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What Does The World Need Right Now

By on April 12, 2021

What Does The World Need Right Now

As we move at a very fast pace today, the world is exceeding at an innumerable pace. There are many things that the world can benefit from today. This includes the right apps that can get us anywhere we like, the right mediums to bring ourselves up or let’s just say launch us, the right podiums to talk about things as a youth, and the right places to meet the right people and let’s just keep going. We have these things in different shapes perhaps or maybe we don’t have them in the exact form that we need them in.


What does the world need right now could mean a number of things but what it really needs is the people with the right attitude, people who can work fast, a smarter work life, a smarter work-life balance, easy travel, more comprehension and gelling, and a mix and match amongst everything to keep things going. While it is easy to point these things out, the sad part is that it is a far cry because things seem to be going in a very difficult direction right now that low developing countries such as Pakistan and its citizens may benefit from them very late then they nearly should.

What does the world need right now

The Right Transport Systems

The world needs the right transport system to move around domestically and internationally freely. We have security for a reason that, everyday whatever different activity is observed gets pointed out daily or whenever and that is what the cops are paid for. We need to be able to have the right systems to launch ourselves and the opportunity to travel whenever we can, if not freely then at least for the aforementioned things.

The Ability To Move Forward And Abroad

What the world needs right now is also the ability to move forward and abroad. This means that we can use the facility and privilege to move forward and travel when we like. The governments need to be able to create a system in which we can move freely and whenever we like. We are so confined at the moment that we feel restricted and depressed because we can’t move forward. If only there were opportunities to move forward freely through podiums such as going abroad for traveling, we would be happier citizens, being able to make the most out of our lives.

The Podium To Do Something

If you are a part of a 3rd world country, you don’t get to do too much. You can sit and relax or be a part of a career where travel is demanding. Career develops with age because age adds to the experience. However, as a decent freelancer by international standards as well (fiverr), you don’t get to do too much in the country. You don’t even get the option to go abroad freely and gel with people from your category or league.

Life is a ballgame who doesn’t know but you stand on some steady measure and that is you. However, you will always need aid to let yourself going because every decent measure plays a significant part in the universe (law of the universe). One must always, therefore, be a part of an economy where one can move freely and come back home to go back again and get the system rolling as well.

There is plenty to do these days despite the corona setback however things are not as ideal as they should be. We need to be able to move forward with dignity and grace, travel, get to know more people, come back to safer societies and move around with league. It is a desperate time and with people hoping to have things worked out, it is still better to live in a freeer society which presents more opportunities to its citizens.

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What Is Going On In The World? 2020

By on December 8, 2020

What Is Going On In The World? 2020

Things don’t look pretty and things look bitter. The corona pandemic has taken people to extremes now but it is a good sign too. It is a good sign because the pandemic has been going on since the last 2 or 2 1/2 years and business activity and other activities were still going on. The second wave has taught us to stop so we can have a new start.

If only we took precautionary measures then would we have been saved by now. It is always better to take the problem by its roots or start so it doesn’t spread. Corona was taken lightly in the start but it is hungry work and now we can stop. Remember, we are humans, everything is here, we need to stop and heal and move forward before this pandemic takes the lives of many.

While the corona pandemic has taken major lives now, we move on to what is going on in the world. I’d say a lot. If you want to find out what is going on or what you need to be updated on, here are 10 important snippets that will make a good read. (2020).

1- Fauci plans to take corona vaccine public. Read here.

2- Trump doesn’t want to leave office. Read here.

3- Cigarette Prices In Pakistan. Read here.

4- Prince William and Kate Middleton are humans, just as us. Read here.

5- Pfizer vaccine: UK patient receives her first treatment. Read here.

6- Lewis Hamilton wants to return before season finale: Read here.

7- Apple’s new headphones are a must get. Read here.

8- Corona is changing the way we recruit. Read here.

9- Mystery Illness In India Alarms Individuals: Read here.

10- Christchurch Massacre Attack: (New Zealand). Could it be prevented? Read here. (2020 update).

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Month Of November In News: Politics And More

By on November 25, 2020

Month Of November In News: Politics And More

If you want a quick roundup of “Month Of November In News: Politics And More”, here is a list of news articles for help.

