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Self-Help: 3 Things To Do After Life Goes Back To Normal After Corona

By on August 7, 2020

Self-Help: 3 Things To Do After Life Goes Back To Normal After Corona

While the corona pandemic has really shaken everyone to its very core, there is life ahead. In this self-help article, we will explain 3 things to do or be mindful of when life goes back to normal after the corona pandemic.

What has gone has already passed but what is ahead is something that we should all be mindful of. This is where self-help comes in and the point of this article gets delivered.

What we can take as a lesson of the corona pandemic is to be mindful of others, to be careful of one’s emotion and self, to ensure everyone’s safety while and whereas ensuring ours and to be careful of our actions. This is not a land bestowed upon you by your forefathers, nor is it free will. If it is free will, you keep it to yourself because no one is asking for it. The idea is to be mindful and rest will follow through. After all, we have a divine purpose by innation and that should be our motive in life than else where and alls’ where.

Self-Help: For Corona Tech Unveiled

Another To Take Responsibility

One person is objectionable and actionable by every objection and action for each and everything that he or she does on this land. Times have changed. Following the corona pandemic, one will realize how important it is to be mindful of the self, that everything is internal (this is the secret) and that to be careful of ourselves for other’s selves’ as well.

Reports suggest that things are ‘resorting back to normalcy’ following the corona pandemic. It will take time, it will be slow but things will go back to normal. (Read: How to stay normal).

If you are someone who has a little bit of sanity and humanity left in them, here are 3 things to do after life goes back to normal after the corona pandemic:

3 Things To Do After Life Goes Back To Normal After Corona

  1. To be cautious of others, to be mindful of what you are wearing, eating, and passing, to follow ethics and be considerate of everyone who is around you.
  2. To realize that no one’s life revolves around yours. That every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Moreover, to think that humanity suggests that one’s nature is to help, save so never go against nature to destroy someone’s self because it will create an opposite and equal reaction and it will come biting you in the butt. To be Mindful Of Others. (Think of Karma if you go in the wrong).
  3. Start wondering what you are doing, to realize that it is not free will, to realize that your godforsaken attitudes will not take you anywhere. If you are living with someone, you just can’t call it off or just say yes or no according to yourself. You should have been the same when something initiated as well as you are when it is ending. You are liable to someone once you initiate an exchange with them and your actions will always have an equal and opposite reaction. This land is as much as yours as ours and there is no such thing as free will. (Islam)
  4. Worry and feel for the other, to respect the other, to have sanity in yourself, to not play with someone’s emotions and to realize that everything is not about you and no one’s lives revolve around you after a certain point. Life is bigger than this. Smaller actions translate into bigger actions and words and a small kindness can go a long way.

There are all kinds of people in this world. The biggest lesson that corona can teach us is to stay in our limits. Furthermore, to never transgress and to ensure that you don’t wrong a soul and that His revenge is the best. After all, if man takes revenge, why won’t He? (For patience).

Self-Help: Corona Pandemic: Tech Unveiled

Life Is Simple: Don’t Complicate It For Yourself Or Others

Life is better if simple. Self-help is necessary to check you self. Whether it be loose stomachs to back aches, to feeling bad to feeling good, to going in depression, corona brought everything to the table. Next time, it will bring the one who did it to the table.

May we all be protected by His mercy though once things start opening, we find the right way of doing things, be mindful that there are all kinds of people in the world (iblis is there too) and that people have to be stopped once gone out of control with you or if transgressed you and if they don’t stop then you take every action to ensure they are stopped in all mighty capacities.

Be Mindful: Do Good And Good Will Come To You

Remember that life is as simple as e=mc2 so be mindful. To do good and good will come to you and all processes will follow suit.

You really don’t know what will happen next. Therefore, then, how can you ensure something while seated on your guts that haven’t moved in a long, long time and while.

Finally, if there is a lesson after corona is to be clean, to have a lot of water, to check your breath, to check your body, to check your systems, to check your surroundings, to check your appearances, to be mindful, to ensure your safety above anyone else’s and to be sure of your actions because every action indeed does have an equal and opposite reaction.

Hope this self-help article helps and stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

How Should You Lead Your Life

By on June 27, 2020

How Should You Lead Your Life


Life can become a bitter place. There are very few people who are loyal. Loyal is your blood and they are your best interest at heart. However, since they are your blood, they will never want ‘bad’ for you. Life can become a mess if you are around bad people. It can become challenging if you don’t stop, realize and make decisions for yourself. Trust me when I say that there is absolutely no one who is going to stand by you; whether it be good times or bad, except your blood.

