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Understanding The “God” Scheme: Pakistan’s Close Picture

By on February 24, 2020

Understanding The “God” Scheme: Pakistan’s Close Picture

Pakistan is a very well-developed country but grave problems in Pakistan still persist and by a majority. These include the obvious including murder, rape or perhaps forgery.

We are not living in an age where we think about what is real and what is not real. Exactly what the problem is today.

The problem today (“is it happening or not”) for some breath is okay but the silent problem that we just don’t feel anything is real or possible or just not processing anything is a sign of danger and perhaps, one that has to be taken care of in 2020 before it escalates to 2030.

(Problems of “The New Age” and why should we be careful off technology especially A.I. to stay in the reality and perhaps not the forsaken world).

This is where the talk of today’s age comes in where we just don’t understand what’s coming next; and especially for ourselves? That’s the biggest problem of the new age: Shadows and Spirits.

Nonetheless, Pakistan suffers from a lot of people disorder: The population is there and not very well-educated. Therefore, Pakistan needs something that can ‘clear the air’ for people to start breathing in the universe again.

This is somehow where we draw you closer to ‘the God scheme’. However, in context of this article and what you need to understand is your first instinct is your last instinct. Furthermore, despite the fact that the people of Pakistan suffer today and they are as illiterate as not being able to pick up a piece of bread to eat it properly, Pakistan is missing an authority that can take care of itself. Rest, Pakistan has everything.

Identifying The Hidden: The Real World

Honestly, if you ask me, there is nothing hidden in the world. The world has been crafted by a master designer who wants things in the right. There is no such thing as the hidden. In fact, the truth is that Pakistan needs to come to terms with its state, take care of its people, enforce law and order and get rid of anyone who is not agreeing with the right decisions of this country; no matter how big or small the decisions might be.

The first “no” in a meeting is the biggest signs of others to discover that no one talks as much a a soul can bare and talking is prohibited for it causes caustic damage than forced damage.

There is no hidden. Things are Done. They are not created. They are done. The extreme of the new-age is understanding everything for survival. Yet everything is there; so the way forward?

This is for Pakistan. People of Pakistan are already by faith and they have absolutely nothing in them except their guts, eyes, brains and head. Pakistan’s picture; 2018-2019 and now 2020 is meek. However, with efforts (especially by counting on the Land of Pakistan, we can definitely say Pakistan has a lot to lose but Pakistan can get back through rightful mechanisms)… i.e. The Right Hand to fix the mess not just Pakistan is in but what the World is in now.

Pakistan’s Speculation For 2020: Pakistan now to December End.

Irrespective of where you are, make this year (2020) about you.

2020 is all about getting rid of the clutter, getting rid of your thorns and jumping up.

For 2020;

“Cut the maze, cut the chase; be the invincible and stick to yourself. You never know what you might find”.


Never categorize your life by someone else’s motive or meaning. Remember, that every soul, by self sufficiency can survive till the end. 2020 is going to go by as all the past years have. The ‘key’ to ‘sustenance’ this year is to ‘let go and live‘.

Coming back to Pakistan or any other third, ‘less developed country’:

Pakistan is so ridden by corruption because Pakistan’s population doesn’t know the truth. This is because of their literacy and their ‘drive’ to earn money.

An essential thing to note here is that the majority of Pakistanis are less than the third tier population of the lesser developed people of Pakistan.

Pakistan is ridden by problems that you are not even allowed to take names of in Islam as they are that blatant. Cross these men and you have a fight. Pakistan suffers from corruption to an extent that it is the corrupt who say; touch me not and touch us yes and Then we will tell you.

Pakistan is being run by a suspicious soul and if that problem fixates itself, Pakistan will enjoy mercy.

In Retrospect…


Essentially, everyone is out to make money. While most of us have decent “professions”, others have different personalities. Some of us are born “writers”, some of them are born artists and some of us are born creators.

Everyone has a vision of their own. What we create is what we become. Essentially, everyone needs to have a ‘creative outlet’ to let go of their passion. Passions come down to emotions if you want to understands basics or theology but if you want to understand life, avoid the bad; don’t just beat it.


we didn’t come down with a higher manual or its easy to say read the book and I swear to God nobody wants to practice it. You can practice the “Books” only if you are by the book and no one is essentially by the book. We are by belief. Nonetheless, this is a debatable concern but what I am coming down to is; is; don’t lose money in 2020.

