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3 Issues With Microsoft

By on September 23, 2020

3 Issues With Microsoft


These are tricky times and there is a lot going on at every end, especially the political realm. What is evident is that there is some lack of information or credit card hacks or perhaps issues with Microsoft that everybody seem to be reporting. If you are using Microsoft, here are 3 issues with Microsoft that you should be taking care of.

What is obvious is that the hacks are coming from Russia, some China and a lot Iran. These hacks are coming before the US Presidential Election 2020 and the motive behind it seems to be to take out Trump and put Biden in and next to him Fauci or Clinton.

The Motive Behind The Hacks?

Trump doesn’t have a popular vote in America but this man has been at work. America might benefit from Fauci with Biden, Clinton with Biden more but Trump with Biden and everybody at work could make a good American team.

The concentration is the Presidential election and who’s watching it? The Russian hackers, who hacked the 2016 Democratic campaign as well. It is believed it is the Strontium group which have targeted 200 organizations. However, they have targetted both Republicans and Democrats.

While Microsoft has already reported the issue, the US intelligence community did the same and the latter’s news came after that.

Popular opinion says it is the Russian hackers along with the Chinese hackers. The aim, essentially is to take off information to ensure that the current administrations are blamed for not taking care of what is being stolen. Or to create propaganda for what is evident and obvious.

Is it serious?

Well, it couldn’t get more serious than this. This is information being taken off your eyes, literally, to not let Donald Trump come in or to disrupt America before it breeds a new election.

It seems like a villain is at work and a mighty force may save this from happening but it is quite serious.

What is evident in the hacks or 3 issues with Microsoft are the following:

1- Boot error on start up

2- D and E drive loading itself

3- D and E drive loading itself repeatedly

To Conclude

Irrespective, these concerns are serious and might be damaging a lot of computers. It may be serious for those who cant afford new laptops and negligible by those who hold many. Furthermore, these 3 issues with Microsoft could be a breach of data, it could be a breach of suspicion and it could be your entire laptop.

It is better if people pucker up and understand what is going on around them and also to start reporting it to finally understand the motive behind it and it is to ruin the Trump’s Administration.

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Stock Market Outlook This Friday

By on July 29, 2020

Stock Market Outlook This Friday

Stock Market Outlook This Friday. Things seem awkward as big tech giants are supposed to reveal their earnings this Friday. After the markets close this Thursday, four out of the five FAAMG stocks will report their June quarter results. These include Facebook (at 6:00 pm ET), Amazon (AMZN) at 5:30 pm ET, Apple at 5:00 pm ET and Google/Alphabet at 4:30 pm ET. The one tech giant that will be missing from revealing its earnings this Friday will be Microsoft.

However, since these four names are the ones that are leading the industry, investors and stockholders are hooked to their laptops and phones to realize what is going to go on in the stock market.

The Stock Market

What is interesting is that not only with stock owners benefit from the gains and losses of these four companies. In fact, the truth is that these four make up to 17% of the S&P 500 value and 40% of the Nasdaq 100.

Combined with Microsoft, these five companies hold a huge share of the S&P 500 increase.

Furthermore, because of their outlook and growth rates, it is true that all of these four companies are trading above the S&P 500’s PE multiple of 25x on this year’s earnings and 19.6x on 2021 earnings.

Q2 Earnings: Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google

What is true is that Q2 earnings of these four companies will be watched carefully by investors and stock holders for the following reasons:

  1. Investors were unsure and markets were volatile in the first quarter of the year due to the corona pandemic.
  2. Since the corona pandemic caused a lot of disturbance and uncertainty in the markets, people were reluctant to invest and gave benefit of doubt to these companies.
  3. People will be hooked to Q2 earnings because it might actually include the full impact of Covid-19 and give directive for Q3 and Q4, which will be more competitive and tough.

Amongst these companies, here is how each performed in 2020:

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB)

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) stock gained 13.9% till July 27 against S&P 500 1.4% return.

Wall Street is expecting a Revenue of $16.9 billion as a Q2 2019 result for the company and $17.4 billion for Wall Street’s Q2 2020 Consensus estimate. It also predicts a YOY change of 3%.

Secondly, as far as Facebook earnings are concerned, then Wall Street predicts a Q2 2019 result of $0.91, $1.39 Q2 2020 consensus estimate and 53% YOY change.

