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5 Tips For Buying The Right Stocks

By on December 25, 2020

5 Tips For Buying The Right Stocks

If you are a stock investor who is looking to invest, here are 5 tips for buying the right stocks.


The stock market can become a very tricky place if you do not have the right means or measures to use it or cope with it.

As a beginner, you will easily get lost in the market, which is full of shares, stock prices, options, stock holders, stock names, companies, derivatives and others.

Therefore, it is important to know what you are getting into before you start investing. If you are looking to invest in stocks, here are 5 tips for buying the right stocks.

1- Know The Stock Market

The first step to start investing is to know the stock market. Before you invest, you should know the market you are investing in. The market will be of the country you are based in unless you are a foreign investor who has access to foreign markets. By your country profile, check which markets you are eligible for and then start investing.

2- Choosing The Right Trading Platform

There are many trading platforms out there from which you can start investing in. Trading platforms include forex, CFD trading, MetaTrader 4,, and others. Choose the right platform to start trading. You always choose the platform according to your country. Furthermore, you cannot start trading unless you are a part of a platform. So choose your pick wisely.

3- Invest A Certain Amount Of Money

Another one of the 5 tips for buying the right stocks is to invest a certain amount of money in the trading platform to start investing. Moreover, you cannot just get started on and in investing.

Furthermore, you need to invest a certain amount of money to start investing. You can achieve that by checking the minimum amount of money that you need to invest in an exchange before you get started.

4- Choose Your Stock Picks Wisely

Another one of the 5 Tips For Buying The Right Stocks is to choose your stock picks wisely. Contrary to popular belief, it is not right or wise to buy popular stocks such as Facebook, Apple or Google immediately. If you are getting started, you start with the small to mid-cap stocks, especially if you are on a budget. Furthermore, if you are making up your investor basket, it should contain a mixture of stocks such as certain small-cap stocks, certain mid-cap stocks, and certain high cap stocks.

Search up on stocks that are part of the bigger and right industries and those that produce products or services that are long-lasting. Look at their long term reports, financial reports, long term plans, dividend returns, and profit returns. Don’t JUST invest. Read, review, and then invest.

5- Start Investing And Be Patient

Once you are through with this, you start investing. When it comes to investing, it is important to be patient in the process.

Invest smaller amounts first and then go for bigger amounts. Choose your stocks wisely. For instance other than stocks, you can also invest in options, exchange traded funds, commodities and others. Choose your pick wisely.

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Facebook (FB): Why Is Facebook Stock Still A Buy?

By on December 20, 2020

Facebook (FB): Why Is Facebook Stock Still A Buy?

Facebook stock (NASDAQ: FB) is priced at $276.40 today. What makes it a good and recommended buy is its consistent performance in the last one year or so.

Moreover, what can be attributed to Facebook’s success is its strength and stronghold, especially in the corona pandemic. This happened when more people resorted to online mediums for communication than before.

Facebook Stock’s Success

Furthermore, what can also be attributed to Facebook’s success is the fact that the corona pandemic is going to take much more time to ‘end’ and Facebook is going to be the prime mode of online communication amongst masses, where people stick at home to work.

Its stock, therefore, is going to rise. Facebook is also going to gain because of eCommerce ad growth, which is going to be high in the coming months, especially during Christmas.

Moreover, according to the analysts that cover Facebook stock, 42 have given it a Buy rating, and 6 rate it as hold which is pretty obvious to realize that its status is buy.

The company has a price target of $327.32, which shows a 15% return from its price on Tuesday. Its shares have gained significantly this year (by 41%), as the benchmark S&P 500 index rose by 20%. (More on S&P 500 index).

Furthermore, amongst other reasons to buy Facebook stock is the fact that it has a 52 week period- price target of $316.87 which shows that Facebook stock is going to rise in the coming months.

Facebook Stock Conclusion

Facebook’s stock has been stable and is a must add in your investor basket, especially if you want something concrete in volatile times.

