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3 Issues With Microsoft

By on September 23, 2020

3 Issues With Microsoft


These are tricky times and there is a lot going on at every end, especially the political realm. What is evident is that there is some lack of information or credit card hacks or perhaps issues with Microsoft that everybody seem to be reporting. If you are using Microsoft, here are 3 issues with Microsoft that you should be taking care of.

What is obvious is that the hacks are coming from Russia, some China and a lot Iran. These hacks are coming before the US Presidential Election 2020 and the motive behind it seems to be to take out Trump and put Biden in and next to him Fauci or Clinton.

The Motive Behind The Hacks?

Trump doesn’t have a popular vote in America but this man has been at work. America might benefit from Fauci with Biden, Clinton with Biden more but Trump with Biden and everybody at work could make a good American team.

The concentration is the Presidential election and who’s watching it? The Russian hackers, who hacked the 2016 Democratic campaign as well. It is believed it is the Strontium group which have targeted 200 organizations. However, they have targetted both Republicans and Democrats.

While Microsoft has already reported the issue, the US intelligence community did the same and the latter’s news came after that.

Popular opinion says it is the Russian hackers along with the Chinese hackers. The aim, essentially is to take off information to ensure that the current administrations are blamed for not taking care of what is being stolen. Or to create propaganda for what is evident and obvious.

Is it serious?

Well, it couldn’t get more serious than this. This is information being taken off your eyes, literally, to not let Donald Trump come in or to disrupt America before it breeds a new election.

It seems like a villain is at work and a mighty force may save this from happening but it is quite serious.

What is evident in the hacks or 3 issues with Microsoft are the following:

1- Boot error on start up

2- D and E drive loading itself

3- D and E drive loading itself repeatedly

To Conclude

Irrespective, these concerns are serious and might be damaging a lot of computers. It may be serious for those who cant afford new laptops and negligible by those who hold many. Furthermore, these 3 issues with Microsoft could be a breach of data, it could be a breach of suspicion and it could be your entire laptop.

It is better if people pucker up and understand what is going on around them and also to start reporting it to finally understand the motive behind it and it is to ruin the Trump’s Administration.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

5 Top Things In Tech Today

By on June 22, 2020

5 Top Things In Tech Today

If you are a tech enthusiast, here are 5 Top Things In Tech that will literally shock you.

All of Trump’s doings.

1- Paid Advertising On Facebook Comes To A Halt

First things first. One of the 5 Top Things In Tech includes Facebook suffering at the hands of Trump.

Many popular brands such as REI, The North Face and Talkspace have stopped paid advertising on social giant Facebook after a US civil rights group led a boycott campaign.

Unfortunately, the boycott campaign comes from Trump. He is digging his own hole because as a President of The U.S., you can not interfere personally in any matters of any company. This is personal war so his days will be and are outnumbered.

2- Pinterest Gets Scrutinized

Another one of the 5 Top Things In Tech is that 11 Pinterest employees have revealed how the place was, as a place of work and perhaps, most of them revealed that the place was toxic and difficult to work at.

Facebook and Pinterest, therefore, and thereby go down the drain.

3- Nextdoor Ends Option To Share Concerns Directly With Local Law Enforcement

Social media giant Nextdoor revealed that it is ending a feature that permitted users to share their concerns directly with the law enforcement.

Nextdoor is a commonly criticized website. Looks like Donald Trump is fully at work.

4- Apple To Shut off Doors At Arizona, Florida, South Carolina etc.

Due to the high number of Covid-19 cases in Florida, Arizona, South Carolina and others, Apple has decided to shut off its stores in these respective states.

5- Apple’s WWDC On Monday To Announce Major Features

Sources reveal that Apple is going to announce some new updates at the Apple WWDC, which is today.

These include the big iPhone updates, the iOS 14, the new home screen layout, setting third party apps as default and so on.

In other news, Trump is literally giving a run to companies and people alike… And in this weather? Lets just thank God he met God’s stick!

Stay tuned.

