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5 Stocks To Buy In March 2021

By on March 21, 2021

If you have money right now and want to invest, don’t be afraid because investments are a good way of protecting your money. While there are many types of investments available, stocks are a great option because they are accessible and profitable. If you are looking to invest in stocks, here are 5 stocks to buy in March 2021.

5 Stocks To Buy In March 2021


If coronavirus is benefitting one company, it is Amazon. The corona pandemic has made people sit at home but people are still spending and eCommerce giants are benefitting. The pandemic has made eCommerce companies such as Amazon benefit. Since last year, the company’s stock price has increased from more than $1900 a share to now $3200 per share. The profits of Amazon are incredible and with the company having a P/E ratio of over 75, Amazon makes an interesting bet. E-commerce giants are benefitting with a P/E average of 55 at the moment and Amazon has a bigger one to boast and that means good numbers.

Amazon is one of the safer havens of people when they invest and if you are looking to invest today, Amazon is a good investment in March 2021 and one of the 5 stocks to buy in March 2021. (top stocks 2021)

Disney (NYSE: DIS)

Disney is a special stock that comes in a buy range of $191.14. It is affordable and has performed consistently, making it a good bet in March 2021.

A yearly performance of the company’s stock suggests that Disney stock has risen on a year to year basis and since it is affordable, it is a good invest this month.

Disney is benefiting with its Disney+ especially during Covid-19 recovery and streaming entertainment.

NextEra Energy (NYSE: NEE)

NextEra energy is not an exact winner of the corona pandemic. However, it is a company worth investing in.

NextEra Energy’s subsidiaries currently provide millions of homes and businesses to people across America. It is the biggest publicly traded utility company in the world. At the moment, its subsidiaries are Florida Power & Light, Florida City Gas and Gulf Power.

NextEra comes in utility stock and those have always been safer bets. NextEra is the biggest producer of clean, renewable wind energy in the world. It plays a crucial role in the significance of U.S. solar energy industry. They provide clean energy infrastructure and are one of the best bets in 5 stocks to buy in March 2021.


Gevo also makes for a good investment in this year in 2021. Gevo stock has met a decent rise in 2021. Up until now, Gevo stock has increased from just more $4 per share to nearly $14 now.

Gevo is a clean energy company and it focuses on the production of clean and renewable fuels.

Gevo has perfected technology that helps it turn renewable feedstock such as food scraps and waste food into clean and renewable fuels such as jet fuelts.

Companies which operate on green energy space get advantages such as grants, tax cuts an and increasing demand which Gevo benefits from.

Gevo, therefore, is a good bet and invest for 2021.


Alphabet is another tech giant which is worth your investment today. Alphabet is a parent of Google, the leading online search engine. The growth in Alphabet has been incredible and it will continue to grow in the time to come.

Alphabet is a big tech player and it has a P/E ratio of 35. Usually, peers have an average P/E ratio of 24. Alphabet, therefore, is a big stand and a favorite among analysts today.

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Facebook (FB): Why Is Facebook Stock Still A Buy?

By on December 20, 2020

Facebook (FB): Why Is Facebook Stock Still A Buy?

Facebook stock (NASDAQ: FB) is priced at $276.40 today. What makes it a good and recommended buy is its consistent performance in the last one year or so.

Moreover, what can be attributed to Facebook’s success is its strength and stronghold, especially in the corona pandemic. This happened when more people resorted to online mediums for communication than before.

Facebook Stock’s Success

Furthermore, what can also be attributed to Facebook’s success is the fact that the corona pandemic is going to take much more time to ‘end’ and Facebook is going to be the prime mode of online communication amongst masses, where people stick at home to work.

Its stock, therefore, is going to rise. Facebook is also going to gain because of eCommerce ad growth, which is going to be high in the coming months, especially during Christmas.

Moreover, according to the analysts that cover Facebook stock, 42 have given it a Buy rating, and 6 rate it as hold which is pretty obvious to realize that its status is buy.

The company has a price target of $327.32, which shows a 15% return from its price on Tuesday. Its shares have gained significantly this year (by 41%), as the benchmark S&P 500 index rose by 20%. (More on S&P 500 index).

