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Top 10 Ways To Succeed At Life

By on August 17, 2019

This life is nobody’s A-Game. Nobody has mastered it and nobody knows how to go through it. If you are looking to find ways to excel or succeed through life, here at top 10 ways to succeed at life.

No one has come down with a manual here. However, there is a manual that can be followed to live through life successfully.

If you want to know about the top 10 ways to succeed at life, here are top 10 tips to get you through it.

Top 10 Tips To Succeed At Life

1- Live By Religion

If you want to know about the top 10 ways to succeed at life, know that there are many different religions in the world. More importantly, you belong to one of them.

We are categorized by the sub-divisions of religions themselves.

However, if it is the race of religions, then there might be too much confusion. Hence forth, to state, there is no perfect formula to succeed at life but to stay put and true to yourself.

If you want to learn about the manual to go through, know that the Book that was revealed for you by your Prophet is the Book you need to learn to make sense out of this mess-a-hole.

Furthermore, ‘to live life’ doesn’t come with a manual. If we take everything into account, we can easily say that it is all about you and all on you, for the Ones who understand. The focus should be you. As long as you are alright, you might easily be able to succeed at life.

Want to know how to succeed at life or live this life till the end without 3rd grade worries?

Top 10 ways to succeed at life: Tech Unveiled

There are 10 simple pointers that can help you succeed at life.

These are:

1- Don’t fool anyone as it all comes back to you. (Based on the e=mc2 formula). As you do, will be as you sow.

2- Never talk to anyone on any other’s behalf. Let the truth preside and don’t let anyone fool you by telling you lies about anyone else; This is called intention. The basic thing to look at in yourself too is intention. As long as your intentions are clear, you are in the win. If not, then you’d definitely be in trouble.

3- Never loose your integrity or spirit for anyone. Be who you are and don’t stoop down to anybody’s level as that is defeat.

4- Read by the Book and you will understand that no one is in full supremacy, nobody has the right kind of dollars, nobody has the right kind of strength to deal with life. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Don’t interfere in anyone’s life. You don’t know how the other spent their 52 years of life.

5- Don’t eye anyone as it is Haraam or forbidden. Eyeing someone means getting involved in one’s ways rather than ignoring them and finding your own.

6- Avoid people by your judgement.

7- Do what seems right to your heart. It is innate and will come to you naturally.

8- Don’t talk to anyone about anyone. Don’t get involved in murder. Don’t get involved in bad ways and don’t wrong anyone intentionally as the guilt will haunt you forever- If you are a truthful person.

9- Always thank God for His blessings. There are too many days to come by, there is life ahead of you. Just thank God and move ahead.

10- Talk less, show less, pretend less and conceal yourself; as every eye is naturally on you because of your ways and style.

And also, because there are very few people who are right in the world.

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Environment: Toxic: Tech Unveiled

Blaming The Toxic? For What?

By on March 23, 2019

Blaming The Toxic? For What?

Everything is about money these days. Everything charges money, takes money, etc.etc. However, if you really realize, we are blaming the toxic but what for? In this article, ‘Blaming The Toxic? For What?’, I’ll try to make you understand that we should rather divert our attention towards bigger goals and challenges than take care of things such as the environment, the nature or perhaps hay there and way where. Sticking to the point can help many a most achieve a lot of constants and this will be one of them.

Essentially, what we need to realize is that Everything Is Done and rather than blaming, we understand, fathom and realize: that it is not us, nor nature but man itself that is doing this to regain power and control and that power and control is through money and only money because man can only take care of “Earth” and the #Heavens are only His. Authority is only one’s. The rest is power and money.

Blame games don’t end. Today we are just pointing fingers out at things (Trump in particular) and not doing anything about it. What we need to realize is that if everybody played their role in the environment or in nature, this world is not as dented as it is today.

Today we stand at crossroads of perhaps nothing left of humanity not even humans. Toxic is a greater concern but not as big as humans. While I hope the shredders go to waste, it is important to realize to come back, to fight in your right, to wake up and realize and to believe: have faith, regain your faith in religion, whichever yours may be and to stand up and fight to protect and secure humanity again.

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