What Is Going Around In The World: Breaking News

By on June 1, 2020

What Is Going Around In The World: Breaking News

Latest reports reveal that the world is in ‘loose control’. All hell will break loose if the current Premiers do not take care of the World System right away. There is a lot going on, say Floyd’s apparent murder and the riots in America, the Corona Upgrade and existential crisis, lack of money, money escaping hands, people on loose control, data APIs missing, lack of technology or technological support and others. Moreover, further, breaking news reveals the following:

Breaking News: Latest In News Around The World: June 1st, 2020.

1- Donald Trump asks Governors To Be Above Protesters To Control Loose Control: Read here.

2- Sewage Identified As One Of The Major Reasons Behind Corona Virus: Read here.

3- Protests Over Floyd Reach ‘Mayhem’: All Lives Matter. Read here.

4- Romanian PM Fined $600 For Being Lucid Amidst Men and Women: $600 is too low. Read here.

5- Lockdown In Pakistan Extended Till June 30 With Relaxations Though For Clearance The Last Time: Read here.

Breaking News: Tech Unveiled

6- Petty Politics In Pakistan Make People Bear The Fruit And Brunt Of It: Read here.

7- President the U.S. Till The End Of Time: Read here. A Very Wise Man Indeed.

8- The Apple Gear You Need For Your MacBook: Read here.

9- How Convenient: Mark Zuckerberg And His Occupation Strategy: Just A Glimpse Of His Sanity Or Perhaps Economics. “Uhuhaaa”: [Hooligans on the loose, who have never tasted life and are too afraid of losing it and henceforth, can’t move beyond their capacities: their stomachs and gut. #JonahHill]. Read here.

10- What experts think of flying: Read here.

11- Cyclone Nisarga Storms Into India’s West Coast: Read here.

12- Tropical Cyclone Amphan Shakes India and Bangladesh: Read here.

13- A 1980’s Pakistan In The Works: Pakistan In Shambles: Read here.

14- India Troops Blatantly Kill Kashmiris Across Borders’: Read here.

15- Psychosis Prevails America. Too Sad To Be True. Read here. (If Corona Wasn’t Enough).

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

How Long Will The Corona Lockdown Be?

By on May 19, 2020

How Long Will The Corona Lockdown Be?

Corona has shocked the world and while we still deal with the consequences of what has happened, now, we are trying to ‘move ahead’; if only we are able to. At the moment, a lot of people are interested in how long will the corona lockdown be? Well, the answer is it may take another 3-4 days for things to settle back into a state where decisions start being made ahead of the virus itself.

The impact of corona virus has been similar to the impact of 1980, 1955, and 1945 war, where everything went on a halt and everything stopped. Call it Hiroshima Nagasaki or something similar. Those wondering how long will the corona lockdown be should know that it is a ‘petty mistake’.

The ideology behind wars and corona is that first, man should rise above, second, there are a lot of men and women amongst us that are doing wrong.

Many people have associated the corona virus as a crisis that has never been felt before or perhaps one that is going to be the last in today’s eternity. That is the message, till they hoard and stock till the next 10 years.

Corona is a Conspiracy Theory.

If you think about it though and now we are on conspiracy theories;

Who gives these viruses a name, it is not coming out of the skies, nor can we blame Him as ‘corona’ as a ‘curse’. We believe in the notion of ‘everything is done’, ‘big money’ and ‘revenge’. (A sadist at work and for us to realize and rise up and fight).

Conspiracy theory is something that is there, not there and you don’t understand who’s doing it but it is consistent: and that is the works of dajjal and firaun. Something that is there, not there and there: the hidden and the concealed. The ponzi scheme essentially. Corona would fall under that.

Truth Behind Corona: No This Is Not An Average Man’s Sentiment; Otherwise You Are Getting Paid

While I have been writing on corona virus for a long time, corona restrictions are finally easing down. Restrictions have been lifted off of Afghanistan, China, India, Japan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and most importantly, Pakistan.

How Long Will The Corona Lockdown Be? Tech Unveiled

While we are a well-established blog, no one will believe what corona actually is.

