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Excellent Investment Advice For Forex Investors

By on December 28, 2020

Excellent Investment Advice Forex For Investors

If you are an investor looking to invest in Forex, here is some important piece of advice that you can benefit from.

First things first, investment in Forex is a difficult ordeal but can become easy if you know what you are doing. If you want to experiment, you could still benefit from advice.

However, it is better to not experiment and become serious with your investments because it is always WISE to not waste money.

The investment world is a large platform with a lot to explore and see. Moreover, if you are finding it hard to start or you are finding it hard to understand where to invest or continue investment from, here is some excellent investment advice for you.

Excellent Piece Of Advice For Forex Investors.

Buying And Selling Advice For Forex Investors

1- Buy Chinese Yuan And Sell Japanese Yuan

Chinese Yuan is relatively stable than the Japanese Yuan because China is the 2nd largest economy in the world today. Its currency has a lot to benefit from, especially given the size of China’s goods markets.

With China being a leading exporter in the world, China has essentially a lot to offer and with it being the 2nd largest economy in the world, its Yuan is a stable bet than most other currencies.

2- Buy Pound, Pound, Pound And Pound.

The Pound is one of the biggest currencies to watch in 2021. A lot of people will be trading in pounds than the US dollar because of the New President.

Furthermore, the pound makes it easier to trade in Euro, and given the size of the UK’s economy and its strategic alliance, the pound is the currency to hold till at least March 2021 when the covid cases rise and people and countries still hold on to currencies, capital markets and money.

3- Sell Cryptocurrency And Get Actual Currency

Cryptocurrency is a safe bet if you want to put your money into something for shorter trades. However, actual currency is actual currency. Cryptocurrency will be dented till 2022 because money has lost its value because of corona and currencies will catch up.

Actual money will hold a lot more worth when it starts getting circulated again in the economy and is held or invested in investments. With a lot of options to invest in by financial markets, actual money is around 25 times better than crypto right now.

4- Sell Japanese Yuan and don’t buy instead.

If you hold the Japanese Yuan, get rid of it. No one is trading with Japan right now because of immediate covid concerns which insiders know and most don’t. Japan wants to brand its currency so it sells and they get better returns for it, say gold or Ethereum.

It is a game and it is a game bigger than China, till they get rid of all the loose printed money in 2020-2021 till Covid, where they go different routes to take on the bigger’s inside and sell of the Yuan as much as they can.

Sell Japanese Yuan if you have it and go for Chinese Yuan because you buy it at the same price minus some difference than say a Pound or a Dollar.

5- Sell Bitcoin and buy Ethereum

Finally, if you are into cryptocurrency, one currency to buy right now is Ethereum. Ethereum is being mined by the bigger tables across the world especially China. It has a lot of potential because you can buy mixed metals with it especially lead.

Lead is being acquired and SOLD in most countries at exorbitantly high prices say $10 a bar worth $2 in real terms. Lead is used in mining, construction, and the refining industry which will NEVER STOP WORKING.

Ehtereum is, therefore, the soundest bet in the next 10 years than Bitcoin in particular or any other currency except Ethereum lite which is a better bet than Ethereum itself.

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Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

By on September 29, 2019

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

Facebook has created a new digital currency and its name is Libra. With partnership with Visa, PayPal, Stripe, Mercado Pago. Furthermore, these merchants will be accepting Libra.

Moreover, other tech companies on board with Facebook for Libra include eBay, Uber, Lyft and Mercado Pago.

Overall, Libra seems pretty solid because Facebook will also be introducing a new digital wallet with it called Calibra. People will be able to exchange and store the currency as well in a safer way. The mission will be done with and through Facebook apps.

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

What Is Libra The Cryptocurrency?

Libra will be introduced during the 1st half of the coming year. The currency will be run by the Libra Association which is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The whole aim of the cryptocurrency is to be accessible, secure and then be stable. It has also been announced that Libra cryptocurrency will be backed by the Government’s money.

Libra Doesn’t Look That Solid

It is apparent that to make Libra legit, there might be serious problems. It seems to me that Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook COO is trying to come up with a one-stop solution for digital currency.

This means that Facebook is trying to secure a name in the cryptocurrency industry by the name of Libra and then support it with all sorts of other mechanisms including digital wallets and currencies.

The gimmick and trick by Facebook here with the cryptocurrency is that they are going to come up with a one-stop solution, the cryptocurrency itself (aka: Libra) and then come up with a well-rounded solution such as the Digital Wallet to support it and so the money goes back to Facebook itself with its detrimental exchange rates on and for the app. Close?

The idea is that Libra will be a secure way of exchanging money, payments and other business activities by a complete solution online.

Furthermore, and lastly, with the new cryptocurrency, Libra, being backed by monetary exchanges with government money, a solid backing and great support, America might be in for a pleasant ride with Libra;

‘A secure and digital way of monetizing your payments and solutions (complete and secure with AI) to facilitate buy and sell exchange’ online.

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

However, with a new conference in March 2020 on Libra, it is apparent that Libra might not bear fruit.

Moreover, if Facebook’s current CEO-ship changes where the COO comes in to change the leadership and the existing political situation changes so that we have a new President in The U.S. and things change across the globe.

However, not that The U.S. is in a good place or its citizens, really!

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Top Stories: Tech

Top Stories: Best of Tech 2018

By on October 19, 2018

Top Stories: Best of Tech 2018

Technology is superseding expectations every day. 2018 brought some surprises with regards to that and we saw some top stories emerging on the forefront.

This year, some stories emerged on the top and even we couldn’t help but admire the heights technology has reached this year.

If you have missed out, here are the top 4 tech stories of this year.

Top Stories: Self Driving Tech By Telsa

Elon Musk is a name that everybody knows of today. Elon is actively involved in social media stories too and is also known for his wit sometimes.

Telsa, owned by Musk, made rounds this year with its self-driving cars. Fully autonomous vehicles are now a thing, as they hit the streets this year of a major US city with no driver driving the car.

It’s a big deal for sure.

Tesla showcases the Semi, Model S and the new Tesla Roadster that made big rounds this year.

Self-driving cars are here to stay. The technology, which developed in 2017, has now emerged as a massive deal in 2018.

Top stories: Self Driving Cars

Top Stories: Cryptocurrency Rise

Cryptocurrency is no new phenomenon. In 2017, the cryptocurrency dropped big time but it is still an attractive catch. Why? Simply because crypto was asked by hackers as ransom and payment to unlock big things such as WannaCry infected computers.

Cryptocurrency is the future of currency, some say, and, therefore, a major development this year too.

Top Stories: Crypto
Top Stories: Crypto

Top Tech Stories: Susan Fowler On Uber’s Sexual Culture

A former employee of Uber, Susan Fowler, revealed this year that Uber’s culture is toxic and rife with sexual advances.

In a post called “Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber“, she wrote that the company has people who fully harass you, even if they are the top performers.

Silicon Valley still deals with sexual harassment by in large and people who speak up about it have to bear the brunt. Or in simple words, deal with the consequences.

Top Stories: Susan
Top Stories: Susan

Top Stories: Smart Speakers

The world cannot stop acknowledging Google Home and Echo. Apple is also trying to make its way there with the HomePod.

Smart speakers are about to change how you listen to music and take sound in your home.

In 2017, there was a push towards smart speakers and that is continuing its streak. We’ve seen big names and companies make their way through it and we are looking forward to more.

Top Stories: Smart Speakers
Top Stories: Smart Speakers

Other important top stories of 2018 were the augmented reality, the getting rid of bezels, net neutrality and cybersecurity gimmicks.

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