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Shazam 2 In Essence: Short Review

By on July 17, 2019

Shazam 2 In Essence: Short Review

Shazam 2 is a movie if you want to watch Michael Jackson in ‘Thriller’.

While Michael Jackson, a scary thought himself, Shazam 2 is here to revive faith in humans by showing the true picture between the distinction of truth and what the truth is.

The message of the movie? Always stay with the good.

Moreover, after all, there are #superheroes and there are men who can behave like Megatron to take care of the world when something is just not right.

A round-up of Warner Brothers; Shazam 2 features some blind forces here and there to stop the world from the mess it’s divulging into via superheroes and their strengths.

Additionally, movies should be taken seriously for a person cannot deliver their point across more than one time with a heart made of gold. Let’s see what Shazam2 brings to the store.

Life is tricky and we better start getting happy by what Warner Brothers depict on televisions for the World has to be a better place and whatever might work (The Good Wise). [Shazam 2 features Gods and Demi-Gods).

Shazam 2 is a thriller with a 10.9 prediction on a 20.8 scale. Shazam 2 should be a must-watch by 2022, which is its release year.

Shazam 2: A Quick Info

Directed by David F. Sandberg and produced by Peter Safran, Shazam 2 is set for another two-year release and people are excited. (Shazam2).

Based on the characters of DC Comics, the movie has been distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

In fact, Shazam 2 is the 7th instalment in the DCEU.

This movie will excite kids and people like Ryan Reynolds but Shazam2 should be taken seriously.

Never mess with things of those given by the higher power otherwise even the things will not stop messing with you.

Shazam 2 will have 7 major Super Heroes with 7 super powers.

These are:

  1. Wisdom of Solomon
  2. The Strength of Hercules
  3. The Stamina of Atlas
  4. The Power of Zeus [the one who controls lights and magical resistance]
  5. The courage of Achilles [that ends destruction]
  6. The speed of Achilles [the one that ends destructibility]
  7. Speed of Mercury [takes you to heaven].

Nonetheless, here is the trailer of the movie; (Shazam 2):

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Taylor Swift: TS7: Tech Unveiled

Taylor Swift: Her New Album And More

By on February 26, 2019

Taylor Swift: Her New Album And More

Latest in Entertainment: Taylor Swift is all over the news today. Apparently and allegedly, she’s been busy with her new album which is due to come out some time soon. (Taylor Swift New Album 2020).

TaylorSwift is an advocate of LGBT and has been busy with singles. These days, she’s in the limelight for her lack of or here of support of LGBT.

Taylor Swift’s New Album

Around the corner and clock:

Taylor Swift’s new album might be called TS7 and it is not coming for a release anytime soon. However, hints off the new album have been taken off the following:

  • TaylorSwift’s Instagram
  • Her recording in the studio
  • TS7 predictions for this year: Perez Hilton: He predicts the album will be there by the end of 2019.
  • Her website is getting improved; in fact, it is getting a makeover
  • She’s thrilled about it and she is boasting in front of fans
  • Katy Perry may be a part of it

There are all kinds of news around Taylor’s Swift’s new album. However, we don’t think the album may be here any time soon.

For Tech Enthusiasts: Link here.

In other news, Taylor Swift (TS) is making rounds for celebrating or talking about LGBT. Taylor is one of the most well-searched- celebrities on the Internet today. Known for her happy go lucky attitude, Taylor Swift is one celebrity who doesn’t fail to impress the masses by her appeal, music, ways and rounds.

While it may be disappointing to realize that her new album might be not be coming up soon, it still goes without saying that Taylor Swift definitely keeps you on your toes.

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