Corona is the following:

  • Corona is a mixture of ‘ice’, ‘methamphetamine’, ‘women’s blood’ (laced with ‘ice’), men’s (spe**), spilled over restaurants, homes, on women themselves, on places that are already damaged (or in caustic recovery), men’s (c**) laced with ‘ice’, ‘women’s blood’, a mixture of again, ‘ice and methamphetamine’, with men stool, women (hair, especially of the one laced and iced with blood), and men’s (cu* or sper** again).
  • In relation and more so, men, women and children meat, with children’s genitals and women genitals and men genitals, mixed with polyphetamine, ‘ice’, ‘generic blood’ especially those of cancer and thyroid cancer-ridden patients and women’s blood especially their leakage that comes off when they are bleeding and leave off their internals’ mixtures, combined with stool, laced with a bit of gold, women blood again and men’s sperm again.

Corona is also in animals. When animals intake air that has carbon monoxide and women blood in it, animals become real and when they bite, men and women start transforming into animals.

As a result, corona not just sprang from the grown Pompeii in Afghanistan especially (for procuring chars) – but also on factories, refineries, on men and women (for crime rates of the current government; but to keep the low-class population spinning for havoc, and taking away their things (gold, clothes etc.).

No one could figure out what corona is right?

Corona has been an effort to demean the current governments, to take revenge (such that keeps everyone busy in havoc- Qayamat) and essentially to procure (drugs and money received for and by Muslim nations especially Pakistan as grant and recovery reliefs- “An insider job”.

The Corona Shock: And The Aftermath- Every ‘story’ Has A Beginning And An Ending

To Conclude

Corona has been a serious concern and corona lockdown is back again. We must all be careful and preside in Allah for mercy.

Till then, stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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Satire Comedy: The Top Four ‘Mains’ Of The World

By on July 16, 2019

Satire Comedy: The Top Four ‘Mains’ Of The World

We’re talking about satire comedy and there are only a few things that come to mind.

The globel theory is Trump and the real theory is Slump.

Let’s start with:

THE SATIRE: Mr. Donald Trump.


If we are talking about Trump, all he needs is attention.

Whether it is bad ‘attention’ or ‘good’ attention, learn that both attentions are harmful. And everybody loves attention.

Moreover, in satire comedy, which is probably who he really is, satting on fire, tiring in flame, losing control, and playing the blame game, Donald Trump is someone not to toy with.

Trump is a popular man and he is the President of the United States of America till the next 3.25 years (till his 5 year presidency completes), with Mr. Biden. (Prediction: Tech Unveiled).

Losing Control Satire: 2nd is Donald Trump Jr.

Jr. likes to call himself Jr. because ‘he’s so cool’ [read his Twitter; you’ll understand how he writes].

Jr is a pretty reasonable guy, though the Trump’s have been put to shame by the Asians especially Muslims (only the ones running the world). Donald Trump Jr. is probably going to take care of America’s technology and techware systems in Trump’s continued presidency and lets hope the world benefits from America’s trade as well.

Fully Satire: 3rd is Ms. Ivanka Trump:

Ivanka Trump is a pretty face with a lot of guts. She is behind Trump’s A-Game without the game of course. While the Trump’s don’t have the popular vote in America, these stooges might be in for a pleasant ride because there is no immediate substitute. Remember that if you are coming in as a President, there is an overhaul in the system and no country can afford that now, especially not during the middle of the year.

Things will slow down if there is a change in Presidency so Ivanka is a face that we might be seeing for the next 3.5 years as well, as the daughter of the United States of America.

Definitely Satire: Fourth one is the Queen.

The British Royal Family is a catch. The Queen is the Royal Dignity off which the British Royal Family still has a standing on and off. Otherwise, ‘its shambles’.

Queen Elizabeth might have had a tough year with normal day paparazzi movements against Prince Harry and Meghan in particular but truth be told, Queen is here to stay and slay. Wait till she finds out what Boris Johnson has been doing behind her back.

Satire: Speculation

There is some crazy speculation that there has been some divine intervention that has stopped these ‘goons’ from celebrating their daily christmas.

News is also abuzz that things will stop but things will take time.

Stay tuned for these paradoxical updates at Tech Unveiled.