Furthermore, amongst other reasons to buy Facebook stock is the fact that it has a 52 week period- price target of $316.87 which shows that Facebook stock is going to rise in the coming months.

Facebook Stock Conclusion

Facebook’s stock has been stable and is a must add in your investor basket, especially if you want something concrete in volatile times.

Facebook is leading the ‘big tech groups‘ and has a lot more to gain in the months to come which keeps it in good books.

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What Is Going On In The World? 2020

By on December 8, 2020

What Is Going On In The World? 2020

Things don’t look pretty and things look bitter. The corona pandemic has taken people to extremes now but it is a good sign too. It is a good sign because the pandemic has been going on since the last 2 or 2 1/2 years and business activity and other activities were still going on. The second wave has taught us to stop so we can have a new start.

If only we took precautionary measures then would we have been saved by now. It is always better to take the problem by its roots or start so it doesn’t spread. Corona was taken lightly in the start but it is hungry work and now we can stop. Remember, we are humans, everything is here, we need to stop and heal and move forward before this pandemic takes the lives of many.

While the corona pandemic has taken major lives now, we move on to what is going on in the world. I’d say a lot. If you want to find out what is going on or what you need to be updated on, here are 10 important snippets that will make a good read. (2020).

1- Fauci plans to take corona vaccine public. Read here.

2- Trump doesn’t want to leave office. Read here.

3- Cigarette Prices In Pakistan. Read here.

4- Prince William and Kate Middleton are humans, just as us. Read here.

5- Pfizer vaccine: UK patient receives her first treatment. Read here.

6- Lewis Hamilton wants to return before season finale: Read here.

7- Apple’s new headphones are a must get. Read here.

8- Corona is changing the way we recruit. Read here.

9- Mystery Illness In India Alarms Individuals: Read here.

10- Christchurch Massacre Attack: (New Zealand). Could it be prevented? Read here. (2020 update).

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Amazon, Apple, Google And Facebook Report Groundbreaking Sales Despite Tech Backlash

By on October 30, 2020

Amazon, Apple, Google And Facebook Report Groundbreaking Sales Despite Tech Backlash

The corona pandemic has made it tough for companies to survive and tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook hold no exception. There is a lot going on, on many fronts and most of it is not pretty. High competition and fierce demand and supply constraints have already made it hard for companies to survive. However, despite big tech backlash, tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook have reported groundbreaking sales.

Some of the most commonly reported issues that Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon have been dealing with are anti trust issues, tongue lashing and fierce competition, amongst the corona pandemic already. However, these four companies that make up a large portion of the tech world have still performed really well. This is something worthy of appraise and acknowledgement.

While Alphabet Inc. Google dealt with anti-trust charges, users boycotted Facebook and increased probe of Apple Inc. On the other hand, Amazon dealt with government regulators and news media, on the whole, really challenged all four of these companies. Other problems include regulatory scrutiny and congressional tongue lashing.

All of this proved to be secondary though when Big Tech giants reported ground breaking sales. On the stock exchange, Apple (AAPL) was 3.70% higher, Amazon (AMZN) was 1.52% higher, Facebook (FB) was +4.91 higher and Alphabet GOOGL was 3.05% higher and GOOG was 3.33% higher. Moreover, their reported record quarterly revenue was also higher.

Profit And Revenue

The total revenue for these four giants was $5.3 trillion. It valued at $220.28 billion last quarter. Furthermore, Amazon, Google and Facebook, all three reported double digit revenue growth except for Apple, which only produced best September quarter sales in its history, whereas all three had best quarterly total revenues.

The performance of all these four giants is better than the last quarter, when they reported a total revenue of $200 billion and profit of $29 billion.

All four companies performed well. However, the only problem was a jitteriness in few areas which led to a slide recline in revenue. Otherwise, revenues would’ve been higher. Some of these problems included a jittery outlook for Facebook, lack of forecast at Apple, Google shares declining during late trading and finally, Apple’s projection of outsize spending on important Covid-19 issues.

What’s Ahead

Things will be meek and bleak in the time to come. Costs will be higher in the holiday season. Amazon believes it will see a hike in productivity with added safety features for its employees, longer breaks for them and revised social distancing practices.