Stock Market Outlook This Friday: Tech Unveiled

 Wall Street also expects Facebook’s EPS to jump by 53% by year over year basis.

Facebook has had a tough year but it made a lot of efforts in the last 6 months despite the corona epidemic and security concerns. Thereby, its shares stood in green in the last 6 months. Today, its shares stand at $230.12.

Amazon (AMZN)

Stock Market Outlook This Friday will also include Amazon (AMZN) Inc. revealing its earnings.

Through July 27, Amazon shares were higher by 65.7%. Investors have driven Amazon shares higher on optimism because they were of the opinion that online e-shopping will be at its peak in the corona pandemic and it was. In the first quarter of the year, that was the truth.

Investors are hopeful of more in the 2nd quarter for Facebook.

Furthermore, Amazon’s revenue is expected to be $63.4 billion (its Q2 2019 results), $75-81 billion, its Amazon’s Q2 2020 Guidance, 18%-28% (it’s projected YOY change), $81.1 billion, its Q2 2020 Consensus Estimate and 28% it’s YOY projected change.

Its EPS is expected to be $5.22 in the 2nd quarter of the year.

 Q1, Amazon’s revenue rose by 26% (YOY) to $75.45 billion, topping $75.45 billion.

Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) shares are valued at $3,000.33.

Alphabet Inc.

Stock Market Outlook This Friday will also include Alphabet Inc. revealing its earnings.

This year, Alphabet’s shares (NASDAQ: GOOGL) are up by 14.5 % (Class A) and 14.4% Class C through July 27. (Google is Alphabet’s parent company).

Wall Street expects a revenue of $38.9 billion in revenue (its Q2 2019 results) and $37.4 billion its Q2 2020 Consensus Estimate, and a 4% Projected Change (YOY).

Its earnings per share were $14.21 (Q2 2019 Result), $8.23 (Q2 2020 Consensus Estimate) and 42% (its Projected Change YOY).

Stock Market Outlook This Friday: Tech Unveiled

To Conclude

According to analysts expectations, Alphabet’s revenue will slightly contract because of a drop in ad sales. Furthermore, because of the world economy shut down in Q2.

In Q1, Alphabet’s revenue increased by 13% (YOY) to $41.2 billion. By March-April, Alphabet too was down but today, its shares stand at $1,503.65.

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5 Stocks To Invest In July (2020)

By on July 6, 2020

5 Stocks To Invest In July (2020)

Are you an investor looking to invest? If so then you have stumbled at the right place. At Tech Unveiled, we unveil the best in technology and news, for our readers to make the most out of quick and easy reads. At this time when the market is struggling or have sort of recovered, people want to find out which stocks to invest in. If you are in the same boat, here are 5 stocks to invest in July.


Microsoft is a brand name growth stock that provides income and value. Microsoft, therefore, automatically becomes a top favorite in any investor’s basket. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). It is one of the 5 stocks to invest in July.

Priced at $209.74, Microsoft has had a consistent performance in the last 6 months, all in green. Despite the corona lockdown, when markets were volatile, Microsoft still did well.

Microsoft has worth in billions today and is a company worth your time and investment.


Interestingly, while some may think Zynga is a flus, it isn’t Zynga comes in the long term tech trends. It has an ever-increasing demand and probably one of the safest bets there is.

A part of the interactive entertainment industry, Zynga is an affordable stock (NASDAQ:ZNGA), priced at $9.78. It is relative, mobile and easy to keep in an investor’s basket. Zynga is also one of the 5 stocks to invest in july.

With a consistent growth in the last 6 months and performance in green, Zynga Inc. is worth your time and investment today.

5 Stocks To Invest In July: Tech Unveiled


According to CellPointDigital, StoneCo is a profitable company with shares now a recommended (strong buy). It is trading about 71% times this years expected earnings.

With a share price of $41.06, (NASDAQ:STNE), StoneCo Ltd., though has been in red in the last 6 months, hasn’t been that bad of a performer at the stock exchange.

Most of StoneCo’s growth has been in its domestic market and the results have been impressive.

Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG)

Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) is a consumer product that has had a well-rounded performance in the last many years. Another one of the 5 stocks to invest in July, it is worth your time and investment.

With a nice base of products, Procter & Gamble Co (NYSE:PG), priced at $121.05 is a company worth your investment. Though its stock has been in red in the last 6 months, it is still a stock worth your time and investment.