2019 was all about loss, gimmicks and drama. There was a lot of positivity too and at the pace at which #Hollywood is going, say the new Downie Jr. movie, I’d say we Muslims might be lacking behind.

What Pakistan needs is a refresher.

(On The God Scheme“).

(The God’s Scheme was to build everything around God, which Muslims believe to be Allah. The God Scheme is the biggest thunder of this universe and it is based on Man till Evolution in the name of Cancer and pedophilia). Its true name is science and its doers are called godsters. God Scheme is a very nasty and non-illicitly obvious concept, which is the problem in every HR and everyone by population except in Muslims by faith.)

What Does Pakistan Have?

Pakistan has music, drama, festivals, people, brains, minds, personalities and a lot of Muslims. Muslims can never be touched by faith because they are already Muslims. The notion of who’s a Muslim and who’s not; not even the enemy chooses to touch. It’s essentially faith that we are all by and we don’t want to be bothered. That is Human Nature but it is unfortunately a very big hidden problem of Pakistan.

Pakistan suffers from the pseudo party class withdrawal syndrome now. Is this good? Absolutely. It is more than 100% good because People of Pakistan are by #roots and that is our families. We’ve all been to America, we have all traveled the world, we are all parents, we all have kids, we all have married. People of Pakistan are Very Private and that is the authoritative right of a person or a soul not just eternity but every person on the right side of the human god – the human soul; which integrates to us and if you want to understand discipline; that is the ‘enroute to happiness’.

What Do We Need To “Understand”!

Essentially, Pakistan has been very well documented for the rape in the country. There have been such major landslides in development and other financial works. Pakistan has too many companies; it has too many brainies and a lot of power. People of Pakistan are Power. Not an inch less, more, higher or lower. Thats #Faith. (Instigated in us by God (The Supreme Authority and not a hoax-say its not a principle; it is the body and the #divineseed in every soul).

The problem with Pakistan has been rape and blood shot rape. The problem? The rapist hasn’t been caught. The graver problem is that this problem has somehow become the ‘hidden’. or “#TheHidden.

The Hidden means something that someone wants to hide. Everyone is talking about something but Pakistan seems to have had no change in the past many years or so. Isn’t that weird or does that make any sense to you?

Pakistan suffers from rape malignancy. It suffers from traumatized brain disorders and the state of its hospitals is as bad as the baddest ice in India or perhaps the downward lane in L.A where there is probably shit left for the dogs to eat. Pakistan has a problem of the ‘mysterious’ and that is Very Well Documented in Pakistan.

I’ve grown up in Pakistan and none of the past ruling government’s of Pakistan were criticized as ‘not being men’ or ‘men not at work’. In fact the fiasco that was created was that Pakistan suffers from ‘corruption’.

‘Corruption is not a topic or a debate’. It is a problem. And if it is a problem, it is created. Problems and all the bad or evil is done. It is not sent down from the sky by the Supreme Authority (which is every righteous man’s faith by par to an excellence that it doesn’t even breathe).

Another problem in Pakistan is that everything is alright, everything is there, there is One man’s voice and there is absolutely nothing in concrete.

Would you believe that the government is consistently working on agendas and everything is already there- say concrete roads, highways, the roads, the shops, the malls, the high class, the low class, the elderly class, the decent class, the come backs, the high backs and the low backs. The problem? The man in the running question.

Pakistan’s “Unfortunate” Problem

Pakistan’s problem is rape. In Islam, it is called “Zina”. Zina by category is having someone by not His’ authority. When you by-pass all classes and categories on a grassroot, homely and homeless corruption, that is already corruption. I mean that if there are no boundaries, there is no respect and that is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan- Especially of the ‘elites now’. If by Faith and a Muslim, not a ‘free will mason-which probably they don’t even have the English to understand for), then they are idiots.

Free Will is not being the devil by the way. It is having things done your way and having things done your way. Free Will is having a lot of coke and not eating juice because you don’t feel like it. Or you just want to blast some tears because you just got up to destroy someone’s life off of the revenge you might have breathed from their soul off the breath that you were breathing of theirs. This classifies under gossip and the real name of this malaise is ‘the society’.