Macron And Trump Play Battle Of Taxes

By on July 12, 2019

Macron And Trump Play Battle Of Taxes

It seems like a battle of taxes between Europe and US this time. It was revealed that Macron has put 3% digital tax on big tech companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook.

The essential problem is that United States has levied a big bomb on France and France has reacted right away.

Reports reveal that France is content with the digital side of the economy, and that makes up a good size of the total world economy.

The new tax bomb on Trump on France (See: Macron), on Thursday, was a huge surprise for the man in question. In reaction to this, Bruno Le Maire sent a clear message to Trump, saying that they have to react to about 3% of their revenue.

France is making its over very decisions.

Similarly, France’s finance minister revealed that they decide their very own tax rules. However, on a similar hand, UK released its own draft proposal for increasing digital services tax by 2%.

If we put things straight, we can surely say that Europe is flying over towards Japan and Japan is at a standstill at the moment, for China to cover up the loss from the United States of America. Other than that, Brexit seems relatively and slightly low but current moves and status show that things are haywire.

Mayhem Or Chaos?

France has chosen to go for a uni lateral approach. They think that the digital tax will back fire. The cause, they say, will effect consumers and smaller businesses. However, the truth is that these mini sharks are playing with the biggest shark.

France has no other option to put taxes on its economy for the companies established there, whereas Apple has no other choice to break free from this momentum and choose to slip ahead.

Lastly, the laughing stock is the United States of America, because in satire, you idiot, trade is two way; if you are making economies suffer if you are stopping their food, comedy, fun, happiness, and tears, it sure as hell seems that  America’s days are over.

However, the end result is that because of one party, there is so much cohesive and collective damage that everybody goes in a state of a loss.

Every cycle of give and take changes and then ultimately, the consumer suffers, for an increase in price will cause a decrease in demand. And even if some demand of it is fulfilled, there will be greater losses because the taxes will already be there.


It is a never ending chain, it seems, but only for the ones who are playing it. Ideally, leave the gains, leave it for collective goods and let people talk and come to you. That is a fair trade and an agreement.

Essentially, this is Trump at work and his hope is that everything is there and he has time to choose and decide. But no and though because if you are starting fire, you have to ignite it otherwise it will come to you and nobody will be able to hide it.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Trump Wants 6G Technology All To Himself

By on February 24, 2019

Trump Wants 6G Technology All To Himself

In a series of new tweets, Donald Trump has called on companies in the U.S. to find solutions for 5G and 6G technology. While 5G is available in America, he is now on 6G, while most of America doesn’t even know how to deal with themselves.

In his latest move, which he revealed on Twitter, he is trying to make sure that 6G technology leads the way and he wants it all to himself.

While it may take time for 6G technology to bear fruit, Trump is JUST on the go.

On Thursday morning, President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump wrote on Twitter, “I want 5G and 6G technology in the US asap”.

It’s like a baby yearning for his mama.

Trump: Tech Unveiled

While commenting further, he said he wants it to be powerful, faster and higher than the current standards. Furthermore, he said that American companies should assess and step up their efforts otherwise they will be left behind.

Essentially, Trump wants the best of technology and the best of technology is mostly escalating to 5G and 6G technology.

What Does DonaldTrump Want?

Trump is eyeing technology at the moment as he takes a look at it further. He’s put most least developed countries to shame and is escalating now at the speed of science. However, he forgets to realize that… Well, nevermind, its Trump anyways.

He essentially wants everything to himself, the U.S. to lead the way and then for others to follow the league and for U.S. to lead the way. I think China is biting him in the butt too much and he is taking out his frustration on China and then the world.

Finland’s Schedule

President Trump’s tweets came after Finland’s schedule to hold the biggest mobile event in the world and next week.

While the rest of the economies are trying to get 5G technology, the President of the U.S. is on 6G. 6G technology is the latest and forthcoming technology.

Well, the truth is that 6G technology is not coming forth till another few years. Trump, then, at least is talking for he is saying the first word for ideas and essentially, marking a footprint, then that he said it first.

Trump, its not a race. This is life. People can live without 6G, let the world experiment with 5G first. Trump and his shenanigans.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.