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The Third Strain Of Corona Virus

By on March 13, 2021

The Third Strain Of Corona Virus

Corona virus is back, it seems and people are worried again. They are calling it ‘the third strain of corona virus’ or ‘third wave of coronavirus’ and it doesn’t look good.

What is the third wave of corona virus?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. The third wave of corona virus is an extended virus of the second wave of corona. It is seemingly back after things started getting back to normal. As soon as schools started reopening in Pakistan and food joints in America, say Salt Bae, corona is back again.

If you have been diagnosed with corona or it is being called the third wave of corona virus because there was so much discovery of the second wave that once people started healing, more started coming up and they panicked, calling it the third wave because they couldn’t handle it.. the answer is that in this wave and period, you be simple and you take plenty of water, you stay at home and you protect yourself from anything and anyone.

Corona virus 3rd wave is as serious as a gut trying to make its way out of commotion and trying to make itself explain that it will take care of it once it gets a good grip of itself. Corona virus is a serious concern and most people will not be able to make sense out of it if they do not get a grip of themselves by aligning themselves by the center and start practicing meditation for clarity perhaps.

The third wave of corona virus may be the final calling for the fourth and the last but till then, we can still work wonders to help getting rid of it. Many people have died because of corona and in this last wave of corona virus, or the third strain of corona virus, you do the following:

1- You should ALWAYS wear a mask. If you cannot wear it always, wear it below the nose. Mask will even help to align your breath, so wear it!

2- Stay away from filth, wherever you find it. Do not compromise on quality of the foods especially meat. Get it fresh and spend more than suffering in agony because of the third strain of corona virus.

3- Have something sweet because there are so many things that have an impact on us as we move or even if we are sitting at our home. Get some energy and then walk or exercise or whatever. Just create your own world and sanctuary and this will only be possible if you get a grip of yourself. It may SEEM like an easy process to align yourself and take care of everything but trust me, it is not. You have to be stringent, you have to make sure that you balance everything, you have to take care of your ‘energy’ and you have to move around. This wave will probably end up killing what is left of the 2nd wave of corona virus.

4- When you close your eyes, you see a yellow or orange thing. This may be Al-nur or light for those He has sent his saving grace on. Whatever you see with your eyes closed is for you. Do not fight in the hidden. That is the game. What you do is realize that everything comes to you for help, be it eyes or a crisscrossed something or whatever it is. You on your part must always keep going. If that energy is getting out of proportion, you calm it down by having water. These are hormones. There is no harm in masturbation as well to balance your hormones and once they start getting in place, shit more and pee more till your body is stringent. Cleanliness is the way out of all evils so make sure you keep yourself clean and healthy so you can keep going. Never stop walking and as soon as you sink in depression, go for a walk. Just keep yourself going because anything can happen anytime and between corona, it will be hard to keep up. Thus, align yourself, your intuition, the gap and keep going.

5- During this third strain of corona, make sure that you keep praying, meditating, and keep yourself balanced and in the center. If you want to align the center, read “laillahaillAllahMuhammadUrRasoolAllah” – notice the ‘ahah’ in it, one of the things it is on is the other person laughing at you (Marut) in their hidden (you can have open enemies and we have all kinds of people in the world)… you reading it to find a tick in your head (and ticks are from the divine) that He understood and so will the other person, you keep going and ignore and silence is the best virtue and that they move out of of your life and that they understood while you necessarily having to react on it in your hidden. Some feelings we don’t understand but what you feel is coming from somewhere, it is people laughing at you or feeling for you so thus, it is important that you get closer to religion to understand everything is for you and you prioritize yourself in front of Him and you till the end of time because there is one life and that you keep going.

Thus for aligning the center, you read LaillahaillAllahMuhammadUrRasoolAllah

Furthermore, for keeping yourself going and not fighting in the hidden, you should practice religion. Mine is Islam so I will suggest the following for the following. Religion is WRITTEN (pre-written) and should be taken very seriously. Quran is the remedy of all, and it is. Science vs. Man- Man, Man Vs. Religion, Religion, Religion Vs. Science, Religion and Religion vs. All? Religion, after all, Islam persisted before technology and science, it was annihilation and people used to live much much longer than they do today. So definitely the Quran as it is mine, for all answers and some of the answers are:

1- Read LaillahaillAllahMuhammadUrRasoolAllah for aligning the center.

2- Read Surah Naas for aligning and then balancing the center for the left.

3- Read Surah Falak for balancing the right.

4- Then come on the center and you will automatically start reading laillahaillAllahMuhammadUrRasoolAllah

5- Alamnashra Laka Sadrak for Nazar (evil eye)

– Qul-o-Allah O Ahad for ghayab (even if you think you are dwelling in the ghayab)

– Alhakomutakasir for keep going and persisting, literally for breath and the notion ‘God persists in silence’.

– Ayat ul kursi for keeping your seat alive and balanced (for power and attorney)

– 99 names of Allah for consistency and letting go of all evil that is clung on your body (most of the cases these days because of nazar which inevitably leads to voices and shadows because you cannot take it and you go in reverse and start seeing shadows and spirits because these are people trying to get to you but you are in reverse so you start seeing this instead of what hits the heart and that ‘it is your gut feeling ‘.

