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US Market: Bitcoin Supersedes $8000 As Its Value Doubles This Year

By on May 18, 2019

Bitcoin is actually β€˜in’ this year, and its price has risen to $8000 already. If we look at it on the whole, its prices will double this year.

During late 2017, Bitcoin prices rose to about $20,000. While this is a massive drop from that year to now, Bitcoin prices are now strengthening.

In a recent wave, Bitcoin prices crashed but they seem to be rising right now.

On Tuesday, Bitcoin prices (Informative Ready: Market Update Thursday) rose to $8,000, as the crypto currency extended a rally and doubled since the start of the year.

According to a Managing Director of a UK based firm, eToro, negative news is not having any kind of impact on the Bitcoin yet. This is the reason why Bitcoin prices have increased to $8,000. Before this, it was consistent at $6,000.

One of the main users of Bitcoin is the Chinese. While Bitcoin wont reach new highs of $20,000, we can say it is β€˜catching up’.

In a recent report, National Alliance Securities Andy Brenner said that it is unsure as to whom the direct flows are coming from and who exactly and essentially is buying the Bitcoin. It looks like Chinese investors are going for digital currency to diversify. It is again the Chinese trying to get their hands on Bitcoin and so its prices have risen to $8,000.

According to a popular crypto currency website, CoinDesk, Bitcoin prices topped to about $8,325 before it gave up certain gains. Moreover, Bitcoin prices have risen by over 120%.

The recent increase in Bitcoin prices has coincided with the Chinese Yuan and the dollar. So the Bitcoin now stands at $8,000 but few weeks ago, it was valued at $6,000.

In Other News: OPEC

In other news, OPEC on Tuesday said that it would demand oil and demand for oil would be higher than expected this year. 

Moreover, and on the other hand, OPEC, Russia and other non-member producers are reducing their output by 1.2 million barrels. The producers will be meeting up this year to extend this pact.

US Market News/Watch

On Tuesday, stocks rose; The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased by 250 points where as coco-cola shares were in gain.

Boeing and Apple shares rose by 2%, whereas Apple rose by 0.8%. 

Bank shares also rose. Citi group, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America also traded at 1% higher and Wells Cargo shares rose by 0.7%.

Moreover, Dow Jones and S&P 500 dropped by 617 points and then 2.4% respectively. Their performances were worst since early January. Moreover, Nasdaq declined by 3.4% and it was its biggest loss since 2019.

Additionally, after the Morgan Stanley upgrade, Coco-Cola shares rose by 2.4% and then settled at equal weight.

Major US indexes on Monday rose after China planned to increase tariffs on about $60 billion and then worth of US imports. 

The list of targeted goods ranges from TV cameras to tequilas whereas Beijing is also imposing new tariffs. Major US indexes rose on Monday and China is also planning to bitcoin prices to raise tariffs on goods further.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Notre Dame: Tech Unveiled

Notre Dame Fire Shocks Europe

By on April 17, 2019

Notre Dame Fire Shocks Europe

The latest fire in Notre Dame has shocked Europe.

Governments along with companies have shown their concerns and paid interest to the matter; Further, they have showed their inclination to pay millions of dollars to Europe to rebuild the building.

Monday night was a nightmare for French as the fire in Notre Dame took the place by a storm.

Paris is one of the tourists favorite and it is the most famous landmark in the country. It has attracted millions of tourists each year.

Individuals and top personnel from across the globe paid tribute to Notre Dame, saying that they feel badly for the victims. Moreover, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook paid tribute and his condolences to Notre Dame’s heritage.

The fire has shocked the world but what is hauntingly true is that there have been simultaneous attacks across the globe. You never know but you know it might be absolutely true that these attacks might be planned and if not planned then… Definitely an inner game or agenda might be going on.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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Airplanes: Tech Unveiled

Feature: World’s Largest Plane

By on April 14, 2019

There is a new plane and evidently it is the world’s largest plane.