Facebook is leading the ‘big tech groups‘ and has a lot more to gain in the months to come which keeps it in good books.

Stay tuned.

Amazon, Apple, Google And Facebook Report Groundbreaking Sales Despite Tech Backlash

By on October 30, 2020

Amazon, Apple, Google And Facebook Report Groundbreaking Sales Despite Tech Backlash

The corona pandemic has made it tough for companies to survive and tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook hold no exception. There is a lot going on, on many fronts and most of it is not pretty. High competition and fierce demand and supply constraints have already made it hard for companies to survive. However, despite big tech backlash, tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook have reported groundbreaking sales.

Some of the most commonly reported issues that Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon have been dealing with are anti trust issues, tongue lashing and fierce competition, amongst the corona pandemic already. However, these four companies that make up a large portion of the tech world have still performed really well. This is something worthy of appraise and acknowledgement.

While Alphabet Inc. Google dealt with anti-trust charges, users boycotted Facebook and increased probe of Apple Inc. On the other hand, Amazon dealt with government regulators and news media, on the whole, really challenged all four of these companies. Other problems include regulatory scrutiny and congressional tongue lashing.

All of this proved to be secondary though when Big Tech giants reported ground breaking sales. On the stock exchange, Apple (AAPL) was 3.70% higher, Amazon (AMZN) was 1.52% higher, Facebook (FB) was +4.91 higher and Alphabet GOOGL was 3.05% higher and GOOG was 3.33% higher. Moreover, their reported record quarterly revenue was also higher.

Profit And Revenue

The total revenue for these four giants was $5.3 trillion. It valued at $220.28 billion last quarter. Furthermore, Amazon, Google and Facebook, all three reported double digit revenue growth except for Apple, which only produced best September quarter sales in its history, whereas all three had best quarterly total revenues.

The performance of all these four giants is better than the last quarter, when they reported a total revenue of $200 billion and profit of $29 billion.

All four companies performed well. However, the only problem was a jitteriness in few areas which led to a slide recline in revenue. Otherwise, revenues would’ve been higher. Some of these problems included a jittery outlook for Facebook, lack of forecast at Apple, Google shares declining during late trading and finally, Apple’s projection of outsize spending on important Covid-19 issues.

What’s Ahead

Things will be meek and bleak in the time to come. Costs will be higher in the holiday season. Amazon believes it will see a hike in productivity with added safety features for its employees, longer breaks for them and revised social distancing practices.

Facebook, on the other hand, will be under jeopardy, for times ahead will be tricky. Their CEO is already talking about fears of a social unrest after the U.S election. Facebook shares may rise but due to privacy concerns and tough times ahead, Facebook will have to be very cautious about its spending so it can gain back from revenues.

Moreover, Apple, which saw a 28.8% decline in revenue in China, didn’t have it easy but still performed in the corona pandemic. There is a lot coming up for Apple ahead and its new iPhones may add to its glory. The new phones are different in many/most capacities and their CEO is optimistic about a positive future ahead. He added that he is bullish on this cycle but hopes for a better run in the next.

Finally, for Alphabet’s Google, their search business returned to strength in its online ads and YouTube. Most people connected through social media during the pandemic and therefore, companies such as Google benefited. There are tough times ahead but all four companies are hopeful.

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Stock Market Outlook This Friday

By on July 29, 2020

Stock Market Outlook This Friday

Stock Market Outlook This Friday. Things seem awkward as big tech giants are supposed to reveal their earnings this Friday. After the markets close this Thursday, four out of the five FAAMG stocks will report their June quarter results. These include Facebook (at 6:00 pm ET), Amazon (AMZN) at 5:30 pm ET, Apple at 5:00 pm ET and Google/Alphabet at 4:30 pm ET. The one tech giant that will be missing from revealing its earnings this Friday will be Microsoft.