– Read what you know: ayat-e-kareema, chaar qul, ‘wabe saumi ghadinaweeto min shar e ramadan for balancing the center through the eyes, and lailatulqadar.

The Third Strain Of Corona Virus

6- Just wear a mask in this third strain of coronavirus and drink plenty of water. Stay away from alcohol and keep it low. Once you have gotten a grip of yourself, move ahead in direction. You can do weed if you want but limit everything till your energy is balanced and you have the right strength. Then move forward in the direction.

7- Meditate, breathe from your nose, keep reading laillahaillAllah and stay away from any malaise there is. Keep it to yourself and work. Things might be distorted for a good amount of time if they continue to persist this way.

8- Vaccines are not bad, go for them and avoid eating out or in gatherings.

9- Get the mind body and soul healing rejuvenated and get in touch with your inner self.

10- Stay put and keep going.

The third wave of corona virus is now a bigger problem than the former two and things are apparently very serious. It is better to take care than lose a life. All of the stated above will help because otherwise everything else will have a serious impact on your life especially driving and all others. Keep travel to a minimum, sought out your trades, move forward with patience and ‘keep it going’. We hope the third wave of corona or the third strain of corona virus gets eliminated from the universe right away.

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‘Coronaa’: Is There Finally An Answer?

By on July 6, 2020

‘Coronaa’: Is There Finally An Answer?

It looks like a lot of people today are still identifying that they ‘got’ coronavirus. ‘Coronaa’ is a life-taking disease being led by Mr. Narendra Modi, it seems apparent. (Aren’t the suicides today in India enough for that)?

While we aren’t here for your fixation, speculation, or interrogation, it is true that Narendra Modi is the prime face behind Coronaa. He did it in his own filthy way. However, the answers for this pandemic should be coming from him, himself.

It is not a cat and mouse game anymore. This is life. Everybody’s their own. Enough is Enough.

People have had enough of this godforsaken disease, coronavirus, which has taken lives of thousands and millions of people across the world.

Coronaa is as serious as any other disease. Essentially, Modi’s motive behind corona is to take care of the losses of 2018-2019 and remain, as the, Prime Minister of India. Sweet piece of ssss doesn’t know that there is a New World Order now and that is where life will begin from and where life will end on. He probably doesn’t even know what a New World Order is.

Corona And Modi: Tech Unveiled

Corona: Hopefull The Last Epidemic Till The End Of Time

If we assess, then, Corona the disease is still taking lives of hundreds and thousands of people across the globe. Moreover, it is taking lives of those who are illiterate and do not have access to water and proper sanitation. It is taking the lives of those who cannot afford to not work. It is taking the lives of those who are on their death beds: women with paralysis, women with sugar, blood pressure, and so on. Coronavirus is a disease that is pretty unfortunate.

God hears everything but if a man has a body or ‘gear’ laced with gold and objectives, is above man and messes with the hidden whenever he wants, (Modi), then excessive measures should be taken to take down this man.

This man is not for the ‘rest of the world to fight for’. It is for India to take care of and for India to pay the entire world in damages. Modi will accept and there is no other option.

This time, the New World Order is “Enough is Enough”, submission, and go away!

While we stick with the 2020 mantra of ‘live and let live’ (Dorsey), Modi, a man so sick in his heart, HAS to admit. He HAS to leave or the rest of the world is not leaving him.

From bugs to ants to lies, to deceit to bothering people, to teasing and to do magic, this man and his vice is enough for people to stand up and put this man behind bars and we will.

Modi will meet his fate very soon. He has put India to shame and now India has to take care of it and pay ‘the rest of the world’ in damages otherwise there are many countries cross borders with India that can take care of India and him Very Easily. However, it is against a Muslim’s blood to fight without apprehension or knowledge and that is why they stop or don’t intervene and that too is against their religion.

To Conclude

Nonetheless, and to conclude:

It is time for people to rise up and stand for themselves. Furthermore, it is also time for them to say Enough Is Enough. It is time us to stand up for what these dumb faces put us through and to recognize our own lives our own potential.

Everyone has an equal share in life, ask the ones who find it hard to make through life. Due to this ‘sethness’, and ‘apparent and alleged power’, hundreds and thousands of people have been destroyed.

Time will reveal who did corona and then it will be civil war. I am wondering, who is going to put us to rest after these 8 months of bed rest!

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5 Health Tips For Corona Victims

By on June 24, 2020

5 Health Tips For Corona Victims

A lot of people are testing positive for corona virus since the last two weeks. If you are in the same boat, don’t worry as these 5 Health Tips For Corona Victims can help you instantly.

Keep reading: Corona Tips, Covid-19 And Recovery

1- Drink Plenty Of Water

The idea with corona virus is to clean your system as much as you can. For that, you need water.

Water is a source of energy, one that goes unmatched by all others. It contains ‘nothing’ and keeps you going.

Water is a miracle of Allah SubhanaTaAllah and if you really believe this instead of thinking its a health tip that is just there, you will realize its benefit.