1- Joe Biden‘s approach towards presidency. CNN. Read here.

2- Benjamin Netanyahu is not afraid of Donald Trump. CNN. Read here.

3- Miscarriages Are Real And Meghan Markle Talks About Its Grief: BBC: Read here.

4- Best books of 2020: BBC: Read here.

5- Pakistan Gives UN A Reply After India Tries To Be Clever With Pakistan: Aljazeera: Read here.

Month Of November In News: Politics And More: Another 5

Furthermore, in November so far, the following news snippets have raised global concerns…

6- 600 Killed In Mai Kadra Massacre: Ethiopian Rights: Read here.

7- Has Lithium Seen Light At The End Of The Tunnel? BBC: Read here.

8- Two Hurt In Lugano Attack In Switzerland: BBC: Read here.

9- Americans face Thanksgiving Dilemma: BBC News: Read here.

10- BBC 100 Women 2020: Who Is On BBC’s 100 List This Year? BBC: Read here.

Month Of November In News: Politics And More : Final Five

Finally, other important news snippets from November are:

11- Sarkozy, France’s Ex-President Goes Through Trial: BBC: Read here.

12- No Covid-19 Cases In Australia In Last 5 Months: BBC: Read here.

13- Two Bombs Kill 14 In Afghanistan: Aljazeera: Read here.

14- Should You Invest in Pfizer Or Moderna: Fool: Read here.

15- Tesla Continues To Rise: MSN: Read here.

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Why Are We Stopping For Covid-19?

By on November 21, 2020

Why Are We Stopping For Covid-19?

Covid-19 has literally taken the world by a storm and we are stopping for it yet again. Today, on Time Magazine, as I scrolled through my LinkedIn, I read its cover page which said “TheCovidWinter”. Then, I realized that in Pakistan, schools have again been shut down because the number of corona virus cases have increased or perhaps, students who did start going to school reported to be corona positive. Why Are We Stopping For Covid-19? The answer is simple.

Things don’t look pretty. Perhaps, in my opinion, things will resume by mid-2021, late 2021, or the end of 2021 if we “don’t take charge”. The truth is that people are now a little relaxed because the global economy has sort of started getting better, thanks to Mr. Trump resignation.

Furthermore, due to that, we have started breathing more relax fully, we are more ‘relaxed’ by His will and we are now getting more in terms with ourselves. (And hence we are shitting and ‘getting it out of our systems’).

Remember that we are by Him all our time and that is by the world view especially threat. Lets not forget the irreplaceable damage Mr. Donald Trump has done to humans and women and economies and children and men, women and nature of all kinds.

With his departure and as our heart opens, due to ‘lesser threat’, we are now relaxing and resultantly, shitting. That is perhaps one of the major reasons why there is a sudden spike in corona cases. However, with this, I’d say that we are ‘slowly getting better’.

To Understand And Realize

We are all innately and divinely by His will and that would include the entire situation. If we keep up, we go slow on our guts, we stop eating ridiculously, and have plenty of water, we will get better. If it is a sadist at work and doesn’t want to stop and bring the world down “over and over again” till his reigns, say the attack in Afghanistan today, then we can face some problem in figuring out what corona was all about.

However, if things operate smoothly all over, and things start getting better, the world population takes care of themselves by drinking water and shitting out whatever is in their systems, corona will be wiped off of the face of this Earth just all other diseases can, if we believe in annihilation (The Prophet’s story).

If the Americans don’t stop at big money and big pharma henceforth disease (say T and P’s agenda for Pfizer for 2021 is on the agenda so let’s hope there is no big money otherwise we are going to meet with a lot of osteoporosis and bad breath- they are our organs though, Nazar and yet again the end of mankind), things will not work out and we will be met with a lot of corona and what not.

The truth is that as to Why Are We Stopping For Covid-19?, the answer is we should because we ALL need to heal and once we have healed and have become functional, and there is a new world system (which would be normalcy now and balance), things will improve right away.