Facebook, on the other hand, will be under jeopardy, for times ahead will be tricky. Their CEO is already talking about fears of a social unrest after the U.S election. Facebook shares may rise but due to privacy concerns and tough times ahead, Facebook will have to be very cautious about its spending so it can gain back from revenues.

Moreover, Apple, which saw a 28.8% decline in revenue in China, didn’t have it easy but still performed in the corona pandemic. There is a lot coming up for Apple ahead and its new iPhones may add to its glory. The new phones are different in many/most capacities and their CEO is optimistic about a positive future ahead. He added that he is bullish on this cycle but hopes for a better run in the next.

Finally, for Alphabet’s Google, their search business returned to strength in its online ads and YouTube. Most people connected through social media during the pandemic and therefore, companies such as Google benefited. There are tough times ahead but all four companies are hopeful.

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Tech Roundup: Best Tech Products Of 2020 So Far

By on August 19, 2020

Tech Roundup: Best Tech Products Of 2020 So Far

2020 has been one hell of a ride. While most people were fixated on the corona pandemic or corona virus, others failed to realize what is happened on the other front, as far as product launches and development was concerned. If you are a tech enthusiast and have missed out, here are the best tech products of 2020 so far.

Best Tech Products Of 2020 So Far

1- CleanPod UVC Sterlizer

Priced at $90, the CleanPod UVC Sterilizer is a handheld device that you can use to kill germs on anything. Call it a wand that works to displace all kinds of germs, CleanPod UVC Sterilizer is a must acquire to keep yourself and your surroundings germ-free.

The Kettle By Balmuda

Priced at $179, The Kettle” by Balmuda helps you take care of your water in a faster and better way.

Not only does this water work great, but it also has a classy design so it is a must fill in your home.

With a decent and sound power base, and a simple indicator, this kettle is light weight and is good for keeping your liquids warm and soothing.

Pixel Buds By Google

Priced at $179, Pixel Buds by Google look good on the ears. Wireless, Google’s Pixel Buds are comfortable, they offer soundness, they allow you to hop between music and video with ease and they are easier on the ears on the whole.

Google, with its Pixel Buds, offer quality, better battery life, lower background noise and overall affordability as well.

They are available at for $179.

Google’s Pixel Buds are also one of the best tech products of 2020 so far.

iPhone SE by Apple

Priced at $399, iPhone SE by Apple is an interesting bet. It is affordable, it is for someone who needs a phone with a nice camera and a nice processor. Essentially, the iPhone SE can be categorized as a must-have tech product because it is affordable and fulfills all needs of having a decent product at hand that you can use for your comfort, needs and purposes.

Apple iPhone SE, is therefore, another good recommend and one of the best tech products of 2020 so far.

While the aforementioned 3 products are essentially amongst the best tech products of 2020 so far, here are others that have made their mark in the markets:

1- FR FRD Ultimate DURA ACE Di2- available at for $11,999.

2- Nanoleaf Shapes: Hexagon Smarter Kit: Available at for $199.99.

3- KEEP Cannabis Storage: Available at for $152.

4- Fillup: Available at for $124.

5- Osmo Pocket DJI. Available at for $299.00.

6- Moon UltraLight. Available at for $49.99.

7- Larq Movement Water Bottle. Available at for $98.

8- Positive Vibration XL. Available at for $99.99.

9- Era Pro. Available at for $70.

10. OLED TV RX. Available at

11. Magic Keyboard Case for iPad Pro: Starting price $299 but it is worth it.

12. OnePlus 8 Pro. Priced under $1000 but still a decent bet.

13. Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener: Priced at under $500 and it is one of the best out there.

14. MacBook Air (2020). Available for a starting price of $999, MacBook Air is still an affordable bet and one of the best gadgets of 2020.

15. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Priced at $1,399.

If you are a tech enthusiast, these 10 tech products are amidst the best tech products of 2020 so far.

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Self-Help: 3 Things To Do After Life Goes Back To Normal After Corona

By on August 7, 2020

Self-Help: 3 Things To Do After Life Goes Back To Normal After Corona

While the corona pandemic has really shaken everyone to its very core, there is life ahead. In this self-help article, we will explain 3 things to do or be mindful of when life goes back to normal after the corona pandemic.

