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The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled

By on November 18, 2019

The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled

The World is fine but the flawed system is a scary concept. This is an undeniable truth that the world system is so at default that not even 10 hands can fix it. There is a lot going on.

While there are many things we don’t like and there are things we like. Unfortunately, with the world at such a fault and with the flawed system we live in, I wonder who will guide the lights back home.

Glimpse Of The Flawed System

*The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled*

Some Truth And Some Prediction

Tech Unveiled is a continuation of what is already written and this time, we are talking about the flawed system.

Few Important World Snippets

1- The Deadly Corona Virus for which even doctors aren’t enough now. (2200 dead because of Corona Virus).

2- The Spread Of Terrorism: Read here.

3- Pakistan in Shambles. Read here.

Anything against the flow of systems- #systemflow is not right.

4- Japan’s “All-In” Festival: Read here.

The Flawed System

5- Apple Bears A Major Brunt Because Of Corona Virus warning issue. Read here.

Stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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