Why Are We Stopping For Covid-19? Select Tips For Corona Virus

If you are struck with corona or feel like you are, don’t get yourself tested. Rather, start relaxing, have plenty of water, purge it all out and go for a test for it after 10 days.

There probably won’t be any corona left if we take care of drainage and sanitation right away, if we stop fighting with ourselves in the hidden, if we stop teasing others if we mind our businesses and we stay with ourselves.

Water can do wonders and so can the new America and so can the rest of the world if we are in this together and put corona behind and start healing.

By His solicited decree, we are by Him all the time. You will realize that there are pressure points in you (internally) as you wake up every day. That is by His will and it’s different for everyone because no two people are the same. Also, remember that He is there, and let’s not forget knowledge in the process if we want to rule out corona completely.

Most of the least developed countries have to be educated and education goes a long way. Just by drinking water, taking care of the dogs, sanitation, cleansing, and cleaning, all efforts for or against corona will be removed completely.

I’d say this is the 2nd wave of corona and this one should be for cleansing ourselves, so just let yourself be and clean yourself, there is perhaps no other way around it.

To And By Concluding:

Take it by this measure: If there are no suicide attacks, just as the one in Kabul today, no spaceships or other extra torrential activities that are harming everyone’s universe, we will not be as suffocated as we are and we will start getting better. Moreover, if we have Mr. Biden in all his might and Ms. Harris, Ms. Merkel and no hydrogen water, Ms. Maneka and Mr. Umar, Mr. Ghani and Mr. Kim Jong Un, to fight against filth, we will all get better.

Moreover, by creating awareness and an effort on everyone’s part, Humanity and efforts, corona can be removed from the face of this earth in 10 days. 10 is a special number.

10 is the code of sanity, it is the code of healing and it is the code of Mr. Paulo Coehlo as well (one of the most celebrated and sought after writers in the world). (The Number 10)

Lastly, while all premiers can make an effort, others should try to aware of the lot otherwise there would be no improvement in the corona.

But and, at least we can try.

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Eid-Al-Adha In Pakistan: What To Expect

By on July 24, 2020

Eid-Al-Adha In Pakistan: What To Expect

Eid-Al-Adha is just around the corner in Pakistan. However, the sentiments remain mixed because the coronavirus upset is still in the air. We feel that perhaps this is the last or second last swing of the corona upset. However, what it is really doing is that it is literally bogging everyone down with eye infection, fever, body aches, and allergies.

Truth be told, Eid-Al-Adha is a bigger festivity than Eid-Al-Fitr, though it is simple in observation and practice. There is a lot of meat involved and that is called ‘Qurbani’.

The difference this year is that there is absolutely no sense of time, morning, evening or night for that matter, for the corona pandemic has literally shifted the global sphere and America needs not to worry because Pakistan too is a part of that global sphere.

Eid-Al-Adha: Tech Unveiled

Nonetheless, if you are in Pakistan, where Eid is celebrated in one of the most highest fashion and rigor, then here is what to expect off it this year:

Eid In Pakistan: Here Is What To Expect

  1. Simplicity yet happiness for Eid-Al-Adha comes once a year and by Shariah law we are on the Islamic calendar so it is going to be a big celebration: be it in homes or otherwise.
  2. A lot of meat means a lot of food and Pakistanis will be having a lot of lunches, dinners and so on in the 2-3 days of Eid.
  3. New clothes, certain mall hopping, meeting relatives, here and there should be a common for Eid-Al-Adha.
  4. Dimness because things aren’t the same this year. A lot of malls and relatives’ are closed. Restaurants are the same. Thus, Eid this year will not be the same.
  5. This year, Eid-Al-Adha will be a festivity that is just going to pass. It is lesser in celebration than Eid-Al-Fitr anyways, “Eidi wise”, but nonetheless…

The corona pandemic has literally bogged everyone down. Moreover, it is just not ending. It is real, it is frightening and it has already taken the lives of many people. Furthermore, it is better if people sit in their homes this year on Eid to be careful of not catching the virus, especially through the meat as well.

Eid-Al-Adha is falling on August 1st and there will be three days of celebration.

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When Will Things Go Back To Normal In Pakistan?

By on July 2, 2020

When Will Things Go Back To Normal In Pakistan?