P&G is not going anywhere in the next few years and therefore, a company worth your investment.


Apple Inc. is probably our favorite when it comes to stock investing.

If you are wondering about the list of 5 stocks to invest in July, the final one is Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL).

AAPL, priced at $373.78, never goes out of fashion. Its performance has been noteworthy in the last 6 months, when corona hit the markets.

AAPL had its WWDC event earlier this year which makes it good for the rest of the year. AAPL has had a lot of product releases. With a market cap of 1.62 Trillion, this company is a safe bet and a must keep in your baskets. This because it will always add to your basket’s safety net and make it stronger or be there than altogether not having it or just as a base for your investor basket to watch it grow, as it the safety net.

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Microsoft: TechUnveiled

Microsoft A.I Camera For Developers

By on February 25, 2019

Microsoft A.I Camera For Developers

There’s a new camera coming up and it is called the Microsoft A.I camera.

For use of developers, this camera is a game up than its predecessors. Previously and last year, Microsoft sold 35 million Kinect devices. Sales of this one could be higher.

Microsoft Azure Kinect is out and the new Microsoft AI camera for developers will cost about $399; (Interestingly for pre-orders today).

Priced at $399, the new device is and will be available for developers and for pre-orders.

About The Azure Kinect

According to Julia White, the corporate Vice President for Azure Marketing, the Azure Kinect is a new intelligent edge device that will enable developers to create a big range of AI-powered experiences.

Interestingly, the camera is a 1-megapixel depth camera and has a 12-megapixel camera along with a 7 microphone on board.

Furthermore, it will also work with a different range of computer types.

As far as the Kinect goes, then the company released the Kinect sensor hardware for use with Xbox game console in 2010. This one might also go a long way.

What Should You Know:

Microsoft is largely paying the bills but making sure that they are here to stay. In the name of cars, wealth and health, they are making sure they stay at the top of their game.

Moreover, the new Kinect camera includes an AVA retail and Ocuvera too. The latter is making sure that it works with Cleveland Clinic to make sure what the patients are about to fail.

The device is pretty interesting. Microsoft sold the 35 million earlier generation Kinect devices in the past many years.

Know that…

This is the latest project by Microsoft‘. It is using its artificial intelligence and technology.

Artificial intelligence is essentially and ideally here to stay. It is at the top and knows that… It is not going anywhere.

In fact, the bigger and larger companies are ensuring that they incorporate A.I technology to stay ahead of their game.

The new brilliance and the new camera is an upgrade from all the previous. And it is here to stay.

Microsoft is bringing a lot to the table and with the new device, they are surely up-ing their game.

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Microsoft Cofounder Paul Allen

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Passes Away At 65

By on October 16, 2018

Famous Microsoft Corp co-founder, Paul Allen, has died at 65 due to cancer. A school friend of Bill Gates, he persuaded Gates to drop out of his university, Harvard. This was the reason Gates was able to set up Microsoft, the biggest software company in the world.

Paul Allen did not stick with Microsoft forever as in 1983, he left the company after it ventured in the corporate world. He also, allegedly, had disputes with Gates. However, he earned so much through Microsoft that he had billions of dollars to spend.

The Disease

Paul Allen was, unfortunately, dealing with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, cancer. In early October, Allen revealed that the treatment of the disease was ongoing. He was treated for the same disease in 2009. Before he left the company, he had an early brush with the disease in 1980 too.

Allen was a man of the world. He had a lot of high profile friends from all industries especially business and entertainment. His special friends included Bono, the lead singer of U2. However, he did not like the limelight much and therefore, preferred staying at the Mercer Island.

Microsoft: Tech Unveiled.

On his demise, Bill Gates showed his dismay and said, “I am heartbroken by the passing of one of my oldest and dearest friends”.

Paul Allen Conclusion

Paul Allen was living across Lake Washington from Seattle. This is where he grew up. Moreover, he was also into philanthropy and dedicated $1 billion to causes.

Born in Seattle, Paul Allen was the son of a librarian and his mother was a teacher. Additionally, he was 2 years older than Bill Gates. They met in some computer room in Lakeside School in Seattle. This is where they discovered their love for internet and technology.

Paul Allen leaves behind his family. His death has people from all over the world sharing special and authentic messages.

From our side, we say:

RIP Paul Allen. May you find eternal peace.

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