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Global News Update: US, China, Germany, Brazil

By on May 20, 2019

Today’s Monday, start of the new week and we have a lot of information in. Surprisingly, the world is suffering at the hands of many, as all kinds of news is pouring in.

First things first:

On the global front:

There seems to be an inherent or excessive rise in war amongst economies around the globe.

Since the last many weeks, the global economy is hurting and the effects of it are being felt throughout the world.

Global news:

People are worried if its a global war; the notion sort of a world war remains simple if we look at Iran and the US. However, we doubt anything like this will happen because that would create havoc globally.

I feel it is the countries that are trying to intervene in one another’s economy which is causing a global havoc. The silver living? It’s probably created out of misery for a certain gains for a basic few. The broad lining? there probably doesn’t seem one.

Global News

If you are interested in finding out the latest news or what’s going on the global front; If you are a tech enthusiast and follow news daily, here are your global snippets to get you started:

Brazil Massacre: 11 people shot down in Brazil by gunman: Link

Modi begs for one more chance at Presidency: Read clear picture: (InImage): —-> Link

Trump BRAWLS Over Iran War By Warning Iran Without Any Stated Reason (As Usual) : Link

Google Announces New Pixel Phone For May 7th: Link

Saudi Arab Calls For Immediate Trade And Talk Tensions With Iran: Link

John Wick Comes To Fortnite: Link

Javad Zarif (#JavadZarif) Says There Will Be No War: Link

Kuwait Announces Visa Ease For Pakistanis: Link

New Surface Headphones Available for $100 : Link

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News Snippets: Saturday, 11th May, 2019

By on May 11, 2019

It is the 5th of Ramadan (Ramzan) today and 3 people have already died in Lahore.

We’re displaying news snippets in this blog.


To start off with:

There was a big invasion in #Gwadar, as security guards killed about 7 terrorists in Lahore.

On the national security front, 7 people entered Pearl Continental Hotel, identifying themselves as militants.

England Beats Pakistan: Cricket Woes

Etihad Airways En/Onroute To Acquire Jet Airways

North Korean missiles bother 70+ countries

Russia Attacks Syria, again!

Aatish Taseer Writes On Modi And It Seems To Be The Truth About #Modi

US in Slumps: Revealed by CNN

Ilhan Omar Death Threat: Tech Unveiled

Support For Ilhan Omar: She Faces Death Threats

By on April 16, 2019

The new controversy in town is that Ilhan Omar has faced increased death threats. What’s evident is that the video is a showcase of 9/11 and she is being threatened for it.

The revelation is that the video was spread by Trump and she is being accused of it.

Ilhan is of the opinion that this video and its wrongful promotion is affecting her image and things might go wrong.

While commenting on the report, Ilhan said that violent crimes such as these are taking lives and are affecting people like her adversely.

Trump is the one who has been pushing this agenda forward of Ilhan Trump and death threats.

Essentially, Trump has been pushing all of his agendas forward and Omar is one of them.

Omar is being wrongfully accused of a video which has only been made through images and slides.

Least of all the judgemental personalities, Omar hasn’t done much to affect this problem yet.

Apple News+ : Tech Unveiled

Apple News+ Is Here: 300 Magazines For $9.99 Per Month

By on March 29, 2019

Apple News+ is here and you can download it for your iPads and iPhones.

On Monday, Apple is going to bring brand news services including Apple Channels, Apple TV and a gaming service called… Arcade on its new, the brand new Apple News+.

Launching today, the new Apple News+ has a lot to offer…

For starters, with the new Apple News+, you can get access to almost 300 magazines.

Apple News+ : Tech Unveiled
Apple News+ : Tech Unveiled

With that access to 300 magazines, you will also get access to Los Angeles Times and the new Wall Street Journal, which will be available for $9.99 a month.

Initially, the new Apple+ News is free for a month but then you have to pay for it.

You can also get it for iPads and iPhones.

Apple News+ is available for less than $10.. and you can download by going to settings and then software update.

Weed breathlyzers: Canada- Tech Unveiled

A New Weed Breathalyzer: Get High Without Getting Stoned

By on March 7, 2019

Hound Labs, a Bay Area company announced that it completed a very successful clinical trial for its marijuana breathalyzer.

Reports reveal that the company will be moving forward with making a new commercial product with about a $5000 price tag.

The new product will be targeted towards construction and police companies.

Reports Hound Labs that the new THC can be detected in their breath. In a new minuscule amount of trillionth of a gram per litre.