“When will things come back to normal in Pakistan”, is what most people are wondering now. In Pakistan, things may take 2-3 months, if not 3-4, for things to resort back to normalcy. It goes without saying that there has been some improvement in openings in the country. For instance, banks are following the 10:00 pm to 4:00 am routine, few side restaurants have opened have, certain shop timings have timings extended in the country and malls have opened up as well.

However, the government is on a verge of a crisis and people are smelling a change in party and leadership. Things still don’t look good

Pakistan is one of the least developed countries, unfortunately. In Pakistan, while people have a lot of wealth, (certain classes), there is a lot of bad breath. Secondly, there is lack of education and people are not wise. Pakistan misses itself on some of the most important indicators of development and growth.

For Pakistan: Tech Unveiled

Certain restaurants, especially the ones with home deliveries, have opened up in the country. Normal grocery stores till at least 7-8 pm and ‘khokas’ till 12:00 am. Malls too have opened in the country while following the covid-19 set up and precautionary measures.

The country is lacking struggling at the moment and it may take time for the company to find normalcy again.

What the country needs to do right now is to take a leap ahead. It needs to work on its tourism and cash up on what is already there. Furthermore, it needs to strengthen ties with its borders, be it India as well and Afghanistan in particular and improve its TOT and start Trading.

There are too many options. Pakistan just needs to follow it, its people need to drop their egos and all Muslims need to be one in this cohesive effort to bring back everything and make Pakistan one.

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Best Cinema In Pakistan: Universal Cinemas’

By on June 30, 2020

Best Cinema In Pakistan: Universal Cinemas’

Are you a movie enthusiast? Do you like entertainment? If yes then you might want to read about Universal Cinemas.

Operating in Lahore, Multan and Gujranwala, Pakistan, they offer high-quality videos, excellent quality studios, clean environments and strict security for their customers. In Lahore, UniversalCinemas’ identity is in Emporium Mall.

All and all, universal cinemas are here to offer you the best experience in theater and it cannot get better.

Universal Cinemas: Tech Unveiled

Universal Cinemas Pakistan: Why Do They Stand Out?

With one of the kind display screens and many more to offer, UniversalCinemas are operating in three cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Gujranwala and Multan.

Their prices are affordable, they offer one in a million experience. Furthermore, they are very particular about their environment as well. Great for entertainment, UniversalCinemas are a catch.

Especially in their Lahore set up, they have about 7 display screens to offer, including:

  • Ultra Experience
  • Gold Experience
  • Premium Experience
  • Imagination Into Reality
  • Innovator Of Sound
  • Its All In The Quality

They exhibit style, apprehension and quality in their studios and designs.

One Of A Kind Experience

As a company, UniversalCinemas have plenty to offer.

The company has invested a lot in their cinemas, especially design, art, exhibit, style, appearance and display. One of their cinemas is in the emporium mall and other in obvious parts of the cities.

They offer quality over design and their quality is decent and prices, affordable.


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5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead

By on June 29, 2020

5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead

Pakistan is now on a blatant attack by MQM, which has literally initiated their come back, in the disguised name of Nawaz Sharif, by killing 10 people at the Karachi Stock Exchange. It is a pity as to what this party, PML-N is capable of doing. Its unfortunate that they think that they are going to be able to make a comeback in Pakistan, like “old times”. The truth is that no one’s is going to persist except for who He wills. They are putting Pakistan to shame again and if we are talking about Pakistan, here are 5 predictions for Pakistan ahead.

1- Riots

I guess all ‘other’ ruling parties are taking things the same they did 10 years ago but Mr. Nawaz Sharif is trying his best to cash it: in the shadow of MQM, which is his and you’ll be shocked to realize that he is Altaf Hussain.

Riots, loot, theft, crime: putting it on PTI and taking care of Pakistan their way: Loot, theft, rape, murder, etc.

This is one of the 5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead.

2- Some Bliss If Pakistan Walks On The Right Path

Second, if we are talking about 5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead, then:

Some bliss might follow through if Pakistan walks on the right path. The supreme court already has started mentioning Hazrat Muhammad PBUH in the senate and books. Lets hope for some spread and revival of Islam in Pakistan and things will ease out. It is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Don’t be scared. It can be men in black shalwar kameez and women in nice abayas too.