Thus, 5 Health Tips For Corona Victims includes’ drinking plenty of water.

2- Distance Yourself From People

Another one of the health tips to recover from coronavirus is to distance yourself from people. Be it your mother, father, husband, children or any other, social distancing is what you should go for.

Make sure you are keeping your own. Try to avoid social contact and talk. Just be with yourself and you will be able to clear your respiration that way, self and overall health and well-being.

This is another one of the 5 Health Tips For Corona Victims that can help save lives and protect you from this pandemic.

3- Put Aside Technology As Well

You should also try to put aside technology as well. Your mind picks up on everything. It is, therefore, important that you keep away from technology as well.

Put your phone on airplane mode, sleep as much as you can and rest. You will be good in a matter of no days.

4- Stay clear from energy drinks and toxic food

It is also better to stay away from energy drinks and toxic food. This is another one of the 5 tips for corona positive victims.

While energy drinks might be your gateway to a sore throat, toxic food, such as those high on oil and spices, might irritate your chemical balance. Therefore, go for foods as pure as possible and eat naturals (carrots, greens; essentially, vegetables and fruits).

5- Keep Yourself Clean

Finally, if you are still reading ‘5 Health Tips For Corona Victims’, make sure you keep yourself clean.

Drink plenty of water, have green tea, avoid things that are not natural, have greens. Also, avoid people because intuition is real and it will all add up.

Don’t drink alcohol as it will add to your hallucinations and may take away the sense of right and wrong, if things get out of control.

Make sure you wear a mask especially everytime you go outside. Better than sanitizer is water so ensure you clean yourself every time you come from outside.

Lastly, don’t show anger in the hidden. Give yourself time to breathe and relax. Everything else will follow suit.

If you are pissed at someone and keep cursing them or avoiding them in the hidden, it is better to take the 99 names of Allah and read the Quran as much as possible; it will get their eye off you and take off nazar off you in general.

Every thing has a cure because everything artificial is based on man and man itself is a production of God. Therefore, it is better to keep things as real and humane as possible because it is very easy to loose fight in this deep inundated mess now today that we call life.

Quran is the pathway to heaven and namaz (prayer) is the solution to all evils.

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Watch EA Play Live Event Here

By on June 18, 2020

Watch EA Play Live Event Here

While the E3 2020 is not happening, EA still is. It is going to be a big event and gaming enthusiasts are excited. Wondering where to watch the EA Play live event?

Well, the event is going to be broadcasted at 7PM ET/4PM PT on Thursday, 18th June.

Furthermore, you can watch the event on the company’s website or YouTube live stream it. It is going to be fun, it is around the corner, perhaps tomorrow. If you are an EA fan, watch the event here!

EA Play Live Event

Click Here To Watch The Event Online

This news is going to excite many gaming and tech fans.

Furthermore, also EA fans because while E3 2020 got canceled because of the corona virus pandemic, EA Play event will still happen.

The event is going to happen online and gaming enthusiasts can rejoice.

Furthermore, Twitch is also hosting the EA Play Live event.

There is a lot being said about the EA play event and it is tomorrow. While a lot is happening today, you might want to stop and take a break to watch the event here. (Click on above links to watch the event live).

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What Is Going Around In The World: Breaking News

By on June 1, 2020

What Is Going Around In The World: Breaking News

Latest reports reveal that the world is in ‘loose control’. All hell will break loose if the current Premiers do not take care of the World System right away. There is a lot going on, say Floyd’s apparent murder and the riots in America, the Corona Upgrade and existential crisis, lack of money, money escaping hands, people on loose control, data APIs missing, lack of technology or technological support and others. Moreover, further, breaking news reveals the following:

Breaking News: Latest In News Around The World: June 1st, 2020.

1- Donald Trump asks Governors To Be Above Protesters To Control Loose Control: Read here.

2- Sewage Identified As One Of The Major Reasons Behind Corona Virus: Read here.

3- Protests Over Floyd Reach ‘Mayhem’: All Lives Matter. Read here.

4- Romanian PM Fined $600 For Being Lucid Amidst Men and Women: $600 is too low. Read here.

5- Lockdown In Pakistan Extended Till June 30 With Relaxations Though For Clearance The Last Time: Read here.

Breaking News: Tech Unveiled

6- Petty Politics In Pakistan Make People Bear The Fruit And Brunt Of It: Read here.

7- President the U.S. Till The End Of Time: Read here. A Very Wise Man Indeed.

8- The Apple Gear You Need For Your MacBook: Read here.

9- How Convenient: Mark Zuckerberg And His Occupation Strategy: Just A Glimpse Of His Sanity Or Perhaps Economics. “Uhuhaaa”: [Hooligans on the loose, who have never tasted life and are too afraid of losing it and henceforth, can’t move beyond their capacities: their stomachs and gut. #JonahHill]. Read here.

10- What experts think of flying: Read here.

11- Cyclone Nisarga Storms Into India’s West Coast: Read here.

12- Tropical Cyclone Amphan Shakes India and Bangladesh: Read here.

13- A 1980’s Pakistan In The Works: Pakistan In Shambles: Read here.

