things as real and humane as possible because it is very easy to loose fight in this deep inundated mess now today that we call life.

Quran is the pathway to heaven and namaz (prayer) is the solution to all evils.

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