Narendra Modi: Tech Unveiled

“THE” Fate Of Narendra Modi

Elections are just a few days away for India and things seem to lighten up but for Manmohan Singh not Modi.

Modi has been fighting for his power for some time now but it seems that this ass face of a man won’t be able to survive life, as we know it.

It seems like Mr. Modi is taking illicit measures to win his Presidency but India doesn’t really know what to do about this man.

Modi Trying His Luck

Evidently and apparently, Modi has been taking illicit measures and our sixth eye says that these measures have been including violence, magic, fluss calls and unmistakably measures to get his control.

Turns out: It’s all in Vain.

It is apparent that Modi is out and India really wants to rejoice but they won’t be able to breathe because it’s Modi.

Modi has been known for his carnage but it’s all hidden because this Genius of a man has been controlling the media as well. Everything is according to him but we say that if you are a man, how about you let the state talk!

Modi… Modi genuinely thinks everything is in his control and it might be.. but with corpses and aliens in India? That’s what he turns them into.

Modi’s magical mother is also up to some good, but bad good because Modi should realise that Karma is real and we are all it’s bitch!

In India, People are currently eyeing the following as possible candidates:

  1. Abhishek Bachchan
  2. Amitabh Bachan
  3. Shahrukh Khan
  4. Rahul Gandhi
  5. Manmohan Singh (Who by the way….. is the big daddy of India).


  • What will Manmohan Singh Claim?
  • Manhoman’s Notion:

“Everything is mine. Nobody can come near it. And whoever does, which includes Modi, will get burnt”.

Elections and Presidencies are going on around the globe and guess what:

India’s Modi is out. (Or At least the Indians are hoping for it.. He’s going going and gone but if unfortunately he is in… Then we all would probably know if its Him, his illicit measures or He himself?

To Conclude:

Modi are you in or out?

India’s election begins…

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