14- India Troops Blatantly Kill Kashmiris Across Borders’: Read here.

15- Psychosis Prevails America. Too Sad To Be True. Read here. (If Corona Wasn’t Enough).

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CoronaVirus Tips: Recovering From Corona Virus

By on May 29, 2020

CoronaVirus Tips: Recovering From Corona Virus

CoronaVirus has pretty much knocked the socks off everyone. Ramadan is over and people continue to struggle. The main question that still lefts to be unanswered is recovery and money, which is literally driving everyone crazy! If things continue to be the same way, it will breed war, and if its war, it may mean civil war. In this case, this is if Kim Jong Un doesn’t decide to call a nuclear war, off of his petty defense of being caught as the criminal behind CoronaVirus (Corona Virus Tips). One circle of wrong and so many circles of trying to make it right and still wrong (Quran). What a petty hole, I mean, men, oh I mean, the uh-a-ahs (these monkey laughter’).

It has been 6 months and there is absolutely no answer for coronavirus. While salaried employees are getting their incomes (those on a payroll especially in bigger companies at least), others are struggling. Even those with money are struggling.


You need health to be functional and if they are targetting health in the pettiest of ways then the entire world needs to rise up, call it mercy and find out who has done it.

Things don’t seem right and the Civil War has already started. (Riots in America). It is a serious concern. Till they don’t bow down and get “The Message”, til then things will not stop and by the way, who is stopping them any ways? The world has failed in protecting the citizens and now it will be no mercy. ‘They just called upon their own graves.

At the moment still, there are many people who are unemployed, most working on freelancing forums such as (Fiverr and others). Corona has literally upset everyone but first, the ones who will be answerable are the Prime Ministers and Presidents, then Law and Order, then the Army, then the people and then the people will rise above. The solution? None!

All Governments Have Failed: Its A Hate-War

Moreover, things should LITERALLY be taken by the thorns of it. The reason why this is happening is black magic and many forces are at work. Furthermore, Pakistan is very well-connected- everyone knows everyone and so does the rest of the world I believe. Additionally, there are people within these circles who are being targeted (The Elites).

Long story short, but not, because corona is now a very serious epidemic.

Corona needs to be controlled before things get out of control.

It Is A Dirty World: Someone Needs To Speak Up

When the war is that blatant, you need to control the ones running it. You have to stop the wrong before the wrong gets doubled and protect the right till the right persists. Otherwise, there will be no right and wrong and essentially, it will all be similar to what is the world today.

Nonetheless, what matters is that people have to get out of this corona virus, and move ahead. They need to find a solution, keep up with their health and work will follow through. For this, people need to drink ample amount of water, eat the right food, keep it low and ‘clean up’. Rest, they should leave all matters on Him.

CoronaVirus Tips: Tech Unveiled

Truth Be Told..

Corona Virus has had so much talk about it and no results. It is obvious no one is interested in saving the Earth, perhaps a selected few. Some of the main countries to be struggling off of corona are:

  1. Pakistan
  2. India
  3. Japan
  4. Syria
  5. China
  6. Afghanistan
  7. South Korea
  8. North Korea

Furthermore, and essentially, and pretty much then, cross-borders and all over the world.

People are making efforts to get over corona [Argentina (effort: the CUIDAR COVID-19 Argentina app for relief and keeping up, Europe [Macron is pretty much out of the picture], masks etc.)].

However, if you realize that the thing is still there, these are just insects or men or women being injected by blood and stool and filth. It is just being thrown off to eat men and women off of far of areas; if then, then no one can keep up.

I hope the doers of corona are fixed by their thaws so the world can breed.

If you are struggling with corona, here are some coronavirus tips that can help:

CoronaVirus Tips:

If you are struggling with CoronaVirus, here are 6 tips that can help you come out:

  • Take care of your breath by practicing breathing exercising: Wear a mask for it and breath (especially in the morning when the air is clear).
  • Start walking! There is nothing better than exercise.
  • Stay away from Everyone!!!
  • Check your respiratory tracts: have plenty of water, go for the last breath and clean that out.
  • CoronaVirus is internal so CoronaVirus tips would include having green tea, herbal teas, water, lemon water: anything that purifies your system.
  • Moreover, if you are infected, say there is any pain in your nerves, or perhaps for women, pain while getting their eyebrows done etc, it is infection. Go for an antibiotic right away. You feel pain because of infection (the real screeching pain).
  • Have something that keeps your system going: Say greens- Purge, eat, breathe and relax.

Corona Virus Tips are important to keep yourself sane and healthy. However, if you realize that what hasn’t passed in the universe and what hasn’t His mercy done, will you realize that all good things will pass, so will the bad and peace will follow through and ensue.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

Why Should You Avoid COVID-19

By on April 10, 2020

Why Should You Avoid COVID-19

COVID-19 is a by-product of diazepam, alprazolam and few other ingredients that will automatically make your stomach go loose. Covid-19, therefore, should be avoided. Instead, if you are corona positive, you should try to stick with water and let your body heal naturally.

The idea behind Covid-19 is totally exaggerated. The purpose is to make the sick fallen sick and sicker meet dooms day, in order to make big money off of existing patients.

