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How To Heal The Right Way

By on March 31, 2021

How To Heal The Right Way

There is nothing better than healing if you ask me. Healing is not just our innate purpose in life but it is also important and necessary for living life. We have to heal every day, for we work, go to the gym, meet new people, eat new foods and do so much more than our spectrum changes and we need to bring it to balance. For that, we need to rise up and go beyond our own selves to restore ourselves to normal balance or equilibrium.

Life has indeed become a race and for many other reasons, healing should be our first and foremost priority. Without being healthy, we cannot function and if we cannot function, what is the point of life?

Healing starts with you and if you have taken it upon you to heal, you can also go further by healing others as well. If you are interested in finding out more about healing and how to heal the right way, here are a few important tips.

Healing Begins At Home

Healing begins at home. Moreover, healing is internal so first, you must fix yourself internally to be able to see things clearly. Internal healing has a few aspects associated with it and here are few simple fixes for it.

Internal Healing.

Start By Breathing Normally

Make it a habit to breathe normally for your day. When you wake up, take 10 breaths internally and take 10 breaths externally. Breathe in and breathe out, inhale and exhale till you find internal equilibrium. Then go to the bathroom and empty your system by having plenty of water and make sure you do have plenty of water to keep going. Also, make sure that you take green tea and similar beverages to keep your system clean. There is nothing better than flushing for clarity as well so make sure you do. You need to have clean energy for yourself to fix internally so make sure you have a lot of water and flush all of it out, especially toxins out of your system. (Read: How To Flush Out Toxins From Your System). You should make drinking water your habit and once you have, you can pass on this advice to others on how to heal someone without ‘essentially’ doing anything.

Eat Right

For internal healing, it is important that you eat right. Make sure you have green vegetables and fruits to keep your system clean. You also need the right foods to eliminate the wrong toxins and it can be difficult in such a fast pace world to keep track of everything so here is where exercise comes in as well.

Moreover, make sure that you eat right and make it a habit to walk every day as well so that your system pumps new blood and you can automatically start flushing toxins out of your system. It is a habit to do things for 10 days till your body adapts to it and starts becoming a part of the newer process. Once your body adapts, you can start training it and be a part of something healthy and nice.

What you can eat is kale, broccoli, apples, bananas, cucumber, carrot etc. to keep your system clean and healthy.

Exercise From The Bone

We have a bone and to get a grip of yourself, make sure you exercise from the bone. Walk from your bone so that you get rid of excessive fat and look from the bone whenever you want to lose fat. Furthermore, it is important that for being healthy, you have the right weight so that you can process things on time and are essentially on point-blank.

Exercise, eat your way out of depression and all such things first, make it a process not progress and eventually progress if you need. Just make healing a part of something that you are committed to. Moreover and also, you must remember that healing is always internal and everything is external, so if you are healed internally, you will see things right and so on and so forth. It has got to do with your energy so make sure you take care of your energy by eating foods that eliminate toxins, drinking plenty of water and go exercising. Make this a habit and you should be able to enjoy the greater pleasures in life.

Walk, Jog Or Run

In exercise and if you want to heal the right way, make sure that you walk, jog or run. Running can help in getting the body in motion and for pumping new blood. Moreover, it can help you align with yourself and it can help in an outburst of energy that brings in more energy.

Walking, jogging or running can also help you get a clearer picture of yourself. It can help you process dreams eventually where all the energy is sealed and where it needs to come out. It is true that if you process your dreams, you will have no sickness so make sure you go ahead with it and everything will fall into place.

Healing is excellent and once you get used to it and it becomes a habit, there is no running away from it. Furthermore, if you have been looking to heal the right way, the above few pointers can help.

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The World In Chaos: Corona Level 2

By on October 20, 2020

The World In Chaos: Corona Level 2

Corona is stemming from anything that is remotely close to ‘excess’ or ‘excessive’. It is coming from anything that isn’t clean. It is coming from anything that is unclean and it is coming from any place that is ‘bitter’. This corona level 2 can be dangerous and one must be very careful before treading ahead.

It is apparent that Corona is back. This is ‘corona level 2‘, where the disease has made its mark in the world again. A lot of people are dying. Furthermore, cases of corona virus are being reported all across the globe. There has been a rapid increase.

People are dying but people are not stopping. In fact, after things opened after the phase 1 of the virus, people got out of control and forgot what they just bore. People started running towards restaurants, outdoors for gossips and chills, to places for ‘fun’ and continuing life in the same capacity which wasn’t even safe by any standards. That is the reason why corona level 2 came up and now people have to deal with it all over again.

Cause Of Corona Level 2/ Corona Layer 2

Since our systems are already weak from the upheaval of this strange disease, how will we be able to take stage 2 of the disease? Furthermore, amongst pressures, financial and work, it will become very hard to cope up with corona stage 2.

The truth is that people really forget their roots in the process and go back on the same things of destroying one another. The opening of restaurants and food gave them all the more reason to ‘get back’, only in their own apprehensive fancies, leading for them to be too over bearing for the others. It is a loophole and rather than cleaning tables, people should’ve been listening to sermons and there should’ve been sermons on how to clean yourself rather than how to go ahead with making profits.

This world is indeed a bitter place. Countries where there is cleanliness or richer countries will have low corona stage 2 cases and countries where there is this sick malaise of gossip and bringing and beating the other person down will be the worse sufferers of this disease. People need to be educated, government should take strict action and there should be a cleanliness campaign by water to clean and clear the air.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to avoid corona level 2 and want to ensure you are not struck by this life taking disease, here are some tips to follow:

10 Important Tips For Corona Level 2

1- Keep yourself clean, internally in particular. Eat greens, follow vegetables, have plenty of water and stay away from people who bring you down or eat you up.

2- Go easy on work and go by your limits.

3- Don’t fight with yourself in your hidden. Have lots of water and keep purging.

4- Wear a mask always and keep a distance of 10m from anyone and everyone.

5- Stop eating out and cook at home.

6- Don’t gossip or hold things in your heart. Even the walls have doors and windows have ears.

7- Follow a moral or code of life.

8- Go easy on yourself and others.

9- Don’t fight.

10- Stick with peace and harmony.

To Conclude

Water is the best solution to corona and so is exercise. If you exercise, wear a mask and make sure you sweat it out but you aid yourself with water. Winters are here so make sure you have enough layers to keep yourself going.

The human system is a sensitive concern. Be sure to hold yourself right and tight to avoid this corona epidemic called corona (corona level 2).

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