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3 Great Tips To Boost Your Fiverr Account

By on November 8, 2018

3 Great Tips To Boost Your Fiverr Account

Heads up Fiverr enthusiasts! If you like freelancing like me or ARE a freelancer, trust that I know how good it feels to make money at home. But what’s even better is to be able to put your passion to use through ease and comfort.

Fiverr isn’t easy. It’s simple and comfortable. It has a great interface. It works well. All those things. But Fiverr is not easy.

I say this for many reasons.


Whereas making an account on Fiverr is easy and its quite simple to register yourself there, and while it is also comfortable to start posting gigs there, TRUST, that even that might not work sometimes.

Many times, you might just upload 7-8 gigs and get nothing in return; no orders, no nothing.


There are still many ways to get across the platform, get some orders and make some money off the website.

Without further-a-do then, here are 5 amazing tips to get you started on Fiverr.

Show some activity on your account

This might be a tough one on some hearts. However, if you want to excel at Fiverr, you should try to show some activity on your account. Make some momentum. Start SELLING but if you can be a buyer too, spend some money so your profile gets SOME momentum and movement.

The minute your profile gets some boost, it will start gaining some attraction and that’s how you have a higher chance of getting more orders!

Get your Buyers To Always Leave A (Positive Feedback)

Alright so, once you get an order and you successfully complete it, the buyer will accept it. However, he either has a choice of accepting the order, asking you to modify it or accept it and leave a review.

Make sure that you do your best. Do the best on your part and then leave it for the platform to strategically place your profile high in its rankings.

Positive reviews are the BEST way to get more orders. It’s the ideal way. Magic happens when you get more orders, trust me, it does! Though, that might give birth to the whole notion of how to get your first order to get the first review. However, that’s another topic and we might shed some light on that later for now.

But, tip no.1 is coherent with tip no.2 in a way that you should try that your profile gains some momentum on Fiverr. Once it does, rest will be magic.

Second and Third

Lastly, tip no.3 for this platform is to do your best! Make sure that you provide excellent services because this platform is a SERIOUS business. It’s not a fluke, there are no scams. In fact, scammers do get blocked instantly by Fiverr itself if it suspects any suspicious activity.

Also, note that Fiverr always has an eye or a (Secret) eye on every activity going on on the platform. Honestly, if you ask me, they ALWAYS know what’s going on. They will condemn, warn and eventually ban any mis-endeavour, outside promotion, false information or any kind of suspicious activity on your tag.

There are other important tips you must keep in mind before you use Fiverr.

  • Being extra careful when using Hashtags.
  • Be nice about the pictures/images you use
  • Keep it professional
  • Be careful about your English
  • Be grammatically correct
  • Offer services that are in demand (there is a way of checking which ones are in high demand on Fiverr honestly. There is also a way of checking those services on Fiverr (Hint: They are in pink and with them comes the word ‘new’).

To conclude:

Fiverr is an excellent platform for freelancers. The downside of the platform, however, is its fee structure. The company takes $1 on every order. So for a standard $5 order, you get $4. If you have a bigger order of say, $50, you will earn $40.

Though the platform is great, it comes with a price. Also, the ultimate formula of getting a proper ranking on Fiverr still remains a mystery. Honestly, it’s like the unknown. However, even we might get there as to what EXACTLY makes Fiverr work! Or The Perfect Formula For Being Successful On

Till now, use these 3 tips to get some luck on the platform. The upside is that once your account gets established and you rank higher (say become a level 2 seller), you will enjoy what happens after it.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Fiverr: All About Fiverr- TechUnveiled

Everything You Need To Know About Fiverr

By on November 7, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Fiverr (Part 1)

I made an account on one of the top freelancing websites, Fiverr, couple of years ago. However, after that, I didn’t stopped using it. The account was open for a while but unused and untouched. Few years later, when I needed ‘the money‘, I decided to give Fiverr a shot. Luckily, I remembered my account details so I just logged in and there it was:

A platform with a great and very useful interface designed specifically and truly for freelancers.

As I got started, I noticed some very positive things about Fiverr.

First, it is a great platform that can help you earn a steady source of income. Additionally, you can get started on it for free and without any charge. All you need to do is a simple registration. After that, you will be good to go. Then, after you verify your account via email verification, the next step is create ‘gigs’.

What are Gigs on

As you register on Fiverr as a SELLER, you have to advertise your services through what you call ‘gigs’ on the platform. Initially, you have a set number of gigs you can display. You can set up to 7 gigs in the start. However, as your status changes from beginner to Level 1 seller, you get to upload more gigs (say 15 at a time or some more).

Fiverr: All About Fiverr- TechUnveiled
Fiverr: All About Fiverr- TechUnveiled

However, the downside of Fiverr is that even after you post the gigs online, there is absolutely no confirmation that you will start getting orders. In fact, some users have reported to not get orders for months after registration. Some people have given up on it altogether.


The thing to note here is that on Fiverr, it is also a lot about LUCK.

If you get your first order, chances are your pace is going to improve overtime. Consistently and steadily but slowly and in some cases, very slowly.

The key point to remember here is:


To a large extent, getting orders on is more about the reviews and rankings on your profile than pictures and thumbnails.

Honestly, some Fiverr guides propose uploading proper CV type pictures on your profile. I don’t think that WILL NOT get you more orders. BUT. It is also likely that the proper profile picture doesn’t get you any orders.

I’ve seen people with simple pictures and name logos with 3000+ reviews. That means their gig has been ordered 3000+ times. Moreover, that only shows how much money you can make through and on Fiverr.

This is part 1 of “Everything You Need To Know About Fiverr“. Stay tuned for more updates.

In Part 2: We will cover:-

  • Fiverr gigs
  • Fiverr tips
  • Key points to remember

and much, much more.

Stay tuned and share, please! 😉