People are taking COVID-19 as a drug that can cure corona. However, Covid-19 is a bigger aim to perhaps end eternity and make money off of their sickness. Its the devil’s work and the devil is in the Quran so he exists. (Read Michael Jackson for example, a well-known, shady, devilish man-woman, perhaps, God or someone very satanic.)

Go With Natural Mechanisms Than Covid-19

If you have tested positive for corona shock, you should try to go for ‘cleansing the system’. For that, you should eat vegetables, enhance your taste, drink plenty of water and have green tea, at least once a day. Rest and avoid the public eye for 10-15 days. Once your system cleanses itself, you will heal automatically.

If you are struggling with these two weeks of corona virus, then it is better that you take a pain killer and then start relaxing. Keep it as natural as possible; avoid anger and fighting in the hidden and there will be no reason for you to not heal.

Is Covid-19 Ponzi Scheme?

The human system is quite complicated. We should ideally be fixing ourselves as is. While we don’t feel complete most of the time, the ideology and essence for it is to drink plenty of water and your body will reinstate itself, just as dusk till dawn. All other ideologies are senseless, especially Covid-19.

COVID19 is a no go- it is a Ponzi scheme. It will make your system leak water and perhaps leave you with nothing. You should eat minimally in corona virus but do have water. If you are eating, then have a cup of green tea and you will be good to go.

Covid-19 is an effort by a devil in disguise. It is as lucid and flaccid as the devil himself. Trust that there is nothing better for your gut and system than natural water and light things that a human body can actually take. Combine this with sleep and you will be good to go.

Covid-19: Tech Unveiled

What You Should Remember!

While COVID-19 is a very recent subject and a long in undated debate:

The human system is a process in intself. 100 years ago, the median age of a man was 700 and of a woman, 1200. Today, the median age of a woman is 12 and of a man is 10. They say all of these are the works of a devil, who might soon be recognized. Just reminds me of Michael Jackson.

Furthermore, these are well known signs of Qiyamat (Qiyamah), which are clarified, proven and proven again by science, technology and matter. One must undo the works of the devil, even if it needs a bit of a crush of an ego for the devil is there and he should be stopped till he floats a free with his Ponzi stick and Ponzi schemes.

Food For Thought: Realize And You Will Find God

One of the biggest signs of corona virus is restlessness.

Considering the death rate these days and going back to basics, simplicity was key to everything.

Unfortunately in today’s age and time, when it’s all about materialism, people really have gotten off track and perhaps have forgotten the instilled values of faith in men and women alike.

While it is true that more than half of the total global population is leading the same life, things have changed. It is going back to basics and it won’t be pretty when people start finding the truth.

The need and rush for COVID-19 is coming from perhaps the devil, who blames it all on the Yahud and America. All of these are the Devils works.

Coronavirus (based on the car corona and those who drive it perhaps, off of the revenge of the devil) is a flus- it is done though, perhaps with insects mating with insects and throwing them off borders. However, COVID-19 is a bigger scam as all other things are. What we need for survival is water, wheat, barley, certain important vegetables, meat, chicken, fresh fruit and all other basics. It is better to stay away from all things that are not natural.

Its not happening though.

The Truth About Covid-19

#MyAbbreviation for Covid-19 is: Cancer, Ovaries, Vividness, Implication and Death.

Covid-19 is a scam just as all medicines are. We are talking about big money here. The victims? Could be anyone or everyone. The deaths would be more prevalent in men and women who are not well educated, perhaps those above 60s, mothers and fathers who are dependent on others for income and so on. It is the devil’s work and the devil is the ‘alleged’ Prime Minister of Pakistan, who is Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson Is alive.

We Leave All Matters On Him

To Conclude

A well-known devil, the ‘pir’, Satan, the flus ‘God’, the one who calls himself Allah and so on.. This man should be revealed as he reveals people and is Firaun. The man who thieves, burns women alive, eats up women and men and doesn’t leave a muscle. An animal. Perhaps a flus as big as is Ponzi is.

Oh I mean, what Sorrri! A pseudo Muslim in disguise and a run away after who every one is after.

Nonetheless, the topic is not Michael Jackson, he literally puts this blog to shame with his name as in. We are talking about corona and corona virus.

Both men and women should stay in their homes and avoid drinking and eating from outside. Have bottled things and there is nothing better than water. Try to have herbs, greens and light food. Salad perhaps. And you will be good to go.

If you are coronainpakistan, take a rest for 10 days with these tips and test yourself again: You will be corona negative.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

What To Do In This ‘State Of CoronaVirus’

By on March 18, 2020

The Solution To Corona Is To Fix The Tractory Gut. and to understand how to do it? Play with your belly and work on your ‘Energies’- Keep them in balance in the center of the eye and breathe normally. It’s ALL about the Respiratory Tract.

What To Do In This ‘State Of ‘CoronaVirus’

CoronaVirus has taken the world by a storm and a lot of people have been disturbed thoroughly. Whether Pakistan or India, Japan or Syria, Corona seems to be everywhere. However, since we are close to Pakistan, we are going to discuss the impact of the new virus and what can be done to ‘get over it’ and get back to life again.

