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5 Stocks To Buy In March 2021

By on March 21, 2021

If you have money right now and want to invest, don’t be afraid because investments are a good way of protecting your money. While there are many types of investments available, stocks are a great option because they are accessible and profitable. If you are looking to invest in stocks, here are 5 stocks to buy in March 2021.

5 Stocks To Buy In March 2021


If coronavirus is benefitting one company, it is Amazon. The corona pandemic has made people sit at home but people are still spending and eCommerce giants are benefitting. The pandemic has made eCommerce companies such as Amazon benefit. Since last year, the company’s stock price has increased from more than $1900 a share to now $3200 per share. The profits of Amazon are incredible and with the company having a P/E ratio of over 75, Amazon makes an interesting bet. E-commerce giants are benefitting with a P/E average of 55 at the moment and Amazon has a bigger one to boast and that means good numbers.

Amazon is one of the safer havens of people when they invest and if you are looking to invest today, Amazon is a good investment in March 2021 and one of the 5 stocks to buy in March 2021. (top stocks 2021)

Disney (NYSE: DIS)

Disney is a special stock that comes in a buy range of $191.14. It is affordable and has performed consistently, making it a good bet in March 2021.

A yearly performance of the company’s stock suggests that Disney stock has risen on a year to year basis and since it is affordable, it is a good invest this month.

Disney is benefiting with its Disney+ especially during Covid-19 recovery and streaming entertainment.

NextEra Energy (NYSE: NEE)

NextEra energy is not an exact winner of the corona pandemic. However, it is a company worth investing in.

NextEra Energy’s subsidiaries currently provide millions of homes and businesses to people across America. It is the biggest publicly traded utility company in the world. At the moment, its subsidiaries are Florida Power & Light, Florida City Gas and Gulf Power.

NextEra comes in utility stock and those have always been safer bets. NextEra is the biggest producer of clean, renewable wind energy in the world. It plays a crucial role in the significance of U.S. solar energy industry. They provide clean energy infrastructure and are one of the best bets in 5 stocks to buy in March 2021.


Gevo also makes for a good investment in this year in 2021. Gevo stock has met a decent rise in 2021. Up until now, Gevo stock has increased from just more $4 per share to nearly $14 now.

Gevo is a clean energy company and it focuses on the production of clean and renewable fuels.

Gevo has perfected technology that helps it turn renewable feedstock such as food scraps and waste food into clean and renewable fuels such as jet fuelts.

Companies which operate on green energy space get advantages such as grants, tax cuts an and increasing demand which Gevo benefits from.

Gevo, therefore, is a good bet and invest for 2021.


Alphabet is another tech giant which is worth your investment today. Alphabet is a parent of Google, the leading online search engine. The growth in Alphabet has been incredible and it will continue to grow in the time to come.

Alphabet is a big tech player and it has a P/E ratio of 35. Usually, peers have an average P/E ratio of 24. Alphabet, therefore, is a big stand and a favorite among analysts today.

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Amazon, Apple, Google And Facebook Report Groundbreaking Sales Despite Tech Backlash

By on October 30, 2020

Amazon, Apple, Google And Facebook Report Groundbreaking Sales Despite Tech Backlash

The corona pandemic has made it tough for companies to survive and tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook hold no exception. There is a lot going on, on many fronts and most of it is not pretty. High competition and fierce demand and supply constraints have already made it hard for companies to survive. However, despite big tech backlash, tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook have reported groundbreaking sales.

Some of the most commonly reported issues that Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon have been dealing with are anti trust issues, tongue lashing and fierce competition, amongst the corona pandemic already. However, these four companies that make up a large portion of the tech world have still performed really well. This is something worthy of appraise and acknowledgement.

While Alphabet Inc. Google dealt with anti-trust charges, users boycotted Facebook and increased probe of Apple Inc. On the other hand, Amazon dealt with government regulators and news media, on the whole, really challenged all four of these companies. Other problems include regulatory scrutiny and congressional tongue lashing.

