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What’s Wrong With Technology In Pakistan?

By on June 10, 2019

Has anyone noticed what we have noticed in technology in Pakistan these days. Have you ever wondered what happens to technology all of a sudden; as in you are browsing your phone, your Internet and suddenly good things start to emerge? (ads) or just that things start slowing down or start lagging perhaps.

Moreover, do you know that there are many major issues with technology in Pakistan that it would be a shocker to realize what the loopholes essentially are.

Being In Pakistan

I am in Pakistan and certain problematic concerns are ruining the global economy, including Pakistan itself. This is especially true as far as technology in Pakistan is concerned.

If we are talking about technology in Pakistan, certain major broad liners are BIG problems with the country’s technology itself such as:

  • Lack of technology itself
  • Slow Internet Speeds
  • Lags and delays

Recent Changes In Technology These Days

Change in Google Search Console

The Google SEO Search Console has become a very complicated ordeal. In fact, it is one of the main problems emerging for many on the forefront as websites are on a slowdown because of this very problem.

The new Google Search Console’s version is far more complicated the first one. Moreover, it has made accessibility quite difficult. Thereby, many websites are struggling.

While the first Google Search Console was easy to understand by those who understood it properly, the New Google Search Console was rolled out immediately without the users having a proper say in it.

Emerging as one of the major problems in technology in Pakistan, the idea here should be to try the use of mediums, articles, blogs or YouTube tutorials to understand how this works.

You can understand the New Google Search Console and many have too but there are certain technical glitches in it that is making the websites struggle to a huge extent.

The new search console is making it difficult for those who are trying to use technology in Pakistan as it is affecting their website rankings.

Moreover, it is also making the analytics part of the website very problematic and it is therefore, not that understandable.

Tutorial For Google Search Console

Copyrights Reserved Pakistan

A huge problem in Pakistan is the lack of Copyrights reserved. Whether you are talking about technology in Pakistan or the overall country’s landscape in general, you will see that it is one of the main Asian countries that faces huge problems because of Corruption.

Corruption in Pakistan has been a huge issue since its birth. Corruption in this country means being involved in every level, being a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’. The ones who are ruling this country are the ones that are taking a share out of what they have worked for or presented to the people. Nonetheless, the answer for corruption is that they have been using the state money in any case so the money was never theirs.

It is time to end corruption in Pakistan for it to bear greater grounds and beef.

Since the leaders of this country are so corrupt, there is no medium ground or over ground for the citizens of the country. Everybody is working for themselves, spending what they have and then running another day without any break. Moreover, magic, playing with the hidden, being cryptic and bullying remains a huge problem in the country. In fact, these are the things that are joked about or taken lightly by so many that this country hasn’t moved an inch behind or an inch less from where it started from.

As far as a political indictment would be, technology in Pakistan will improve if you first get the copyrights enacted.

This means that nobody can copy ideas of software, take information through illegal measures (check mobile carriers: Mobilink, Ufone and others), no phone tapping, no cameras in the country to take a look at the normal homes or anything above or less.

Pakistan will suffer greatly if it is not taken care of. Ideally, every thing in the country should pass the bar and by the minimum. There should not be any free loot. There should be contractary agreements and contradictory increments. Nobody should be pirate free and every body should succumb to a proper center in order to maintain and enable privacy and increase.

Additional Feelings

Let us not forget that enacting Copyrights in this country would give people their money back- be it celebrities or anchors, whose money it is and then it would also mean fair judgement in the country and lastly, it would make it easy for the current government of Pakistan to take things step by step and tackle things one by one too.

It is a perfect solution and a slow but steady step to end this loot ‘bazari‘ in this country, as well as putting the rest others (check PML-N, PPP) and other “fighting parties”, trying to be the “face of the country” to step back and let the current ruling party reign and run this country called ‘p-aaa-k-isss-t-aaan‘ – (naan,aan,kaan,shaan,paan,laan, baan) etcetc.