Corona Virus is quite active in Pakistan as well. Due to the virus, schools have been closed down for 2-3 weeks. It is a time of clearance where people are panicking and have essentially started hoarding supplies to be safe. Essentially, what you need to understand is that this is Havoc (Corona Virus) and it is a chain and to understand its purpose, understand the Dominoes Theory.

What seems to be evident about coronavirus is that it creates an infinite loop- internally and externally and since people are already dealing with everything (internally), corona would essentially make you helpless. Corona is a ‘dangerous’ thought.

Policy Directives for Corona Virus

What the governments need to understand about coronavirus is that it is there and they should be ‘splurging’ on it or more, money on the people of the country to help them with supplies and ease their difficulties. Remember that Pakistan’s population by more than the majority is illiterate so they really will not be able to understand anything but perhaps nothing.

Pakistan has always had major problems. However, Pakistan needs to rise up now and face the front and help people deal with problems such as corona per se. Honestly and I am telling you, Pakistan is nowhere in the picture. Essentially, Pakistan should be enough to not just take care of its people (perhaps no problems should persist in Pakistan) but to lead from the front and help other countries as well. Today, Pakistan stands on the brink of collapse because of Corona Virus.

We might as well start believing the notion “Its America!”.

The Blatant Truth About Corona Virus

Corona is stemming from lice and it is the bloodiest form of human death. It seems like a dirty job which involves a lot mess. The essence behind is to get people moving and create a ‘Qayamat’ kind of a scene where they hoax and hoard and find no solution to any of it by the end of the day. Is it “on the Muslims”- It is and More than that because Muslims are the Global Domination by statistics. Therefore, Corona is everywhere.

Remember, that we aren’t even close to how many people have died because of coronavirus. And is corona a divergence for a bigger goal till April or May financials, it is. The idea is that since all veils have been lifted off the human race and the current Premiers have not had enough in their bowls still, corona could be a sign of God- To Stop and God doesn’t talk to anyone.

Corona Virus: A Technical Concern

Get Rid Of Corona By Taking Care Of Your “Selves”.

Corona is all about taking care of your health but if we take things positively, then it is just a big break from the havocs of the past 3-4 months.

These breaks are very necessary because people HAVE to sit in their homes and pray they don’t get this virus because they can’t be jumping or hoard-hoarding everyone and everyone all the time. It is a break for the good ones and a lesson for the rest. It is time The Balance in the universe is reinstated and we all go back to being humans again.

Schools have been shut down and so have the offices in Pakistan and even America. Can Donald Trump save it? Nope. Is he going to rest? Oh hell yes he is and will there be a new World Order? Yes there will be!

The management are downsizing and making sure that the air is clear for a better future and a progressive 2020. In its negative, what might happen, if a certain few are being led by their ‘prominent leader’ and personally, then corona is definitely a doing of the other. And let’s not be aloof to history and its bluntness. Corona would be a big lesson for all. Corona should be understood by the notion of creation. Things are created! Things are not just there.

Lets Take This Seriously!

It is 2020 and if you don’t want to believe it and by its probability, then you should. Essentially, what is better is that coronavirus is not coming out from the skies for the people. It is there to create havoc to leave people with nothing and essentially, led the world be led according to the hands of a Certain Few.

Unfortunately and what it seems like is that Corona is more prevalent in Muslims states because of lack of education and poverty.

Iran An Overview And A Clearer Thought Process

As far as where is coronavirus coming from? Pakistan and Iran– the Two Forbidden Nations by the interference of the other in the economy. (We can say that even Iran is not a Muslim state now, just as many other Muslim states by ‘their doings‘).

Even an ant will benefit from words of wisdom and advice to stay away from what is not good for you and stay with what is good for you and only you benefit by Allah’s decree. Crossing limits is a sign of extreme and nobody survived living extreme. Living is a blessing just as death is the reality. Furthermore, Muslim believes all by faith but by practice or misogyny, none and perhaps what is happening today in the world is a sign of clear disorder in the Higher World.

Iran is full of malaise- in every way. It is mentioned in the Quran, the Qaum of Lot (AS). Actually, Iran and the cross borders between Afghanistan, Syria, Japan (of sorts) and India To Pakistan is where corona is coming from.

Pakistan has Muslims by the majority but there is a difference between Muslims and Pakistanis even, for that matter. Not all people by religion are practicing. Additionally, as far as Iran is concerned, it is a place where the forbidden were forbid to go to because it gave birth to lust amidst men and from the dirt of it all comes the problems of the ‘LICE‘.

(Lice is the end of humanity because it begins with the ‘eye’ which is considered Haraam (no pardon on it) because it affects the other by decree and falsehood. Lice is the end of humanity).

Where Is Corona Coming From?

Corona is stemming from ‘Malaise‘, which in close coordination in the Muslim tongue would be ‘your saliva’. If you know what I mean, understand where this is coming from.

The Three Letter Word which is now as common as smelling perhaps. Corona could curse and be considered as a sign of God for what is forbidden and his answer too perhaps.