The world’s largest plane has flown to the Mojave desert and in California.

Designed by Strato-launch, it is designed to act as a launch pad and that for satellites.

The wingspan of the plane measures 385ft (117m) and it is on a maiden flight that reaches new heights and that too off 170 mph.

Stratolaunch was built by Paul Allen and in 2011.

The prime purpose of the plane is to let it act as a flying launch pad for the satellites.

The purpose of the plane is to fly to a new 10km (6.2) miles before it releases to satellites and orbits.

If the project’s aim is successful, then it will be a cheaper way to make bran new objects in space; to use it rather than getting objects from the ground.

The person who flew the plane was Evan Thomas; and while talking to the reporters, he said that the experience was quite fantastic.

Interestingly, the plane performed really well and the airplane flew as shown.

To Conclude:

Stratolaunch described it as a vessel and it is considered as the world’s largest plane in the world.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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Electronic Cigarettes: Tech Unveiled

Say No To Electronic Cigarettes

By on April 4, 2019

If you have been smoking e-cigarettes, you should stop.

E-cigarettes are no longer safe and you should stop smoking them right away.

According to the FDA, e-cigarette users are reporting high numbers of seizures.

The FDA is collects information through vapes so that e-cigarette users can share their information.

In accordance to a report by the FDA, 35 people have reported seizures. Amidst 2010-2019, there are many incidents related to vaping.

Moreover, reports reveal that 35 people who have reported seizures related to vaping.

E-cigarettes are a no go zone. There have been so many cases regarding it, where they exploded in their faces. Now, report reveals that these e-cigarettes are causing seizures. We are concerned with these cases, they say.

The truth is that e-cigarettes are no longer in. They used to be, as a measure to avoid normal cigarettes. However, they are electronic, associated with technology and therefore and thereby, not important as they are very damaging… This is also because you simply do not have control over them. It is infact, the technology, that you are looking at, so technology is ruling you not the other way around.

With normal cigarettes, at least you are in control of what you are lighting but in the sense of electronic cigarettes, you simply do not have control over them.

The defence of electronic cigarette manufacturers is that people might be taking amphetamine and cannabis with e-cigarettes and that’s what is damaging them. The truth however remains real. E-Cigarettes are a no-go zone because they are damaging you, they are ruining your health, they are damaging your brain and they are

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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Weed breathlyzers: Canada- Tech Unveiled

A New Weed Breathalyzer: Get High Without Getting Stoned

By on March 7, 2019

Hound Labs, a Bay Area company announced that it completed a very successful clinical trial for its marijuana breathalyzer.

Reports reveal that the company will be moving forward with making a new commercial product with about a $5000 price tag.

The new product will be targeted towards construction and police companies.

Reports Hound Labs that the new THC can be detected in their breath. In a new minuscule amount of trillionth of a gram per litre.

Weed, they say, affect people in more than one way. After adjusting for age, gender, race and alcohol use, Department of Transportation study revealed that drivers who smoked were safer than those who smoked after they drank. Essentially, the cross of both beer and weed itself can ruin one’s sense of self and dignity as well.

However, it common knowledge that weed itself might not be that harmful though it might have certain important impacts on the body especially on your speech.

Little know how and preclude to weed and the new weed breathalyzer: the new weed breathlyzer gets you all the sense of weed without leaving a bad taste in your mouth or affecting your body and soul.

THC can be detected in one’s breath, especially two-three hours of inhaling. According to CEO Dr. Mike Lynn, a former ER doctor and VC, this amounts to a significant breakthrough that validates our technology and science.

Apparently, right now and at the moment, Mashable has a non-working prototype of the hound but it presents great possibilities for the future.

Essentially, weed and all other kinds of elements are prevented from from impairment at THC level. Pot consumption can lead to impairment especially when you are drunk. However, it is also true that this presents great possibilities- the new weed breathlyzer that might be here very soon.

Stoners aren’t paranoid. The hound may be able to get you off the hook without you even trying it.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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