Pakistan is on a lack of technology and the problems are so evident but there essentially is no help because there is absolutely no help, not even divine help.

Access to Upwork- Another Problem In Pakistan

While Fiverr makes a responsible choice as far as freelance work is concerned, Upwork is still not working or is probably on the loose. Upwork profiles don’t get accepted in Pakistan anymore. This, according to many, is one of the problems with the technology in Pakistan.

Having a personal experience with Upwork, I realized that it used to accept profiles but now it really doesn’t.

The reason behind this could probably be the lack of support for Pakistanis on the medium by the US, after the new US government. There could be many other factors too.

Access to Upwork would mean a lot of money because that is how the pay scale and payout is with this company.

Cyber Security

Another major problem with technology in Pakistan is cyber security. Cyber security has been a problem since a very long time. It IS an everyday thing. However, in Pakistan things have never shined ‘bright through’.

Cyber security has caused a lot of problems in the country. People are being fooled most of the time with carriers such as Mobilink, Ufone, Zong and others. Truth be told, these are the same companies that have their handheld devices out and rolled.

One of the best solutions to cyber security would be to take care of the information that is being leaked or tapped or covered by mobile carriers. Moreover, the internet should be checked too as to where the information regarding the information transferred Over the internet is going.

Cyber security is a huge responsibility and cyber crimes are one of the most dangerous problems this country is facing. To tackle cyber crimes, the best way and measure is to take care of policy i.e. the people, their mobile usage, their spending, expenditures and more.

Any leakage of information is Breach and any efforts taken to take care of this breach is a lack of information and that, perhaps, is the biggest breach.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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Global News Update: US, China, Germany, Brazil

By on May 20, 2019

Today’s Monday, start of the new week and we have a lot of information in. Surprisingly, the world is suffering at the hands of many, as all kinds of news is pouring in.

First things first:

On the global front:

There seems to be an inherent or excessive rise in war amongst economies around the globe.

Since the last many weeks, the global economy is hurting and the effects of it are being felt throughout the world.

Global news:

People are worried if its a global war; the notion sort of a world war remains simple if we look at Iran and the US. However, we doubt anything like this will happen because that would create havoc globally.

I feel it is the countries that are trying to intervene in one another’s economy which is causing a global havoc. The silver living? It’s probably created out of misery for a certain gains for a basic few. The broad lining? there probably doesn’t seem one.

Global News

If you are interested in finding out the latest news or what’s going on the global front; If you are a tech enthusiast and follow news daily, here are your global snippets to get you started:

Brazil Massacre: 11 people shot down in Brazil by gunman: Link

Modi begs for one more chance at Presidency: Read clear picture: (InImage): —-> Link

Trump BRAWLS Over Iran War By Warning Iran Without Any Stated Reason (As Usual) : Link

Google Announces New Pixel Phone For May 7th: Link

Saudi Arab Calls For Immediate Trade And Talk Tensions With Iran: Link

John Wick Comes To Fortnite: Link

Javad Zarif (#JavadZarif) Says There Will Be No War: Link

Kuwait Announces Visa Ease For Pakistanis: Link

New Surface Headphones Available for $100 : Link

Stay tuned at tech unveiled.

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World By The Minute: Friday: 10th

By on May 10, 2019

World By The Minute: Friday, 10th May, 2019.

There was a lot going on this week in the tech world and on the global front as well.

If you really want to know, the world economy is sort of at a halt, before the pre-decisive periods of say or when the governments are sworn in.

In latest news and the recent headlines are:

The global crisis and the worry as to what will happen next:

Trump And The Global Crisis:

China and US: And The Trade War:

Royal Family Makes A Debut To The World:

Meghan’s new baby

Latest news in: Tech Unveiled

North Korea shoots missile and Trump Hates it:

North Korea Missles And Trump’s Notion of I Hate It.

Denmark: The Least Favorite Nation

Is Denmark The Least Favorite nation in the world:

Environment issues: 2/3rd of World’s Longest Rivers Choked.