Weed, they say, affect people in more than one way. After adjusting for age, gender, race and alcohol use, Department of Transportation study revealed that drivers who smoked were safer than those who smoked after they drank. Essentially, the cross of both beer and weed itself can ruin one’s sense of self and dignity as well.

However, it common knowledge that weed itself might not be that harmful though it might have certain important impacts on the body especially on your speech.

Little know how and preclude to weed and the new weed breathalyzer: the new weed breathlyzer gets you all the sense of weed without leaving a bad taste in your mouth or affecting your body and soul.

THC can be detected in one’s breath, especially two-three hours of inhaling. According to CEO Dr. Mike Lynn, a former ER doctor and VC, this amounts to a significant breakthrough that validates our technology and science.

Apparently, right now and at the moment, Mashable has a non-working prototype of the hound but it presents great possibilities for the future.

Essentially, weed and all other kinds of elements are prevented from from impairment at THC level. Pot consumption can lead to impairment especially when you are drunk. However, it is also true that this presents great possibilities- the new weed breathlyzer that might be here very soon.

Stoners aren’t paranoid. The hound may be able to get you off the hook without you even trying it.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

Spiderman: Gaming-TechUnveiled

Spider Man Prices Drop: Top Deals And Best Games

By on February 24, 2019

Taxes are high and GameStop is preparing for the annual tax day sale. On this special day, gaming companies want to make sure that they spend this tax on games such as video games. Essentially, this means gaming companies to lower prices of existing games to bring forth more. Its a special day for gamers and game players. The tax Season Sales will start athis weekend.

The first sale is the Pro Day sale which is available for PowerUp Pro Members. It will be open for the general public tomorrow, on 24th February and on Sunday.

One of the highlight sales is Assasin’s Creed Odyssey. The game is available for $19.99 and with $60 off per headsets.

There is a mystery bundle as well- 10 secret PC games for $6.99.

Furthermore, Sony has confirmed that Polygon will be available at a $20 discount.

Spider-Man, thereby, will be available for PS4 exclusives: God of War, Detroit: Become Human and Shadow of Colossus at $39.99.

Hardware/Accessories (Hardware News: Link)

  • Samsung 500GB SATA III Internal SSD- With $41 off- $68.99
  • TCL 65-Inch 6-Series 4K TV- ($829.99 at Amazon ($470 off)
  • XBox One X Fallout 76 Bundle- $389.93 (Amazon)- ($111 off)
  • DELL D2719 HGF Gaming Monitor ($169.99) ($80 Off)
  • Ninentendo Switch $35 eShop gift card bundle- $299.99- at Amazon, Best Buy and Game Stop.


  • The Nintendo Enamel Pin Packs- $7.99 (Amazon) – $5 off
  • Nintendo New Switch D-Pad Controller- $19.99 at Amazon ($5)
  • The Nintendo Enamel Pin Packs- $7.99 Amazon ($5 off).

Other Offers and Sales

  • Mystery PC Bundle- (10 mystery PC keys ($6.99)
  • Dark Souls 2 &3 on PC- (75 Percent off Humble)
  • Stalker Trilogy- PC- ($8.95 Fanatical) – $41 Off
  • Final Fantasy 15- Ps4 and Xbox One- $19.99 GameStop ($29 Off)
  • Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
  • Splatoon 2 Starter Pack (Switch) – $43.91 at Amazon ($16 off)
  • Red Dead Redemption 2- PS4/ Xbox One

It’s the tax season and game prices are low. Make the most out of it by getting your favorite bundle, including Spider-Man, at low prices.

Additionally, what you need to know is that gaming will never stop, nor will gamers. If you are a fan of gaming, keep here and stay intact for we will bring to you the latest in technology, news, hardware and more.

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Trump Wants 6G Technology All To Himself

By on February 24, 2019

Trump Wants 6G Technology All To Himself

In a series of new tweets, Donald Trump has called on companies in the U.S. to find solutions for 5G and 6G technology. While 5G is available in America, he is now on 6G, while most of America doesn’t even know how to deal with themselves.

In his latest move, which he revealed on Twitter, he is trying to make sure that 6G technology leads the way and he wants it all to himself.

While it may take time for 6G technology to bear fruit, Trump is JUST on the go.

On Thursday morning, President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump wrote on Twitter, “I want 5G and 6G technology in the US asap”.

It’s like a baby yearning for his mama.

Trump: Tech Unveiled

While commenting further, he said he wants it to be powerful, faster and higher than the current standards. Furthermore, he said that American companies should assess and step up their efforts otherwise they will be left behind.

Essentially, Trump wants the best of technology and the best of technology is mostly escalating to 5G and 6G technology.

What Does DonaldTrump Want?