5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead: Tech Unveiled

3- Stagnancy: (5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead)

Pakistan will probably remain stagnant in the coming few years or so. What Pakistan needs at the moment is a route to cleanliness. 5 predictions for pakistan can improve if there are clean roads, clean air, probably make sure of the natural resources and infrastructure. Improve the Northern areas, increase tourist activity, improve security, improve hotelling etc.

4- Things Will Improve After Corona

Things will improve after the corona is over. Lets just say that once malls start opening, Pakistan will lit up. Business activity will resume, revenues will be back and Pakistan will be on its two feet again.

5- Some Big Change: Major Events Can Help

Lastly, 5 predictions for Pakistan include the fact that Pakistan is at a stop right now. Things will automatically improve after things start going back to normal. Lets just say that people will calm down after operations resume, cinemas, theaters open and people start enjoying their lives, think about traveling, tourism beings etc.

The fact that petrol prices have increased in Pakistan in a day is not at all a serious concern. What a serious matter is that Mr. Nawaz Sharif needs to stop his aiding into Pakistan and go sit in a jail for the next 30 years of his life.

5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead: Tech Unveiled

Secondly, Pakistan just needs a cleanliness drive and things will be good to go.

Thirdly, we have everything in Pakistan. Once things resort back to normalcy and with a new spin of Islam, Pakistan will get a revival that many would want to come to the country to experience. This will give Pakistan power back in its hands.

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Why Should You Choose Ufone Sasta Package?

By on June 28, 2020

Why Should You Choose Ufone Sasta Package?

“Ufone Sasta Package” is an interesting offering by Ufone, though a good one. Using it for about 2-3 months now, I have realized how convenient and useful it is.

If you are in Pakistan and want to try out the Sasta Package, I’d suggest you do.

What Does The Ufone-SastaPackage Offer?

With the Ufone Sasta Package, you get access to 180 Off-Net Minutes, Unlimited Facebook with 2000 MBs, Unlimited U-U and PTCL limits, 4200 SMS. You can subscribe to the bundle by dialing *250#.

If you are a technology enthusiast, the Internet on this package might not be enough. However, you can subscribe to other bundles and keep the Sasta Package too.

Ufone: Tech Unveiled

Personal Experience

After using the ‘Sasta Package’, I realized how good it is.

It essentially fulfills your needs for a whole month, without you having to spend any penny or money above it.

It is convenient, reliable and there is absolutely no excessive charges or leakages from your account with the Sasta Package.

For those who have a habit of SMS and calls, this package will suffice duly and efficiently. It is also not that bad for active Internet users, for you get unlimited access to Facebook and with that, you get 2000 MBs data for monthly use. However, don’t worry about it because you can subscribe to another package with the Sasta Package when you want.

Overall, the Sasta Package is one that is worthy of your time and attention.

Ufone Sasta Gold Package

Ufone has recently come with another ‘Ufone Sasta Gold Package‘, which offers 12 GB data including 7GB for Facebook, unlimited U-U & U-PTCL minutes, SMS and 300 off-net min.

Both are good, however, if you had a choice, you’d want to stick with the latter one because with a difference of 400 to 500 rs. you get almost double of what you subscribe for.

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The Truth About Pakistan: Redemption

By on June 24, 2020

The Truth About Pakistan: Redemption

Pakistan (Pakistannews) is a country that comprises of all kinds of people. The country holds ground to some of the most well-educated individuals, musicians (Pakistani musicians), workers, brands, companies (Pakistani companies), multi-nationals, and others. However, there is no way for Pakistanis to ‘just make it’.

Deemed as a third world country, Pakistanis are perhaps on some kind of bar for a long time. Pakistan, however, is wrongly perceived. If only they knew what this nation holds, would they understand how pricey it is.

Furthermore, no one can understand a Pakistani, for most of Pakistanis (the common lot 30 years-80 years) dread being here. Moreover, the 20-30 lot hates being here. 30-35 likes what Pakistan has to offer and 35-38, most Pakistanis settle for abroad.