All of this proved to be secondary though when Big Tech giants reported ground breaking sales. On the stock exchange, Apple (AAPL) was 3.70% higher, Amazon (AMZN) was 1.52% higher, Facebook (FB) was +4.91 higher and Alphabet GOOGL was 3.05% higher and GOOG was 3.33% higher. Moreover, their reported record quarterly revenue was also higher.

Profit And Revenue

The total revenue for these four giants was $5.3 trillion. It valued at $220.28 billion last quarter. Furthermore, Amazon, Google and Facebook, all three reported double digit revenue growth except for Apple, which only produced best September quarter sales in its history, whereas all three had best quarterly total revenues.

The performance of all these four giants is better than the last quarter, when they reported a total revenue of $200 billion and profit of $29 billion.

All four companies performed well. However, the only problem was a jitteriness in few areas which led to a slide recline in revenue. Otherwise, revenues would’ve been higher. Some of these problems included a jittery outlook for Facebook, lack of forecast at Apple, Google shares declining during late trading and finally, Apple’s projection of outsize spending on important Covid-19 issues.

What’s Ahead

Things will be meek and bleak in the time to come. Costs will be higher in the holiday season. Amazon believes it will see a hike in productivity with added safety features for its employees, longer breaks for them and revised social distancing practices.

Facebook, on the other hand, will be under jeopardy, for times ahead will be tricky. Their CEO is already talking about fears of a social unrest after the U.S election. Facebook shares may rise but due to privacy concerns and tough times ahead, Facebook will have to be very cautious about its spending so it can gain back from revenues.

Moreover, Apple, which saw a 28.8% decline in revenue in China, didn’t have it easy but still performed in the corona pandemic. There is a lot coming up for Apple ahead and its new iPhones may add to its glory. The new phones are different in many/most capacities and their CEO is optimistic about a positive future ahead. He added that he is bullish on this cycle but hopes for a better run in the next.

Finally, for Alphabet’s Google, their search business returned to strength in its online ads and YouTube. Most people connected through social media during the pandemic and therefore, companies such as Google benefited. There are tough times ahead but all four companies are hopeful.

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3 Watch Trailers 2020

By on July 26, 2020

3 Must Watch Trailers 2020

If you are a movie enthusiast, here are 3 must watch trailers 2020.


Adapted by Gillian Flynn, Utopia is a show about fans of a comic book dipping in real events but depicted in stories.

Based on a British series of the same name, Utopia stars Sasha Lane, John Cusack and Rainn Wilson. (in its remake).

The film will debut this fall (on Amazon).

Utopia, thus, is one of ‘3 must watch trailers 2020’.


Coming out on August 14th, Sputnik is a sci-fi film and the latest in the formula. It is about a cosmonaut who makes a comeback to Earth with an alien parasite in him.

The film is starting out as a thriller and it is eventually getting a lot more in action and packed.

If you are a fan of movies, here Sputnik is one of the ‘3 must watch trailers 2020’.

Don’t Look Deeper

Catherine Hardwicke has a brand new sci-fi thriller film. This time it is about a high school student who who starts uncovering lost memories that show she isn’t human. What follows through is a blend of art, shamaze and haze.

The film is coming to Quibi on July 27.

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Macron And Trump Play Battle Of Taxes

By on July 12, 2019

Macron And Trump Play Battle Of Taxes

It seems like a battle of taxes between Europe and US this time. It was revealed that Macron has put 3% digital tax on big tech companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook.

The essential problem is that United States has levied a big bomb on France and France has reacted right away.

Reports reveal that France is content with the digital side of the economy, and that makes up a good size of the total world economy.

The new tax bomb on Trump on France (See: Macron), on Thursday, was a huge surprise for the man in question. In reaction to this, Bruno Le Maire sent a clear message to Trump, saying that they have to react to about 3% of their revenue.

France is making its over very decisions.

Similarly, France’s finance minister revealed that they decide their very own tax rules. However, on a similar hand, UK released its own draft proposal for increasing digital services tax by 2%.

If we put things straight, we can surely say that Europe is flying over towards Japan and Japan is at a standstill at the moment, for China to cover up the loss from the United States of America. Other than that, Brexit seems relatively and slightly low but current moves and status show that things are haywire.