What has gone has already passed but what is ahead is something that we should all be mindful of. This is where self-help comes in and the point of this article gets delivered.

What we can take as a lesson of the corona pandemic is to be mindful of others, to be careful of one’s emotion and self, to ensure everyone’s safety while and whereas ensuring ours and to be careful of our actions. This is not a land bestowed upon you by your forefathers, nor is it free will. If it is free will, you keep it to yourself because no one is asking for it. The idea is to be mindful and rest will follow through. After all, we have a divine purpose by innation and that should be our motive in life than else where and alls’ where.

Self-Help: For Corona Tech Unveiled

Another To Take Responsibility

One person is objectionable and actionable by every objection and action for each and everything that he or she does on this land. Times have changed. Following the corona pandemic, one will realize how important it is to be mindful of the self, that everything is internal (this is the secret) and that to be careful of ourselves for other’s selves’ as well.

Reports suggest that things are ‘resorting back to normalcy’ following the corona pandemic. It will take time, it will be slow but things will go back to normal. (Read: How to stay normal).

If you are someone who has a little bit of sanity and humanity left in them, here are 3 things to do after life goes back to normal after the corona pandemic:

3 Things To Do After Life Goes Back To Normal After Corona

  1. To be cautious of others, to be mindful of what you are wearing, eating, and passing, to follow ethics and be considerate of everyone who is around you.
  2. To realize that no one’s life revolves around yours. That every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Moreover, to think that humanity suggests that one’s nature is to help, save so never go against nature to destroy someone’s self because it will create an opposite and equal reaction and it will come biting you in the butt. To be Mindful Of Others. (Think of Karma if you go in the wrong).
  3. Start wondering what you are doing, to realize that it is not free will, to realize that your godforsaken attitudes will not take you anywhere. If you are living with someone, you just can’t call it off or just say yes or no according to yourself. You should have been the same when something initiated as well as you are when it is ending. You are liable to someone once you initiate an exchange with them and your actions will always have an equal and opposite reaction. This land is as much as yours as ours and there is no such thing as free will. (Islam)
  4. Worry and feel for the other, to respect the other, to have sanity in yourself, to not play with someone’s emotions and to realize that everything is not about you and no one’s lives revolve around you after a certain point. Life is bigger than this. Smaller actions translate into bigger actions and words and a small kindness can go a long way.

There are all kinds of people in this world. The biggest lesson that corona can teach us is to stay in our limits. Furthermore, to never transgress and to ensure that you don’t wrong a soul and that His revenge is the best. After all, if man takes revenge, why won’t He? (For patience).

Self-Help: Corona Pandemic: Tech Unveiled

Life Is Simple: Don’t Complicate It For Yourself Or Others

Life is better if simple. Self-help is necessary to check you self. Whether it be loose stomachs to back aches, to feeling bad to feeling good, to going in depression, corona brought everything to the table. Next time, it will bring the one who did it to the table.

May we all be protected by His mercy though once things start opening, we find the right way of doing things, be mindful that there are all kinds of people in the world (iblis is there too) and that people have to be stopped once gone out of control with you or if transgressed you and if they don’t stop then you take every action to ensure they are stopped in all mighty capacities.

Be Mindful: Do Good And Good Will Come To You

Remember that life is as simple as e=mc2 so be mindful. To do good and good will come to you and all processes will follow suit.

You really don’t know what will happen next. Therefore, then, how can you ensure something while seated on your guts that haven’t moved in a long, long time and while.

Finally, if there is a lesson after corona is to be clean, to have a lot of water, to check your breath, to check your body, to check your systems, to check your surroundings, to check your appearances, to be mindful, to ensure your safety above anyone else’s and to be sure of your actions because every action indeed does have an equal and opposite reaction.

Hope this self-help article helps and stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Stock Market Outlook This Friday

By on July 29, 2020

Stock Market Outlook This Friday

Stock Market Outlook This Friday. Things seem awkward as big tech giants are supposed to reveal their earnings this Friday. After the markets close this Thursday, four out of the five FAAMG stocks will report their June quarter results. These include Facebook (at 6:00 pm ET), Amazon (AMZN) at 5:30 pm ET, Apple at 5:00 pm ET and Google/Alphabet at 4:30 pm ET. The one tech giant that will be missing from revealing its earnings this Friday will be Microsoft.

