‘Coronaa’: Is There Finally An Answer?

Coronaa: is there an answer?
Corona is an effort to take down lives, bring things back to normal, while ensuring Modi’s stomach is full of the the losses of 2018-2019 and the he remains the Prime Minister of India by earning through medicine, dead people, their resources (insurance, corruption etc. cases that come to him) and to take on Trump.
The only man who is going to pay is the one who ignites the fire and clearly, it is going to be Modi.
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Why Should You Avoid COVID-19

Why should you avoid Covid-19?
Avoid Covid-19 as it is a ponzi scheme. If you are corona positive, go for something that heals naturally- this will include water, green tea, herbs, greens and so on. Want to find out a guaranteed solution for corona virus? Read here at Tech Unveiled.

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