Rest be assured, corona, just as cancer or perhaps anything else, is a sign of God to stop creating havoc on this Earth.

Pakistan is very similar to Iran and if you understand patterns, you will realize where the sicknesses is stemming from (S**).

These problems are very persistent in Iran, the forgotten nation and in contrast, Syria, Japan and Pakistan too by Majority.

Trust Corona and Its Timing: And Its Result.

It is all blood and blood means War and for the war-doers, it takes two to tango ;).

Corona should be taken as a CLEAR SIGN of the Failures of All World Leaders. And trust me, there aren’t many. Let us hope for a civil war so whoever is running the world, must be Trump oops I mean blurp or hell yeah or hell know or whatever it is, must exit and new governments be formed.

Next, it comes to who is talking to who. Aren’t the world leaders here to exercise authority? Actually, Muslims around the world are contributing to economies more than any Atheist or non-polytheist. It should be enough for Israel to understand that this life is no longer a ‘game’. For Pakistan that it is time Dictatorships to end and The Hidden Dictator of this massive country step down and for the Rest of the World? To follow through.

In fair play?

Let Corona be the judge,; Trump be the man. Moreover, K-Man be the “bees” (The Ant) and The World Leaders be laced with caps, butterflies and roses to “Run The World” and The New World Leader (in lala-land aka ashestoashesrosestorosesbushestobushohwhatsorry).. be ‘drinks and beers’ and let corona spread and thats the World and this is us and they are they. About time all Premiers take their responsibilites seriously and fix the problems of the world. They have been elected, they aren’t there by majorities or popularity. They are all here by rigging and it is the system of corrupt since the past 2-3 years or so. Want it to continue? Take care of yourself first and we’ll assess who’s who. The 2020 Campaign.

And in The Biggest and Most Magnificent world leader’s voice, Miss Theorenwar.. I mean.. confused? Let Your Mantra in 2020 be “YOU’RE FIRED” and everytime someone gets out, raise your fingers in the air and say its Trump. We are as funny as he is!

It is unfortunate that no one can take care of this mess (coronavirus). It can simply be taken care of by All Governments joining hands; for them to sit down on a 10-day agenda- to CLEAN THE SYSTEM first and then for the people, the land and for the nation itself? Clearance means getting rid of Clutter! It is as simple as that. What the world needs right now? Clean the air campaign. Corona is creating fear amongst a lot of people too and that is another upside of the corona by the ones who are creating Covid-19.

It is unfortunate, to see the world in this “order-disorder”. Are we, the Common Man, not doing enough or is it the responsibility of The Governments to step in!!! Let us clap for All World Leaders today.

Tips to Help You With Corona Virus

The tips for coronavirus are endless and these just include Space, Clearing Your Head, Eating Vegetables and drinking plenty of water.

Staying in isolation IS THE SOLUTION for Corona. Don’t be around ANYONE because The Eye reads everything that is not good for itself and anything that is not bad for itself either. Good means people who are good for you with intent and those that are bad for you in intent. In essence? Stay away and BE WITH YOURSELF!!!

Furthermore, stay away from insects and get your digestive tract sorted. The Gut and you will be fine. Make sure you are using Mospel or some other drug repellent at all times. Keep your body healthy by drinking Water! Water is the solution for all.

Understanding The Human Body

Remember the Human Head is in the straight and the body is independent. It is all about the mind anyways and no, things just don’t get in your mind unless you are eating from the plate of the “Satan”. Stay in your center to function and keep yourself steady and the rest? The right is by the left and the left is by the right. The right is the mind and the left is the heart. Heart and mind is the cross in the eye and the eye is our Gut! Water water water for corona. Safe Drinking Water. Best? Boiled Water!

The good side of this is and it should be taken that way is that it is just some time to clear yourself and get back for the latter part of 2020.

For Our Sanity: Trusting The Gut

There is a higher power who ensures everyone’s safety so all is well at the end of it all, essentially.

Moreover and additionally, since coronainpakistan is more of a buzz than surrender, make sure you take care of yourself.

Relax and breathe if you like your life and if you are also contributing to add on to its “facade”, then its your loss. There are all kinds of people in the World; you never know who’s doing who and who’s doing what to who. This World, indeed, is a bitter place.

Additionally, corona Is More Than A Hype Now (after 7 hours of writing this article initially). Now its a craze and to guess who’s done it? It is probably one of the two men on the Arpeligic Chairs (Latest Update: That’s by Islam)

Corona is one of the biggest shocks of 2020. It HAS been done (the notion of creation) to ignite fear, divert attention and make people foolish and make them look foolish to ensure that all higher orders continue and persist.

Remember, after all of this torture, we are humans and when such big malaise hits calamity, it is time to Stop! Only He knows.

Fixing Corona By The Body Of It: The Tractory Gut.

To fix Corona? Fix your digestive gut. The gut: the belly, by feeling your stomach and moving your belly consistently till the “Child” in you starts comforting you.

Feed yourself with raw vegetables for, eat broccoli and Greens and flush out your systems and enjoy!

(Read: Why do civil wars happen?).

To Conclude?