However, since these four names are the ones that are leading the industry, investors and stockholders are hooked to their laptops and phones to realize what is going to go on in the stock market.

The Stock Market

What is interesting is that not only with stock owners benefit from the gains and losses of these four companies. In fact, the truth is that these four make up to 17% of the S&P 500 value and 40% of the Nasdaq 100.

Combined with Microsoft, these five companies hold a huge share of the S&P 500 increase.

Furthermore, because of their outlook and growth rates, it is true that all of these four companies are trading above the S&P 500’s PE multiple of 25x on this year’s earnings and 19.6x on 2021 earnings.

Q2 Earnings: Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google

What is true is that Q2 earnings of these four companies will be watched carefully by investors and stock holders for the following reasons:

  1. Investors were unsure and markets were volatile in the first quarter of the year due to the corona pandemic.
  2. Since the corona pandemic caused a lot of disturbance and uncertainty in the markets, people were reluctant to invest and gave benefit of doubt to these companies.
  3. People will be hooked to Q2 earnings because it might actually include the full impact of Covid-19 and give directive for Q3 and Q4, which will be more competitive and tough.

Amongst these companies, here is how each performed in 2020:

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB)

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) stock gained 13.9% till July 27 against S&P 500 1.4% return.

Wall Street is expecting a Revenue of $16.9 billion as a Q2 2019 result for the company and $17.4 billion for Wall Street’s Q2 2020 Consensus estimate. It also predicts a YOY change of 3%.

Secondly, as far as Facebook earnings are concerned, then Wall Street predicts a Q2 2019 result of $0.91, $1.39 Q2 2020 consensus estimate and 53% YOY change.

Stock Market Outlook This Friday: Tech Unveiled

 Wall Street also expects Facebook’s EPS to jump by 53% by year over year basis.

Facebook has had a tough year but it made a lot of efforts in the last 6 months despite the corona epidemic and security concerns. Thereby, its shares stood in green in the last 6 months. Today, its shares stand at $230.12.

Amazon (AMZN)

Stock Market Outlook This Friday will also include Amazon (AMZN) Inc. revealing its earnings.

Through July 27, Amazon shares were higher by 65.7%. Investors have driven Amazon shares higher on optimism because they were of the opinion that online e-shopping will be at its peak in the corona pandemic and it was. In the first quarter of the year, that was the truth.

Investors are hopeful of more in the 2nd quarter for Facebook.

Furthermore, Amazon’s revenue is expected to be $63.4 billion (its Q2 2019 results), $75-81 billion, its Amazon’s Q2 2020 Guidance, 18%-28% (it’s projected YOY change), $81.1 billion, its Q2 2020 Consensus Estimate and 28% it’s YOY projected change.

Its EPS is expected to be $5.22 in the 2nd quarter of the year.

 Q1, Amazon’s revenue rose by 26% (YOY) to $75.45 billion, topping $75.45 billion.

Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) shares are valued at $3,000.33.

Alphabet Inc.

Stock Market Outlook This Friday will also include Alphabet Inc. revealing its earnings.

This year, Alphabet’s shares (NASDAQ: GOOGL) are up by 14.5 % (Class A) and 14.4% Class C through July 27. (Google is Alphabet’s parent company).

Wall Street expects a revenue of $38.9 billion in revenue (its Q2 2019 results) and $37.4 billion its Q2 2020 Consensus Estimate, and a 4% Projected Change (YOY).

Its earnings per share were $14.21 (Q2 2019 Result), $8.23 (Q2 2020 Consensus Estimate) and 42% (its Projected Change YOY).

Stock Market Outlook This Friday: Tech Unveiled

To Conclude

According to analysts expectations, Alphabet’s revenue will slightly contract because of a drop in ad sales. Furthermore, because of the world economy shut down in Q2.

In Q1, Alphabet’s revenue increased by 13% (YOY) to $41.2 billion. By March-April, Alphabet too was down but today, its shares stand at $1,503.65.