People judge. The judgment is in the eye and it is for you. This can be translated into His love for His eternal beings. Hence, we as humans have that capacity in us to judge and discern. All judgments by us are for our sanity. Call Him God or Allah, He is the one who puts it in the hearts of all. I’d stick with Allah so we stick with his mini aide, God himself.

Remember that this life is for you. Be it your friends or family, I don’t think anyone will be loyal to you except themselves and for themselves, you. We must discern, think and realize in order to understand that we don’t live by the day. What we live by is forever’. We should have something in mind. We should always choose the right path and think of ourselves, for our lives ahead.

What Should You Understand

These are different brackets of life when you think and say you are going to be there for the other and what not. However, the truth is that you only stand for your family (your parents and your children). Even your husband is not your sincere, not even by the common or innate law of discipline so who will be.

Everything starts with you and ends with you. You should make sure that you work yourself towards progression, faith and discipline. For that, you must ensure that you are loyal towards yourself. Do things that are in your best interest, believe in the good, do good for people, make yourself understand that tomorrow is another day and realize that you are going to be there 10 years from now, so learn, practice, prepare and think of the future.

Never stop for anyone as this life is a ‘journey’ and a journey that should be spent in splendor for there is one life but there is the here after too: hence a mix of this life (a balance in this life) and preparation for the next life (by practicing mazheb- Islam: Prayer especially) is the route to spirituality, divinity and the right life.

Only The Truthful Prevail

Only those who fear Him are the ones who are the ‘good‘ in life and may have that sense of yearning and belonging in them to stop doing harm to the other. Others are just there to make sure they bring you down or use you to bits and pieces till they are done and they move on to the next motive. They always come to you for a motive and that motive is always money in some form or the other.

The best way to live life is to practice Islam, (24 hours in a day and just 5 prayers a day), read the Quran (for your sanity and taking out the effect of other people’s actions and doings on yourself, and perhaps take His names for ensuring that those who pretend to be your aides are removed from your ends in all capacity: the ones who will have to be there for you will be there for you: its not a competition.

Also, on the flip side, they can also be there for you and it is again not a competition. Life is just balance but there is after life too (the Day of Judgement), so this life should be spent in Balance to attain goodness here by ensuring balance and by prayer to attain goodwill in the hereafter).

Life: Tech Unveiled

Few Tips For Success

This life is a place that can turn into a bitter hole, for you as well, if you are surrounded by the wrong aides. On your first sign of Him putting matters into your heart, you must remove that person from your life till they don’t get the message. Once they do, make sure that they do and move on.

The idea is to not resist and keep going. Life doesn’t stop for anyone, you make your own life, nor do people, nor does humanity and neither does mankind. The idea and essence is to keep going till you make something out of yourself (your dreams, passion and blood) and till you ensure yourself a good place in the hereafter (by ensuring the 5 disciplines of Islam and that too in the moderation in which they are by).

If you are lost in life, here are 5 tips to help you:

  • Get rid of the wrong people. Don’t waste your time. Don’t be on what if’s. Make that decision now before they drag you in their loophole. Instead, succumb through and find your passion, motive and divert your interest in it. You will be glad if you find your passion and how good it is to sustain it.
  • Find the right people: surround yourself with people who you look up to, who you respect by itself and who respect you.
  • Get rid of any circles that don’t welcome you. Get rid of anyone who doesn’t welcome you. You should always be true to yourself and the rest will follow through.
  • NEVER chase people. People will always want you or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your blood and your life and that would be your passion. Find your interest and pursue it.
  • Let your intuition be your guide.
  • Travel, learn, experience and stay away from the 5 things prohibited in Islam or every Mazhab/Mazheb including gossip, eyeing the other, free will, excess of everything (haraam) and rape.


Life should be taken seriously because there is only one life. It should be lived in moderation and it should be spent in good will. There are no limits to life or what you can make out of it. However, balance is the key to rightfulness, goodwill is the practice and balance is the key.

Learn to respect people, people will respect you, never go behind anyone’s back to get what you want (you are as much here as the other, if all else fails, the universal laws will come into place for e=mc2 is real and everything must come under perfect motion for His eternity to function in perfect order and swing), be honest (only the truthful prevail, persist and preside) and always be good to one self and you will automatically learn how to respect others as well.

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The Notion Of Creation: Being Happy

By on July 15, 2019

The Notion Of Creation: Being Happy

We have never had a personal encounter with many known personalities that are here or not here. However, if we realize that everything that is there has been practiced on man”; everything we have ‘created’ is based on man (science and technology) and everything we have done is again based on man. This is the notion of ‘creation’ and this sort of satisfies the fact that We, the Humans, are ”automatic” on the ‘principle’ of ‘Survival Of The Fittest’. The fittest who can survive though is the one who is happy.