However, since these four names are the ones that are leading the industry, investors and stockholders are hooked to their laptops and phones to realize what is going to go on in the stock market.

The Stock Market

What is interesting is that not only with stock owners benefit from the gains and losses of these four companies. In fact, the truth is that these four make up to 17% of the S&P 500 value and 40% of the Nasdaq 100.

Combined with Microsoft, these five companies hold a huge share of the S&P 500 increase.

Furthermore, because of their outlook and growth rates, it is true that all of these four companies are trading above the S&P 500’s PE multiple of 25x on this year’s earnings and 19.6x on 2021 earnings.

Q2 Earnings: Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google

What is true is that Q2 earnings of these four companies will be watched carefully by investors and stock holders for the following reasons:

  1. Investors were unsure and markets were volatile in the first quarter of the year due to the corona pandemic.
  2. Since the corona pandemic caused a lot of disturbance and uncertainty in the markets, people were reluctant to invest and gave benefit of doubt to these companies.
  3. People will be hooked to Q2 earnings because it might actually include the full impact of Covid-19 and give directive for Q3 and Q4, which will be more competitive and tough.

Amongst these companies, here is how each performed in 2020:

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB)

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) stock gained 13.9% till July 27 against S&P 500 1.4% return.

Wall Street is expecting a Revenue of $16.9 billion as a Q2 2019 result for the company and $17.4 billion for Wall Street’s Q2 2020 Consensus estimate. It also predicts a YOY change of 3%.

Secondly, as far as Facebook earnings are concerned, then Wall Street predicts a Q2 2019 result of $0.91, $1.39 Q2 2020 consensus estimate and 53% YOY change.

Stock Market Outlook This Friday: Tech Unveiled

 Wall Street also expects Facebook’s EPS to jump by 53% by year over year basis.

Facebook has had a tough year but it made a lot of efforts in the last 6 months despite the corona epidemic and security concerns. Thereby, its shares stood in green in the last 6 months. Today, its shares stand at $230.12.

Amazon (AMZN)

Stock Market Outlook This Friday will also include Amazon (AMZN) Inc. revealing its earnings.

Through July 27, Amazon shares were higher by 65.7%. Investors have driven Amazon shares higher on optimism because they were of the opinion that online e-shopping will be at its peak in the corona pandemic and it was. In the first quarter of the year, that was the truth.

Investors are hopeful of more in the 2nd quarter for Facebook.

Furthermore, Amazon’s revenue is expected to be $63.4 billion (its Q2 2019 results), $75-81 billion, its Amazon’s Q2 2020 Guidance, 18%-28% (it’s projected YOY change), $81.1 billion, its Q2 2020 Consensus Estimate and 28% it’s YOY projected change.

Its EPS is expected to be $5.22 in the 2nd quarter of the year.

 Q1, Amazon’s revenue rose by 26% (YOY) to $75.45 billion, topping $75.45 billion.

Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) shares are valued at $3,000.33.

Alphabet Inc.

Stock Market Outlook This Friday will also include Alphabet Inc. revealing its earnings.

This year, Alphabet’s shares (NASDAQ: GOOGL) are up by 14.5 % (Class A) and 14.4% Class C through July 27. (Google is Alphabet’s parent company).

Wall Street expects a revenue of $38.9 billion in revenue (its Q2 2019 results) and $37.4 billion its Q2 2020 Consensus Estimate, and a 4% Projected Change (YOY).

Its earnings per share were $14.21 (Q2 2019 Result), $8.23 (Q2 2020 Consensus Estimate) and 42% (its Projected Change YOY).

Stock Market Outlook This Friday: Tech Unveiled

To Conclude

According to analysts expectations, Alphabet’s revenue will slightly contract because of a drop in ad sales. Furthermore, because of the world economy shut down in Q2.

In Q1, Alphabet’s revenue increased by 13% (YOY) to $41.2 billion. By March-April, Alphabet too was down but today, its shares stand at $1,503.65.