Trump is eyeing technology at the moment as he takes a look at it further. He’s put most least developed countries to shame and is escalating now at the speed of science. However, he forgets to realize that… Well, nevermind, its Trump anyways.

He essentially wants everything to himself, the U.S. to lead the way and then for others to follow the league and for U.S. to lead the way. I think China is biting him in the butt too much and he is taking out his frustration on China and then the world.

Finland’s Schedule

President Trump’s tweets came after Finland’s schedule to hold the biggest mobile event in the world and next week.

While the rest of the economies are trying to get 5G technology, the President of the U.S. is on 6G. 6G technology is the latest and forthcoming technology.

Well, the truth is that 6G technology is not coming forth till another few years. Trump, then, at least is talking for he is saying the first word for ideas and essentially, marking a footprint, then that he said it first.

Trump, its not a race. This is life. People can live without 6G, let the world experiment with 5G first. Trump and his shenanigans.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Uber: Tech Unveiled

Uber Shows Momentum: Growth Is A Problematic Concern

By on February 16, 2019

Uber Shows Momentum: Growth Is A Problematic Concern

According to recent reports, it was revealed that Uber has had a very tough year.

In 2018, Dara Khorowshahi, the first CEO of Uber, who completed a full, whole term, narrowed losses and continued to exhibit growth.

However, the tricky part is that “growth was slower than the previous year”.

Uber Objectives: What’s Ahead

Leading up to its objectives in the last year, the company is heading ahead because of transportation and logistics and not only ride hailing.

However, there are certain problems prevailing in Uber’s circle. These include:

  • Autonomous driving
  • Scooters
  • Bikes
  • Flying cars
  • Uber’s long term profitability

The company is not backing out at all. In fact, its CFO and COO are making sure that they bring the company on track by making the right choices.

The current CEO of Uber made sure that there should be big expensive bets because of Uber’s acquisition of bikes and scooters, start ups and expanding on their efforts called Uber Eats.

During the 4th quarter of 2018, the company adjusted a loss of $768 million.

It benefited from income tax- $358 million and then it adjusted a loss of $840 million. Its gross bookings for Q4 came in $14.2 billion, up from 37% from the same quarter a year before.

Uber’s Core Business

Right now, the company is considering its food delivery business as its core business.

During the 4th quarter of the year, UberEats made up a segment of 17th during its Q3. Back in October, Uber said that it is expanding its business to cover about 70% in the US by the end of this year.

In Other News:

In other news, Uber drivers are reporting false reporting riders who vomit inside their vehicles. Apparently, this is called a vomit fraud but they are now evaluating this fully.

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Amazon new headquarter Virginia: Tech Unveiled

Is Amazon New Headquarter Virginia Location Final?

By on November 3, 2018

Is Amazon New Headquarter Virginia Location Final?

There is a lot going on all fronts. Amazon is opening its new head quarters, some amazing movies are coming up (some of them are related to tech btw. And a lot, a lot more).

However, we’re going tot all about Amazon right now because that’s important news.

New reports suggest that Amazon is locating its 2nd headquarter in North Virginia. Reports suggest that the company is still in talks about it.

The new location of the head quarter will be it Crystal City, Virginia. It will be located on the outskirts of Washington in North Virginia.

Amazon new headquarter Virginia: Tech Unveiled
Amazon new headquarter Virginia: Tech Unveiled

According to the Washington Post, the company has held advanced discussions about Amazon new headquarter location Virginia.

In fact, things seem to be in their final stages!

Moreover, the Washington Post has reported about the discussions that are going to be a part of the talks. The buildings the company can get and occupy. Further discussions of adding employees have also been abuzz.

There are other reports as well about having many hundred employees as a part of the new head quarters.

Amazon has been talking about its 2nd HQ for a while now. The new Amazon headquarter in Virginia will be looking at a lot of stuff. One thing it will do for sure: It will add more jobs in the economy.

First, Amazon had 20 locations in mind including Maryland, Ontario, Toronto, Raleigh and others. However, it seems like now, it has made up its mind regarding North Virginia.

Amazon new headquarter Virginia: Tech Unveiled
Amazon new headquarter Virginia: Tech Unveiled

However, whatever the case might be or is, Amazon vouched to add 50,000 jobs and invest $5 billion in the market. It seems like it is heading in that same direction and there’s a lot to expect.

A lot is expect off the Amazon new headquarter Virginia. Time will tell how things proceed and materialised.

However, it is true that Amazon new headquarter Virginia location being confirmed means that the new headquarters – Amazon headquarter 2, is not too far away.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tech Unveiled.