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Eid-Al-Adha In Pakistan: What To Expect

By on July 24, 2020

Eid-Al-Adha In Pakistan: What To Expect

Eid-Al-Adha is just around the corner in Pakistan. However, the sentiments remain mixed because the coronavirus upset is still in the air. We feel that perhaps this is the last or second last swing of the corona upset. However, what it is really doing is that it is literally bogging everyone down with eye infection, fever, body aches, and allergies.

Truth be told, Eid-Al-Adha is a bigger festivity than Eid-Al-Fitr, though it is simple in observation and practice. There is a lot of meat involved and that is called ‘Qurbani’.

The difference this year is that there is absolutely no sense of time, morning, evening or night for that matter, for the corona pandemic has literally shifted the global sphere and America needs not to worry because Pakistan too is a part of that global sphere.

Eid-Al-Adha: Tech Unveiled

Nonetheless, if you are in Pakistan, where Eid is celebrated in one of the most highest fashion and rigor, then here is what to expect off it this year:

Eid In Pakistan: Here Is What To Expect

  1. Simplicity yet happiness for Eid-Al-Adha comes once a year and by Shariah law we are on the Islamic calendar so it is going to be a big celebration: be it in homes or otherwise.
  2. A lot of meat means a lot of food and Pakistanis will be having a lot of lunches, dinners and so on in the 2-3 days of Eid.
  3. New clothes, certain mall hopping, meeting relatives, here and there should be a common for Eid-Al-Adha.
  4. Dimness because things aren’t the same this year. A lot of malls and relatives’ are closed. Restaurants are the same. Thus, Eid this year will not be the same.
  5. This year, Eid-Al-Adha will be a festivity that is just going to pass. It is lesser in celebration than Eid-Al-Fitr anyways, “Eidi wise”, but nonetheless…

The corona pandemic has literally bogged everyone down. Moreover, it is just not ending. It is real, it is frightening and it has already taken the lives of many people. Furthermore, it is better if people sit in their homes this year on Eid to be careful of not catching the virus, especially through the meat as well.

Eid-Al-Adha is falling on August 1st and there will be three days of celebration.

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3 Long Term Stocks To Invest In July

By on July 23, 2020

3 Long Term Stocks To Invest In July

In the second quarter of this year, the stock market has made a great comeback, delivering some of the best performances since 1987. The market was bogged down by the corona pandemic that literally knocked the socks off everyone. However, now that it is over, or perhaps we can predict it to be over and soon recovery, here are 3 long term stocks to invest in July (or the period of July-August).

Nvidia (NVDA)

Known as one of the best graphics technology for gaming purposes, Nvidia (NVDA) has well-rounded data centers and robotics. It is also a part of the autonomous vehicles which make it one of the best stocks to invest in July.

While Nvidia stock has met lows, it can be said that it is prepared for further gains. Analysts (Susquehanna and Evercore) have upgraded their price target for Nvidia (NVDA) to $450 during recent times, which is quite a price for a stock market’s movement and growth.

Let’s just say that autonomous vehicles are a long term profit driver. Nvidia announced a recent partnership with Mercedes with both software and hardware for those cars that are software-centric.

Mercedes is a name we cannot easily forget, nor one that is going anywhere in the coming run. Therefore, Nvidia has a lot of growth potential.

Nvidia and Tesla are in the same both in more than one way. However, what we can say is that Nvidia is cheaper and therefore, more accessible, cost effective and easily upgradable.

Nvidia too is one of the top 3 long term stocks to invest in.

PayPal (PYPL)

Most consumers don’t want to use money now. They want to use something more accessible and convenient and PayPal is something that fits that description.

Square, along with PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL), are two companies to watch this July for they are in high demand. Paypal Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL) is priced at $176.96.

Salesforce (CRM)

Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) is an interesting opportunity in SaaS space. Its share price is valued at $189.95 at the stock exchange, making it a high-end stock.

Salesforce made certain acquisitions which adds to profile such as Tableau in 2019 and then MuleSoft in 2018.

The company also closed a deal with AT&T which might be the most significant transaction of the company. Salesforce, therefore, is also one of the 3 long term stocks to invest in.

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