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Why Should You Choose Ufone Sasta Package?

By on June 28, 2020

Why Should You Choose Ufone Sasta Package?

“Ufone Sasta Package” is an interesting offering by Ufone, though a good one. Using it for about 2-3 months now, I have realized how convenient and useful it is.

If you are in Pakistan and want to try out the Sasta Package, I’d suggest you do.

What Does The Ufone-SastaPackage Offer?

With the Ufone Sasta Package, you get access to 180 Off-Net Minutes, Unlimited Facebook with 2000 MBs, Unlimited U-U and PTCL limits, 4200 SMS. You can subscribe to the bundle by dialing *250#.

If you are a technology enthusiast, the Internet on this package might not be enough. However, you can subscribe to other bundles and keep the Sasta Package too.

Ufone: Tech Unveiled

Personal Experience

After using the ‘Sasta Package’, I realized how good it is.

It essentially fulfills your needs for a whole month, without you having to spend any penny or money above it.

It is convenient, reliable and there is absolutely no excessive charges or leakages from your account with the Sasta Package.

For those who have a habit of SMS and calls, this package will suffice duly and efficiently. It is also not that bad for active Internet users, for you get unlimited access to Facebook and with that, you get 2000 MBs data for monthly use. However, don’t worry about it because you can subscribe to another package with the Sasta Package when you want.

Overall, the Sasta Package is one that is worthy of your time and attention.

Ufone Sasta Gold Package

Ufone has recently come with another ‘Ufone Sasta Gold Package‘, which offers 12 GB data including 7GB for Facebook, unlimited U-U & U-PTCL minutes, SMS and 300 off-net min.

Both are good, however, if you had a choice, you’d want to stick with the latter one because with a difference of 400 to 500 rs. you get almost double of what you subscribe for.

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5 Top Things In Tech Today

By on June 22, 2020

5 Top Things In Tech Today

If you are a tech enthusiast, here are 5 Top Things In Tech that will literally shock you.

All of Trump’s doings.

1- Paid Advertising On Facebook Comes To A Halt

First things first. One of the 5 Top Things In Tech includes Facebook suffering at the hands of Trump.

Many popular brands such as REI, The North Face and Talkspace have stopped paid advertising on social giant Facebook after a US civil rights group led a boycott campaign.

Unfortunately, the boycott campaign comes from Trump. He is digging his own hole because as a President of The U.S., you can not interfere personally in any matters of any company. This is personal war so his days will be and are outnumbered.

2- Pinterest Gets Scrutinized

Another one of the 5 Top Things In Tech is that 11 Pinterest employees have revealed how the place was, as a place of work and perhaps, most of them revealed that the place was toxic and difficult to work at.

Facebook and Pinterest, therefore, and thereby go down the drain.

3- Nextdoor Ends Option To Share Concerns Directly With Local Law Enforcement

Social media giant Nextdoor revealed that it is ending a feature that permitted users to share their concerns directly with the law enforcement.

Nextdoor is a commonly criticized website. Looks like Donald Trump is fully at work.

4- Apple To Shut off Doors At Arizona, Florida, South Carolina etc.

Due to the high number of Covid-19 cases in Florida, Arizona, South Carolina and others, Apple has decided to shut off its stores in these respective states.

5- Apple’s WWDC On Monday To Announce Major Features

Sources reveal that Apple is going to announce some new updates at the Apple WWDC, which is today.

These include the big iPhone updates, the iOS 14, the new home screen layout, setting third party apps as default and so on.

In other news, Trump is literally giving a run to companies and people alike… And in this weather? Lets just thank God he met God’s stick!

Stay tuned.

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

By on September 29, 2019

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

Facebook has created a new digital currency and its name is Libra. With partnership with Visa, PayPal, Stripe, Mercado Pago. Furthermore, these merchants will be accepting Libra.

Moreover, other tech companies on board with Facebook for Libra include eBay, Uber, Lyft and Mercado Pago.