Environment Problems: Chocking Rivers

Thai activists insult monarchy and then they ‘disappear’ in Vietnam

Thai activists accused of insulting Vietnam

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World News: Tech Unveiled

World News: There’s Something In The Food

By on April 22, 2019

World News: There’s Something In The Food

It is surprising to see where the world is going right now.

In global news, Pakistan seems to have been struck by the food just as the world has been hit by blasts, bombs, figures and more.

As Jet Airways came to an end, sort of a halt in the time frame it came to an end which, disturbed the entire world just recently.

The opinion right now is that the political season is on and people are fighting for their rights. Governments are being formed but calamities are hitting the world as well. For me, to great extents (See: Sri Lanka, Spain, Ecuador, Quetta, Paris, Germany and more).

In recent news, in Pakistan, 75 students have been admitted to hospitals in Peshawar. Their condition is stable but their condition is pretty normal.

What it looks like is that something is wrong with the food here and it seems to be a very big malaise.

While the government of Pakistan, and the current PM, Imran Khan, is trying its best to work hard and play hard too, the common concern seems to be the federal government for him. While that is his problem, the food seems to be disturbed.

People in the country are not feeling well and today’s occurrence in Peshawar seems to be an erratic concern.

The cause of concern was nausea, abdominal pain and headaches.

The obvious cause should be and is: Food. The recommendation for the government will be to clean what’s in the food say water, drainage, sanitation and more.

In other news: Latest in the world: Resources.

25 Best Places In The World

3 Billionaire kids Dead In Sri Lanka

Comedian Zelensky Wins Presidency

Social Media Accounts To Get Blocked

Colombia Landslide

Media Faces Notices in Pakistan: ARY, Bol News

Latest Bitcoin

Gold Prices: Pakistan

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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Notre Dame: Tech Unveiled

Notre Dame Fire Shocks Europe

By on April 17, 2019

Notre Dame Fire Shocks Europe

The latest fire in Notre Dame has shocked Europe.

Governments along with companies have shown their concerns and paid interest to the matter; Further, they have showed their inclination to pay millions of dollars to Europe to rebuild the building.

Monday night was a nightmare for French as the fire in Notre Dame took the place by a storm.

Paris is one of the tourists favorite and it is the most famous landmark in the country. It has attracted millions of tourists each year.

Individuals and top personnel from across the globe paid tribute to Notre Dame, saying that they feel badly for the victims. Moreover, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook paid tribute and his condolences to Notre Dame’s heritage.

The fire has shocked the world but what is hauntingly true is that there have been simultaneous attacks across the globe. You never know but you know it might be absolutely true that these attacks might be planned and if not planned then… Definitely an inner game or agenda might be going on.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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Ilhan Omar Death Threat: Tech Unveiled

Support For Ilhan Omar: She Faces Death Threats

By on April 16, 2019

The new controversy in town is that Ilhan Omar has faced increased death threats. What’s evident is that the video is a showcase of 9/11 and she is being threatened for it.

The revelation is that the video was spread by Trump and she is being accused of it.

Ilhan is of the opinion that this video and its wrongful promotion is affecting her image and things might go wrong.

While commenting on the report, Ilhan said that violent crimes such as these are taking lives and are affecting people like her adversely.

Trump is the one who has been pushing this agenda forward of Ilhan Trump and death threats.

Essentially, Trump has been pushing all of his agendas forward and Omar is one of them.

Omar is being wrongfully accused of a video which has only been made through images and slides.

Least of all the judgemental personalities, Omar hasn’t done much to affect this problem yet.

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Airplanes: Tech Unveiled

Feature: World’s Largest Plane

By on April 14, 2019

There is a new plane and evidently it is the world’s largest plane.

The world’s largest plane has flown to the Mojave desert and in California.

Designed by Strato-launch, it is designed to act as a launch pad and that for satellites.

