Tesla Cybertruck: Tech Unveiled


New reports suggest that Tesla has delayed its cybertruck till 2023. The Cybertruck is one of Tesla’s fancy ordeal. However, the truck, which was slated for an early launch, has now gotten delayed till next year. Fans will not be happy with the news.

In fact, it is not the Cybertruck that has gotten delayed till next year. Rather, its entire production has gotten delayed till the 1st quarter of 2023.

Tesla’ launched the Cybertruck in 2019. It was also promised that the automobile will start rolling off of production lines late in 2021. However, in August, full production was extended to some time in 2022. However, now, even that line has been waivered off.

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Challenges In Production Of Tesla Cybertrucks

Some of the reasons, Tesla stated, for the delay, are:

  1. External challenges: Some demand and supply contraints because of delayed/missing parts
  2. Issues because of the pandemic: Lack of workers/coworkers at work. Low productivity.
  3. Global chip shortages: Lag in the total global chip supply.
  4. Supply/demand issues: Problems on the demand and supply side because of lack of awareness, money and supply due to supply side issues
  5. Confirmation for a final release date: No news on the final release of the new Tesla cybertruck

The news for the delay of the launch of the cyber truck has disappointed customers.

There is also news that the truck’s angular look is quite controversial. Tesla’s new cybertruck has unique design challenges which may give problems in the coming run.

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Cybertruck fans will have to wait sometime before the truck hits the market. However, Tesla will have to make sure that it covers up for the delays because it already does not have a good reputation for timely releases of its products.

As of now, there are some electric trucks in the market that are good for many purposes. These electric trucks are from companies such as Rivian and Ford.

Just like electric vehicles, there are electric trucks and the EV market is quite developed so far.

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