Overall, Libra seems pretty solid because Facebook will also be introducing a new digital wallet with it called Calibra. People will be able to exchange and store the currency as well in a safer way. The mission will be done with and through Facebook apps.

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

What Is Libra The Cryptocurrency?

Libra will be introduced during the 1st half of the coming year. The currency will be run by the Libra Association which is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The whole aim of the cryptocurrency is to be accessible, secure and then be stable. It has also been announced that Libra cryptocurrency will be backed by the Government’s money.

Libra Doesn’t Look That Solid

It is apparent that to make Libra legit, there might be serious problems. It seems to me that Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook COO is trying to come up with a one-stop solution for digital currency.

This means that Facebook is trying to secure a name in the cryptocurrency industry by the name of Libra and then support it with all sorts of other mechanisms including digital wallets and currencies.

The gimmick and trick by Facebook here with the cryptocurrency is that they are going to come up with a one-stop solution, the cryptocurrency itself (aka: Libra) and then come up with a well-rounded solution such as the Digital Wallet to support it and so the money goes back to Facebook itself with its detrimental exchange rates on and for the app. Close?

The idea is that Libra will be a secure way of exchanging money, payments and other business activities by a complete solution online.

Furthermore, and lastly, with the new cryptocurrency, Libra, being backed by monetary exchanges with government money, a solid backing and great support, America might be in for a pleasant ride with Libra;

‘A secure and digital way of monetizing your payments and solutions (complete and secure with AI) to facilitate buy and sell exchange’ online.

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

However, with a new conference in March 2020 on Libra, it is apparent that Libra might not bear fruit.

Moreover, if Facebook’s current CEO-ship changes where the COO comes in to change the leadership and the existing political situation changes so that we have a new President in The U.S. and things change across the globe.

However, not that The U.S. is in a good place or its citizens, really!

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Security Breach: Facebook Privacy Leaks (TechUnveiled)

Security App: Health/Fitness Apps Breach Your Privacy

By on March 4, 2019

Security Concerns: Be mindful of fitness and health apps:

Your privacy and security is being preached and leaked!

According to market watchers, that is and should be the prime concern of individuals. For many than most.

Apparently, fitness and health apps are tracking pretty much everything from the end user and security users as well: Literally, everything!

Everything is being tracked these days and this is not good for your privacy.

Statistics Reveal The Following:

According to a report by Wall Street Journal (Image), Facebook (FB 2.18%) is being scrutinised for it was confirmed that it is taking away your private information without you knowing at the end.

And reports reveal… That it IS sensitive information that is being sent out and things or this doesn’t seem right.

Tips To Remember:

If you get a hunch that they are stealing your information, you MUST take care of yourself. However, easier said than done because… there’s no way out of it either.

Key point to remember here is:

Whenever you think there is a problem, remember these key points:

  1. Read the conditions closely.
  2. Make sure you read it as you would read a doctor’s prescription.
  3. Read this information closely before they agree to the terms and conditions: Make sure you are careful before hitting agree.

Without a proper agreement and without reading carefully, you will definitely have to read the agreement and sign it before you sign away your data privacy. (This is the security breach you must take care of).

You also have to make sure that you sign it before it breaches in your privacy.

Key point to remember here is that you also have to make sure that you research before you download an application. Make sure whichever app you download, you research on it first and then get it.

Moreover, if the app has a reliable operation and reputation, make sure you get it.

Very Interesting Security Insight

According to an interesting insight, Period App Flo, Facebook knew exactly how many times a person was having their periods. It is a privacy policy that alerts users that data will be shared.

Interestingly, according to your reports, your security data is being shared by almost 9 different companies, for at least Flo including Google (GOOG -0.39% at the current moment (According to MarketWatch) and Twitter (TWTR -1.05%).

Essentially, your data is being shared all the time and it is a scary thought.