However, just remember that YOUR BODY is for you and everything else is external. Everything else is EXTERNAL. Only Your Emotions are internal and those are in the veins (literally). Seeing shadows? Avoid.

Walk is a must to clear the head and don’t let anyone become such a part of your life that they start disrespecting you. Never let anyone disrespect you- the first sign of your disgrace by the end of the other is The Message to get rid of that person right away and shut all doors to them and heal. It takes 10 days to Heal.

Life is that easy and simple if you understand the system and the rule of life? Don’t cross anyone beyond simplified universal measures.

Keep to yourself, let yourself breathe and corona wouldn’t be a problem. Though we must remember that there is Divine Authority and most of all that we have and everything else is his rest so some things must be left on Him as well. And the rest that we can take care of? We must.

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Are Men Failing At Nature Or Is Nature Failing Us?

By on January 25, 2020

Are Men Failing At Nature Or Is Nature Failing Us?

Honestly, if you ask me, if 10 year old problems are still persisting in the world, why do we not look at #patterns? Also, IF someone is ‘at it‘, then why don’t they see what is happening in the world and who’s doing it? So to propose; are men failing at nature or is nature failing us? I think this is applicable both ways.

Nature-al Disasters Today (Alone): Report

If you look at what happened in the world today, say the #coronavirus in China spreading to #Australia or perhaps the #Earthquake in #Turkey (Earthquake In Turkey), one thing that can be said about the world problems today is: From the beginning of time, it has been about one thing and that is #Power.

Owning Up To Self: Realizing Ourselves- Acceptance

Want to talk about 10 stages of denial or 8 stages of happiness or on one person perhaps? How crazy would that person seem or be. Actually, perhaps or to say; no one wants to admit it but they ARE doing the wrong and they can base it on ANYONE but wrong is wrong. Its as simple as that. There is absolutely no other language. Stop from the bad and you will find God and go in the straight line and you will meet solace and if you are on the left and making mistakes then sorry, even nature wont fix the failed men! Sense of right and wrong.

To understand what is going on in the world today, we have to understand theology and historical patterns. While the World has had enough of the same splendorous acts of and for themselves, there is absolutely no way that ‘the bad’ and consequently, our mind, body, souls as well.. is ending.

Nature: The Mind Body And Soul: Being True To Your Own Self

Men are a part of nature as are women and to work them in equal motion is no ones’ job; in fact, for a justice leagred’ to finally draw the line. Its about time we start understanding the way the universe works to realize that the first hunch of giving up is the last hunch of giving up- and if the universe is telling you something, you might as well want to listen to the universe.

To answer then: are men failing at nature or is nature failing us, we will realize that yes men have failed by all kinds and measures in every capacity (for the world, by the world or at any level per se), whereas the latter part is nature failing us, that would be denying God or the ‘Higher Power’ or the ‘Higher Source’ or so on and so forth itself. Rest be told; if you want to find an answer, go figure! Its about time we give up.

Lets Not Let God Forget Us

In another case or perhaps any case, if we are really debating about this: Are Men Failing At Nature Or Is Nature Failing Us? Lets realize that men

Indeed are failing at nature (no two men can stand by one another by and in every capacity to avoid false damage and no two women can stand together for false hopes and a mix of all of it all- want to call it #LGBT or our own selves or us failing at nature perhaps!

Blaming everyone is quite easy as it is to ‘fart and throw it in the air’ perhaps Trumps’ stand on nature- Must lest remember that even the fart is as innate as nature is and dont’ we all know Trump?

Things are just not right and everything is quite complicated as in. A man like Trump, will, in this hypothesis as well, talk about I don’t know what goddamn what. Nature hasn’t failed us, we have failed at nature and nature.

Being Aloof: Time To Be Human Again

Even if you look at it overall, these natural calamities (earthquakes, rain, thunder) etc. has always been there since the start of or beginning of time.

I wonder whos’ running the show or whos dying or whos happy or not happy because if you want to talk about ownership then realize that ownership is the first motive towards the right path.

And to answer the motive of this article to understand whats happening, then the answer is that everybodys’ dying :/ and that is it for the all of it. Nature begins at home.

Somethings Humans Cant Fix: Denying Reality

Nature can never fail us or we wouldn’t be here. You have to look at the right direction – the good, literally in your life, wherever your psyche might be or wherever the psyche is. To under Are Men Failing At Nature Or Is Nature Failing Us?

I can definitely say that there are many men ‘in the right’ to take care of this and many women who can show off themselves and take care of them- who’s going to take care of the rest?

Well, we will see. Its not the end of the World otherwise the doers’ will die too. Doing bad is bad and evil and doing good is good- if you leave it on the ‘rest’, trust me you will be in the right. The right is always the good- one that brings you happiness.

Spectrum is spreading all over the World. Its Saturday night. Lets not forget that if Trump and ‘his Mish’ has gone in swagger, lets remember that tomorrow as well he will need a swagger and before that if he falls sick (lets get that in the news), then we will all be able to see how better a place this world is- or to answer the all of it.

And To Conclude:

Lets also remember that this world is not idealist and also that men or be it women, men perhaps, are totally involved in killings’ as well but its about time everything comes out in the #open.