We have already superseded in technology so much that it is not bear fruiting’ to even look at television now. You have eyes for your vision not your tears honestly. “New Age” technology is Not anymore a slogan or a belief or at least it shouldn’t be. Remember that a Man has limits and technology doesn’t.

Who created technology- say since Inception of ‘time’.. People.

Man Vs. Man is a scary concept. And to start realizing the notion of the fact that everything is created so even today you could start afresh, you will realize the Potential Of Limits that way.

And that is when you will strike balance. After all, “Life” is “learning”.

Notion Of Creation In Retrospection of What Can Be Done

2019 was quite interesting to see ‘realization’. It is not like things stopped in 2019; good or bad but even if you think that is created (done by man), wouldn’t you want to believe in a higher authority, see the ‘limits of a man’.

Being Happy: Tech Unveiled

The 5 Way Rule

Verifying the fact that Everything Has Been Created, we understand creation.

2, 3, 4, 5.. Created (numeric on principles, principles on theology and theology on man). It all goes back to where we started from and where we should draw a line to move ahead… and that is by-passing technology and coming terms to life (for those who are far behind it and for those who have had enough; Everything is already there- even the Shops for you to roam around and malls to lighten you up).

The Absolute Rule to life is to be Happy and trust, that you cannot fake happiness. Happiness comes to those who are to themselves and happy are those who have never, ever, knowingly, committed a crime.

When people lose hope, they blame themselves. When they are done blaming themselves, they turn to escape (drinks, party, getting along, ‘lone date ship’) etc.

When a Soul doesn’t find a rest or a partner, it dies a death that is so painful that even 10 souls combined to make a soul happy wouldn’t suffice. Trust me when I say that it is better to be at life than learn it, teach at life than fake it and be at life till run it. You are already here; This indeed is life. We are a creation of The Supreme Authority; Rest, indeed is the same. This is how you find happiness.

Be it booze or drinks, people or fun, countries or nations; Remember; a soul thrives on work and rests on blood. Its a part of a family and it is here to, too, get to the top. Anything in between is the other. However, for survival of the fittest, you have to be the fittest and that is no longer easily possible in the times we are living in- 2020.

Finding Happiness

The right path is the ‘good way’ and so is the life of the ‘After Story”.

To get through life, you need to believe in redemption, to survive at life you have to believe in others and to live life, you need to be smart enough to know life and that is being people smart.

Life isn’t melons but there is only one life and it is here for you to enjoy and there is no other thing as life. Once you realize, you might start paying respect to others in fact your own self. And Self is where we all stand.

For Those Who Can Understand

To rest the talk of understanding being happy, lets satisfy it at the fact that life is here for you to live in peace and the after life will be your reward of this life. (The pain and everything else included in between. The heart). Then, you will automatically be happy for happiness is a part of the 4 emotions of the human heart; the system is our body and the rest is process. Once you let your feelings flow, you will realize how blessed you are for being happy too comes to the fortunate only.

Be happy and happiness follows through; be sad and sadness follows through; Keep to yourself, always.

Moreover, always remember: You are indeed, your own best friend and nothing should come in between you and your faith (your last line; and that is the relationship of One; between Allah and Man). Rest? Dignity always follows through.

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Around The World: Tech Unveiled

Around The World: Boeing 737 For Italy Just Had One Passenger

By on April 9, 2019

Around the world:

It’s ironic and kind of funny that Boeing 737 for Italy just had one passenger. I guess this is what travel really is.

Named Skirmantas Strimaitis, this man had a one way ticket to Northern Italy. However, he had no idea that he is going to be the only passenger on the plane.

A national from Lithuanian, this man was flying from Vilnius to Bergamo for a nice skiing trip for March 16. When he boarded, he discovered that he was the only passenger on the plane.

On Board

Around the news: Global Agenda:

Along with the man, the seating capacity was off 189 but it just had one passenger, two pilots and 5 crew members.

In all honesty, it is not that big of a deal if someone is alone on a plane but for Skirmantas Strimaitis, this was glory.

Nonetheless; it was a big party for Strimaitis as he enjoyed a long lasting flight to Northern Italy and on his own. Travel!

For the one who was traveling, Strimaitis described his experience as unique and real.

Further, he described the experience as astounding, saying it was complete and pure bliss.

Nonetheless, it was a private plane experience.

Two other people had the same experience previously: First Karon Grieve was the only passenger on Jet2 Airlines and then it was Beth VerSteeg who flew from NYC to Washington D.C.

Around the world:

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