What you need to do and ensure is that you read the terms and conditions before you sign into an app. And see if you disagree, you can get into an app properly and read its terms and conditions properly before you sign into a reliable app all over again.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

Facebook CEO: Mark Zuckerberg

‘Grand Committee’ Set To Probe Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

By on October 31, 2018

‘Grand Committee’ Set To Probe Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

It clearly seems like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (now the owner of WhatsApp too) is in deep scrutiny.

Moreover, it appears that the UK-Canada joint ‘grand committee’ is urging Mark Zuckerberg to appear before them to answer certain questions.

According To Reports/Media

According to several reports, the Parliamentary Committees in Canada and Britain are both pleading Zuckerberg to testify. This will take place before a joint hearing of international lawmakers. The idea behind the scrutiny is to examine fake news and the Internet as a whole.

Facebook CEO: Mark Zuckerberg.
Facebook CEO: Mark Zuckerberg.

Look, here’s the thing:

On Facebook, there’s a lot of news and media being shared and not all of it is true. In fact, most of what we read today is highlighted for one’s own motives and reasons. A lot of it is fake news too!

So, now, a UK-Canadian grand committee is now urging Facebook Mark Zuckerberg to come before the court and answer their queries.

Probe Into Facebook Never Stops!

Head of the UK parliament joint committee, Damian Collins, is also joining forces with his counterparts in Canada for this motive. The idea is to pressurize the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to attend the hearings as he did before the European Parliament and US congress too.

The joint committee session is due to take place on November 27. It is being hosted by a grand committee. Other parliaments will also be attending it.

However, Collins did acknowledge that it is not possible for the Facebook CEO to be a part of every meeting or session. Moreover, they feel that he is accountable for what his organisation is contributing to other countries. For that reason, they want him to be a part of it personally.

Facebook CEO: Mark Zuckerberg.
Facebook CEO: Mark Zuckerberg.

Problems With Facebook

Facebook is always under the radar for more than one reason.

This time, Mark Zuckerberg is being urged by the parliamentary forces in UK-Canada to be answerable for his actions. Moreover, and for what his site, Facebook is doing, posting and spreading.

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Latest WhatsApp Update: Stickers.

Latest WhatsApp Update To Introduce New Stickers

By on October 29, 2018

Latest WhatsApp Update To Introduce New Stickers

It has been revealed that WhatsApp is about to get new stickers finally! The latest WhatsApp update will be bringing a lot more to the app than there already is.

Want to find out what is in the new update?

Keep Reading!

According to WABetaInfo, the new feature will let users share stickers or other cute images on WhatsApp directly. More informative, more expressive.

The new features will grace the app through the 2.18.329 update for Android or 2.18.100 update for iOS.

In fact, what they are saying is that the stickers are being rolled out in different phases.

You might be lucky to have already have it!

If you want to try or see if you have the latest update with stickers, head on the emoji icon. You will see 3 icons at the bottom; emoji, GIF and stickers.

Latest WhatsApp Update: Stickers (courtesy: WABetaInfo)
Latest WhatsApp Update: Stickers (courtesy: WABetaInfo)

Next is to pick up a sticker pack from the WhatsApp Stickers Store and then download it.

The latest update is here and it’s bringing a lot to your app!

It also seems to appear that you can send more than one sticker at a time while you are at it.

Latest WhatsApp Update: Stickers
Latest WhatsApp Update: Stickers

WABetainfo has further revealed that there will be 12 sticker packs with Bimbimbap Friends, Komo (a dinosaur).

Essentially, they will be like the ones you have on your Facebook. However, other stickers are going to come to WhatsApp too!

Through the latest WhatsApp update, you can get the stickers pack free of charge.

Some users shared the new stickers from the latest update and trust me, they aren’t bad.

Furthermore and moreover, WhatsApp has a lot to offer and sources reveal that WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook might have a lot of new surprises coming ahead.

Stay Tuned For More Updates