The wingspan of the plane measures 385ft (117m) and it is on a maiden flight that reaches new heights and that too off 170 mph.

Stratolaunch was built by Paul Allen and in 2011.

The prime purpose of the plane is to let it act as a flying launch pad for the satellites.

The purpose of the plane is to fly to a new 10km (6.2) miles before it releases to satellites and orbits.

If the project’s aim is successful, then it will be a cheaper way to make bran new objects in space; to use it rather than getting objects from the ground.

The person who flew the plane was Evan Thomas; and while talking to the reporters, he said that the experience was quite fantastic.

Interestingly, the plane performed really well and the airplane flew as shown.

To Conclude:

Stratolaunch described it as a vessel and it is considered as the world’s largest plane in the world.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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Electronic Cigarettes: Tech Unveiled

Say No To Electronic Cigarettes

By on April 4, 2019

If you have been smoking e-cigarettes, you should stop.

E-cigarettes are no longer safe and you should stop smoking them right away.

According to the FDA, e-cigarette users are reporting high numbers of seizures.

The FDA is collects information through vapes so that e-cigarette users can share their information.

In accordance to a report by the FDA, 35 people have reported seizures. Amidst 2010-2019, there are many incidents related to vaping.

Moreover, reports reveal that 35 people who have reported seizures related to vaping.

E-cigarettes are a no go zone. There have been so many cases regarding it, where they exploded in their faces. Now, report reveals that these e-cigarettes are causing seizures. We are concerned with these cases, they say.

The truth is that e-cigarettes are no longer in. They used to be, as a measure to avoid normal cigarettes. However, they are electronic, associated with technology and therefore and thereby, not important as they are very damaging… This is also because you simply do not have control over them. It is infact, the technology, that you are looking at, so technology is ruling you not the other way around.

With normal cigarettes, at least you are in control of what you are lighting but in the sense of electronic cigarettes, you simply do not have control over them.

The defence of electronic cigarette manufacturers is that people might be taking amphetamine and cannabis with e-cigarettes and that’s what is damaging them. The truth however remains real. E-Cigarettes are a no-go zone because they are damaging you, they are ruining your health, they are damaging your brain and they are

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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Helios 300: Tech Unveiled

Gaming Laptops Are Cheaper: Their Performance Is Better

By on March 27, 2019

You can now acquire gaming laptops for cheaper and their performance is much better..

For instance, the Acer Predator Helios:

Good Stuff:

  • 144Hz screen
  • Affordable price point
  • Great gaming performance

Bad Stuff:

  • No displayport
  • Plastic design
  • Battery life: A little low

A affordable gaming laptop, the Helios 300 is not worth $2000 and its damn good.

With a 15.6 inch chassis, the laptop comes with a USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, plus a USB 3.1 Gen 1 type C port.

The Helios 300 is a true form gaming laptop with 15.6 inch, 144Hz screen, Intel Core i7 chip, GTX 1060 graphics.

The battery is not long lasting, a great design and an amazing keyboard.

Bottom line:

Gaming laptops are usually unaffordable… they are usually too expensive but essentially… cheaper versions of these are available too..

Not exactly the right kind of laptop in its full capacity, this 1.05 inch chassis is not really the thinnest, this laptop is good for its price, irrespective of dark metal palm rest.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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Huawei 300: Tech Unveiled

Huawei Matebook X Pro: Rounds Off To $200 And Is Excellent

By on March 18, 2019

There is a new laptop in town and it is the Huawei Matebook X Pro: Priced at $200, the new laptop is touted to be an excellent one. The price is excellent and the word of mouth is that the laptop is an excellent bet.

What’s in it?

First things first:

The new laptop comes with the following:

  • It’s an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor which is new and the latest
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512 GB internal storage
  • Runs on Windows Central

The laptop is an interesting bet but what’s more interesting is that these specs are available for a higher price. However, this laptop is a good deal and it is available for less so you can make the most out of it.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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