Mayhem Or Chaos?

France has chosen to go for a uni lateral approach. They think that the digital tax will back fire. The cause, they say, will effect consumers and smaller businesses. However, the truth is that these mini sharks are playing with the biggest shark.

France has no other option to put taxes on its economy for the companies established there, whereas Apple has no other choice to break free from this momentum and choose to slip ahead.

Lastly, the laughing stock is the United States of America, because in satire, you idiot, trade is two way; if you are making economies suffer if you are stopping their food, comedy, fun, happiness, and tears, it sure as hell seems that  America’s days are over.

However, the end result is that because of one party, there is so much cohesive and collective damage that everybody goes in a state of a loss.

Every cycle of give and take changes and then ultimately, the consumer suffers, for an increase in price will cause a decrease in demand. And even if some demand of it is fulfilled, there will be greater losses because the taxes will already be there.


It is a never ending chain, it seems, but only for the ones who are playing it. Ideally, leave the gains, leave it for collective goods and let people talk and come to you. That is a fair trade and an agreement.

Essentially, this is Trump at work and his hope is that everything is there and he has time to choose and decide. But no and though because if you are starting fire, you have to ignite it otherwise it will come to you and nobody will be able to hide it.

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Apple Outperforms Since Dot Com Bubble

By on June 12, 2019

Apple Outperforms Since Dot Com Bubble

Apple has done something that it hasnt done in so many years.

According to reports, Apple shares have gained about 1% for about 6 straight sessions now. This is their biggest gain since 2000.

What is evident is that Apple’s stock has finally rallied in about many, many years. Moreover, after 20 failed attempts, there has been a shortage of and in a dot com bubble which is affecting people in many and every sense.


AAPL +1.16%, rose by 1.2% on Tuesday to post a 6th straight win. This is Apple’s longest winning streak since the 7th day stretch in April. (Apple Latest).

Apple stock has gained 23.5% for the year and it has an SPDR Technology Select Sector which has gained by 24.2%. The Dow industrials (DJIA) dropped -0.05%.

Moreover, along with this, Amazon is up by 0.16% and Facebook Inc. FB (+1.88%).

On the other hand, consumer inflation has hit 15-month highs. According to reports, fueled by food prices, the consumer price index was up by almost 2.7% in May as compared to a year earlier.

Accelerating growth by about 2.5% in April, food prices rose in the month of May to about 7.7% which is its fastest pace in the past three years, after it climbed to 6.1%. (PSA-Fiat Deal).

Non-food prices have climbed by 1.6%, as it moderated to about 1.7% increase by April.

While the stock markets are recovering now, things have a long way to go. However, Apple, because of its stature and size, is one of the company’s who will finally be able to keep up.

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Amazon and Spotify: Tech Unveiled

If You Are Being Sued By Spotify and Amazon You Are Wrong

By on March 9, 2019

According to recent reports, song writers have been worried that Spotify and Amazon are going to sue them.

However, Musicians, producers and song writers are rallying against this tech giant and that isn’t the truth.

Apparently, Spotify and Amazon were saying that producers are rallying against these giants for they are going to sue them. However, it has been confirmed that the news is wrong and there is no suing them.

The truth behind this is that Spotify and Amazon are trying to appeal to the US Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) decision last year in order to increase the payout rates to song writers by 44% in the next 5 years.

Last year, in January, CRB ruling revealed that the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) and the Nashville Songwriters Association International was published in February. It has now opened to an opportunity for companies to appeal to the decision for a 30 day window.

Now, it has been revealed that Spotify, Pandora, Google and Amazon have all filed to an appeal.

The four tech giants are filing their ruling – they are planning to fight the ruling. However, Apple Music is the only one who will not file an appeal.

While they say that the news might be upsetting, musicians and song writers should not be too worried about their outcome.

According to Jeff Becker of Swanson, Martin & Bell, entertainment lawyers are telling The Verge that it was anticipated for some time that these platforms will be taking the opportunity to preserve them via an appeal. Moreover, it is also being said that the court will likely side with the higher and increased royalty rate.