Thus and thereby, what Pakistan is left with at the end of the day is a group of older men and women, a non-existent party circle, and a lot of hatred amongst individuals. .

Lack Of Activity And Recreation

The problem with Pakistan is that there is absolutely no kind of recreation here. While there might be ‘some spots’ for recreation, the common mid-man cannot afford them.

The country has a lot of food spots, hotels, restaurants, ‘circles’, but it doesn’t have the right platform to breed the right kind of individuals that can lift this economy up.

However, there are few things that still keep Pakistanis going. They are:

1- Things Inevitably’ Work Out

Pakistan has a culture where your ancestors have built homes for you and children usually share them. Pakistan doesn’t have a bad majority of free riders. Most people in the country work for they can’t sit at home. Pakistan is an Islamic Republic of Pakistan; rest of the frustrations breed because of those abroad, for the opportunities abroad and the age factor. (Daily news).

For instance, a 30-year-old woman who would be living a ‘free life’ abroad wouldn’t be able to do so in Pakistan for many reasons. Similarly, a 40-year-old man who would have an astounding career and life abroad will not have it here.

Moreover and in essence and in a nutshell, Pakistan has pros (they still add to one’s frustration) of having a home for children whose expenses they don’t have to pay, ease of going out, cars, lease, etc., language and food, but at the end, it still suffers because of lack of minority vote.

It lacks basic facilities and a lack of facilities to explore or improve or settle at a living standard above 3 or 6. (which already is quite low).

Pakistan: Tech Unveiled

2- Its Easy Living Here As Compared To Abroad

It is quite easy living here as compared to living abroad. At the end, things just ‘work out’.

Pakistanis enjoy going in the Northern areas, the food is good here, some people can throw ‘parties’ in their homes and chill a round or two.

Most Pakistanis are involved in working out a system that can help them settle abroad. Moreover,or just keep on the go. No one in this country wants to sit or settle here perhaps above 60 years of age.

Moreover, the weather is tricky and sloppy:

The country lacks the right infrastructure, employment facilities, merit-based job, offices, opportunities: pretty much everything for the slow and sloppy ones, who want to function when they want to and not when they don’t feel like it.

3- Everyone’s In For a “Run”

Pakistan is being led by a changed party today, PTI.

While we hope this party stays so Pakistan meets its ‘fate’ which can be through goodwill and good presidency, it is a country that can develop into a fruitful nation if led by the right people and names.

If Pakistan develops itself in the next 10 years, it is a country most people will appreciate living in.

However, if not, then most Pakistanis will be working on the same thing: to move abroad or something or the other. The weather here is horrible and so are the recreation and other facilities.

What Pakistan Needs Is A Change

Pakistan can benefit from a lot. Here, there should be a proper committee whose only job should be to fix all collar staffs. There should be proper development, proper monitoring, and evaluation, good salaries, benefits, and compensation.

This is an unforgettable nation for its brutality and murders. However, the current leadership can put it to a stop and save this country by putting the past behind and solve its problems, One By One. [For that, Pakistan needs to be ONE (on oneness) as a nation].

What keeps people going here is that everyone’s ‘in for a run’. The country has somewhat become a ‘modern liberal country’, where a certain few thrive on gossip, of ‘the elites’, while some, digging fun off of the elites, others on gossip and control of others and the rest on ‘what ifs’.

Problems In Pakistan.. (Continued)

Furthermore, Pakistan has a very weak passport. (top passports in the world).

If only the leaders of the country, by the way, who have always been there, made a change but they haven’t and so they too fail as ‘leaders’ of the country, can work out some agreement and make this country work towards progression.

Pakistan today, is left with nothing, but ashes. This country never changed and it never will till there is a collective dictatorship and this country is put to work. None of the parties in Pakistan have helped with the problems above, it goes without saying that Pakistan needs a change and that change can be done by changing the foundations of this country altogether.

The country today is a country that has transgressed, digressed and it probably has no redemption now unless a ruler comes and dictates this country towards progression, sustenance, and goodwill; and ultimately, reinstatement itself.

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