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Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

By on September 27, 2019

Friday is the Week’s end and we are looking at 10 original pieces of writing from today to decode the world.

Cryptic or behaviors, the World is moving at the speed of light and it is about time that We get a grasp of it to control it before it supersedes to extents that cannot be tackled anymore by Man himself.

In an attempt to decode the world, we look at 10 original pieces of writing by me, at Tech Unveiled.

Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

First 3 Pointers

1- Pakistan and America are in a shock as to what is going on in the World. Though what we don’t understand is that America itself is doing nothing but commenting on everything in the World. America is taking us down by its demands though when we look at who is running the show, we get clarity about who is essentially running the world. Things don’t change in a day; I wonder what these meetings of Prime Ministers and Presidents are for (and monthly visits and calls?) Doesn’t make any sense anymore.

2- News is abuzz that in the process of running the World, certain few dominated the World and started acting like ‘Gods’ to take charge of the same World in which they are standing on. Is it cryptic or is it happening in real? It brings us to the World of Shadows. That, per Islam or any right, is against the Book and Every Book perhaps. It would be better to look at the revelations and as all of it was bestowed upon us to lead this life with a code, a moral code, which would take you towards the path of serenity.

3- To exhibit further in this Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing, we are sure of the fact that the “Game” is so big and so real that They are now bombing oceans, continents, submarines and pretty much everything in between.

Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

4- Every hint you get is real and every real is that hint. The Ones who are on the Right Path will automatically understand the difference between these two and the light for to conduct and go towards the right path. It is always the choice between good and bad, not lesser of two evils and if there are two evils, remove the evils so that there are new Evils. Or Good perhaps. However, the two evils will never see the good despite within themselves so if the two devils persist, it is time to take them by their core to prevent bigger, collateral damage.

5- Further in Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing, we also look at the good things that happened this year but the problem is messing with the current premiership in the world. I am looking at #trump2020 on Twitter and it is as big a joke as he is.

6- The drive to bring and stick with #capitalism to bring in independent economies to promote a culture that is according to you and above the law because it is your self that needs the law to be apprehended that way..#LGBT2020 and things similar are crazy concerns. That could be fine perhaps however what is happening on global forums is sort of just not in motion for people sitting in their respective places and seats throughout the world.

Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

7- Further in Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing, it is also true that what is going on across the globe should benefit every economy in every capacity. Perhaps, the religion of Islam must persist and coherent laws should be made to prevent #damage and unnecessary laws to outlay the existing governments across the globe.

8- Evil politics and voodoo politics must end. It should be the end of Magic and in the 21st century, pseudo men such as Trump and Modi should be ousted and new talents across the globe should be given a chance of taking charge of the world. (Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing).

9- You cannot drive out economies based on your opinion and jurisdiction. It is not possible for you to run economies based on your stances and then making sure other parts of you across the globe do the same to oust long year governments such as Monarchy in England (#Applause: (Brexit and Boris). [Lets not forget how similar a face both Trump and Boris have). This itself is LGBT.

10- The #Universe is not going anywhere. You decisions of a day or two could easily be made with insistence or hesitation or whatever it is. However, don’t forget that these *THUMPTHUMP*- Big Decisions are Taken on Fronts but The Next Day, That Shall Fall On You As well, (TRUMP), will Be the Same As The Days Of The Other One. It is a Race, if you are playing it and if it is that personal, then you will be blown out of every proportion and these proportions are internal so it starts with your gut. And information? Forget it. This is from The Devil.

Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

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