Is There A Solution For The Flawed World System

Is There A Solution For The Flawed World System

Is There A Solution For The Flawed World System

If you look at the world right now, you will realize that it is very flawed. Even if the top 10 hands sit to fix it, it will still crumble. This is because the world is dented. It is dented to the extent of no return because its foundations are broken to a great extent.

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The flawed world system is flawed for a reason, and only if we start looking and take responsibility for our actions will we be able to move ahead.

Most Common World Problems Today

There are many common world problems today. One of the biggest problems is that there is no space left. Second, there overcrowding. Third, there is too much bloodshed. Fourth, there are open wars. Fifth, there is a lot of propaganda, and sixth, it’s time to make ends meet and take this world to a better place.

The world doesn’t fix because war breeds conflict and hatred and peace is the answer to all of it.

Is there a solution to all of it? God knows. Till then, we are actually affecting Earth in ways to a point of no return. Furthermore, it has gone to a deep point of no return and it is settling at no common answer either. The world needs fixage, prayers, a lot of hope and at the end, His mercy.

You Can Heal The World By…

Taking Care Of The Damages

One way to heal the is by collectively taking care of the damages. We can repair the system by being nice to the system. (Don’t throw litter, take care of wrappers on the floor, take care of bottles, etc.). Furthermore, we can change the system by walking on it as our own. We can work to take care of it by saying taking care of the floor, air, damages, (etc.). We can also take care of it by taking care of those who wrong it or undo it.

The system today is so corrupt that it is a norm and when it is a norm, it is time to take care of it. The world is in a bad shape today and must be taken care off properly.

The World Is Damaged And Its To A Point Of No Return Now

There is so much in news regarding such big mishaps on Earth, how do you expect God will to fix it? No one is taking care of the damages of Nasa flying in air and wrecking the Earth and heavens (in their capacity).
No one is taking care of the weapons they test in the air and damage the skies for those sitting above them and no one is even taking responsibility of their actions.

May we all have God’s mercy for those who can understand, this is the end of the world in its own capacity and might.

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Some Truth And Some Prediction

The Flawed World System: Tech Unveiled

Few Important World Snippets That Show The Flawed World System And Prove It Why.

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The Flawed World System: More In News

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Moreover, the solution to this now are prayers and a move towards a movement where we all sit down to fix what we have damaged and work for the betterment of the future of our selves, our space, our collective beings and for humanity altogether.

Stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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