The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled

The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled

If you look at the world right now, you will realize that the World is so flawed that even if the top 10 hands sit to fix it, it will still crumble down. We can say that the flawed system, which is the world today, is the doing of certain few hands, especially Kim Jong Un and his allies.

His allies would include his step brother and his grand-dad and basically and in essence, the conspiracy theorists, for occupation strategy; ‘putting it on the others’ and taking it back to history (to take revenge of The Queen). Whatever the history may be, the truth is, you do every thing out of fear but your doings literally leave an irreplaceable mark on Earth, which then again has to be fixed by a few hands or two. The conspiracy theorists can rejoice but the flawed system will keep shouting till its not fixed. Therefore, it is better to stay away from what is not yours and in your best interest to keep up with what is not yours and leave all matters to Him and then He shall decide.

If we are talking about conspiracy theorists, conspiracy theories or perhaps the flawed system, here are few snippets that will open your eyes to how ‘man’ ruined Earth and how Earth is now a by-product of history and how history is flawed and why we need to turn back to the Universe and Him (Allah SubhanaTaAllah).

Glimpse Of The Flawed System

*The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled*

Some Truth And Some Prediction

Tech Unveiled is a continuation of what is already written and this time, we are talking about the flawed system.

Few Important World Snippets

1- The Deadly Corona Virus for which even doctors aren’t enough now. (2200 dead because of Corona Virus).

2- The Spread Of Terrorism: Read here.

3- Pakistan in Shambles. Read here.

Anything against the flow of systems- #systemflow is not right.

4- Japan’s “All-In” Festival: Read here.

The Flawed System

5- Apple Bears A Major Brunt Because Of Corona Virus warning issue. Read here.

6- Is baseball making a comeback? Latest news on MLB, player negotiations begin: New seasons to start soon. Read here.

7- Working through the ‘corona virus’: Story unveils. Read here.

8- Shooting from home? Another conspiracy theory. Read here.

9- Protests over Floyd increase: NYC on fire: Read here.

10- Trump, A Wise Man: Read here.

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