Presdident David Israelite, (NMPA) praised Apple Music for continuing to be friends with song writers. However, they blasted both Spotify and Amazon for their decision to sue the song writers in a shameful attempt to cut their payments by about a 1/3rd.

Essentially, Variety claims that musicians, producers and song writers are trying to rally against Spotify and Amazon to sue the song writers. Essentially, they are trying to increase the streaming royalties. However, the outrage stems from some kind of mis information.

Ideally, Spotify and Amazon are not trying to technically sue the song writers. In fact, they are trying to appeal to the CRB (the decision they made last year) to increase the payout rates to about 44% in the next five years.

Amazon new headquarter Virginia: Tech Unveiled

Is Amazon New Headquarter Virginia Location Final?

By on November 3, 2018

Is Amazon New Headquarter Virginia Location Final?

There is a lot going on all fronts. Amazon is opening its new head quarters, some amazing movies are coming up (some of them are related to tech btw. And a lot, a lot more).

However, we’re going tot all about Amazon right now because that’s important news.

New reports suggest that Amazon is locating its 2nd headquarter in North Virginia. Reports suggest that the company is still in talks about it.

The new location of the head quarter will be it Crystal City, Virginia. It will be located on the outskirts of Washington in North Virginia.

Amazon new headquarter Virginia: Tech Unveiled
Amazon new headquarter Virginia: Tech Unveiled

According to the Washington Post, the company has held advanced discussions about Amazon new headquarter location Virginia.

In fact, things seem to be in their final stages!

Moreover, the Washington Post has reported about the discussions that are going to be a part of the talks. The buildings the company can get and occupy. Further discussions of adding employees have also been abuzz.

There are other reports as well about having many hundred employees as a part of the new head quarters.

Amazon has been talking about its 2nd HQ for a while now. The new Amazon headquarter in Virginia will be looking at a lot of stuff. One thing it will do for sure: It will add more jobs in the economy.

First, Amazon had 20 locations in mind including Maryland, Ontario, Toronto, Raleigh and others. However, it seems like now, it has made up its mind regarding North Virginia.

Amazon new headquarter Virginia: Tech Unveiled
Amazon new headquarter Virginia: Tech Unveiled

However, whatever the case might be or is, Amazon vouched to add 50,000 jobs and invest $5 billion in the market. It seems like it is heading in that same direction and there’s a lot to expect.

A lot is expect off the Amazon new headquarter Virginia. Time will tell how things proceed and materialised.

However, it is true that Amazon new headquarter Virginia location being confirmed means that the new headquarters – Amazon headquarter 2, is not too far away.

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Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition

Beats “Solo 3” ‘Mickey Mouse Version’ Coming Up

By on October 17, 2018

Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary is just around the corner and guess what? Beats is coming up with a Mickey Mouse version of its Solo 3 headphones.

Recent reports reveal that Beats by Dr. Dre is partnering with Disney to bring forth a Mickey Mouse version of the Solo 3 Wireless headphones.


The previous Solo 3 original editions were available for $30 less but now the company has come up with a special Solo 3 version to commemorate Mickey!

Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition
Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition

The company announced the headphones through a marketing campaign that features Lil Yachty and others. The new headphones are set to come with a felt case that will be inspired by the materials of the Disney character. They will also feature an enamel pin along with a decal sticker.


The only color the headphones are available in is Gray. You can now pre-order the new headphones from Amazon. They are priced at $329.95. (Pre-order here).

Release And Availability

The standard Solo 3 are priced $30 less than these Mickey edition’s. The headphones will officially be released on November 11 and they will be available through the following:

Beats is not the only company to incorporate Mickey Mouse in its designs. Previously, Google announced a Mickey Mouse stand for the Google Home Mini. Others will also be in the pipeline.

Share your thoughts about the new Mickey Edition Beats Solo 3 headphones with us!

If you are a fan of Mickey, these headphones might be the classiest choice you could have. Even though they are a BIT pricey, they are still worth it because they are a special edition.

You can place your order for the headphones TODAY or you can wait till they officially release.

Nonetheless, these headphones are a definite catch.

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