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  • How To Say No And Walk Away With It?

    How To Say No And Walk Away With It?

    It is quite easy to say No and people who do not understand the word No, coming from someone’s mouth, are those who are punishable by law. If you are in a situation where someone is after you and you are saying No and they are not deliberately comprehending, as they are not comprehending most of the ‘bad things’ you are saying by THEM, then here is what you need to do. Remember, we have GUANTANAMO Bay Bail Jail, which is made exclusively for those who do not understand a No, on the first term and word of apprehension, and you apprehend everything, and with the consequences of No release. That is the power of Talk and there is a power of TALK WITH FUN as well. So here is what you need to do… Read more at www.techunveiled.com.