Pakistan: A Classification By Matter

Pakistan has a lot of decent population. Pakistan is RIDDEN by rich men, families, Generals, Doctors, Lawyers, Creative Artists and a lot of intellectual minds. The problem with Pakistan is that ‘somehow, things just don’t work’ and that comes under ‘things that dont make you money’. This is where the God scheme comes in or maybe what I am trying to say essentially or something.

Pakistan unfortunately has such a low degree of human population that they don’t even know the basics of Walking. Pakistan suffers from poverty to an extent that people are on the road sides with broken eyes and shattered glasses and hands because they are just there to probably sit under the sky. Pakistan has a society or lets just say that now its a 3/4th of the total population of Pakistan; the ones who are starting to get out there to get good stuff say education, jobs or nonetheless, nothing, in the terms of the intellectuals of the country.

Lets just say that Pakistan is a very diverse country with minds that even Sheryl Sandberg can’t handle.

Ellen maybe wouldn’t be able to bypass the talent in Pakistan and Portia might even have a new wife- Pakistan is that liberal!

Pakistan suffers from the ‘identity syndrome’ which only a ‘very few people’ ‘have to know’ by mouth only.

It is the people who are working in the ‘higher circles of Pakistan’ that know a few things about corruption, who’s working for who and who’s out to get to who. The problem is that somethings are better yet understood than registered and talked rather than spoken.

Pakistan is on the edge of such development in 2020 that it could by-pass Dubai by Nature by the end of 2020 if its dams and infrastructure open and set up free and in the right way, track, path and authority.

Pakistan’s problem is that of an “Invisible Hand” that somehow just breaks all authority- literally takes the sky out of the heaven, puts the earth back to shame, takes out all the authority in Pakistan and what most of us say now is that we cannot even get out of their homes. Nothing works probably just an edge of a bull perhaps to make us chill or just sit in our homes and just the problem of ‘something is there’.

Pakistan: A Pattern Or Series Of Events

Pakistan has had such evident attacks from 2018 to 2003. 2003 to 2018, Pakistan has has had SUCH evident attacks that not even the tiniest blood’s inch in Pakistan might be happy with the current solution than lets say being satisfied in themselves and being able to ‘enjoy life’ I swear. And yes Pakistan does have everything! (Restaurants, Malls, Cinemas, Entertainment, Circles). (The Low Air of Pakistan).

(Pakistan’s most mysterious man).

Pakistan was declared a free state in 1947 and there has been no authority to change that even. Pakistan accepts. However when you realize the patterns of these attacks, they will be the same. I want you to write this down; Pakistan suffers from attacks made out of carcinogen, it suffers from attacks made out of morphine, it suffers from attacks made out of poison and it suffers from attacks made out of holes in drills and drills in mountains and mountains in guns and gun in (sajdaandsajdood) aka Namaz.

Pakistan has become its biggest enemy and it is a mystery. Is it? I am a researcher and a very well-established writer and I say that there is no such thing as a mystery. When something is getting done, it is being done and who’s doing it? For that, PATTERNS.

Nobody has the time to create mastermind plots that include the same murder (say blood shed), the same rape (say torturous rape categorized under terrorism by party shed, style set and ‘exemplary sets’. Zainab’s murder was the biggest discovery of that rapist and the other discovery of that rapist was the recent hiring of a woman in intelligence that wouldn’t even suffice as a fat maid in homes, it would suffice under men wearing turbans with big loopholes that they might want to call their torn shalwars and the piss of men that they probably do while enjoying themselves in this murder and murderous torture).

Few key points I realize in my terms and identification include blood shed by tears (say population tears)- say the bloodshed of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, the “creation of the principle of Islamization” – done all UNDER Islam. Probably and most scholars are, to understand, the notion of Prophethood, who created God, the Devils, the free-willers, the party poppers, the one trying to put people to shame through hooliganship; categorized under such pathetic terms under Pakistan’s slang-dope-language called the pseudo players and friends; working for one another and cutting each other’s thaws for money or power or their leaders).

Let’s just say Pakistan got ‘identified’ in 2002 and started getting under one man (and that man is a “”mystery””). 2003 onwards and 2020 now, Pakistan suffers from dented roads, (made by the previous decade long parties PML-N) (by popular vote; the most population of Pakistan), hooliganship, murder (but a very treasonous measure), murder by assault, and the hidden circle of probably 10-15 people of Pakistan. And literally if you ask by their mouths, even they would be saying a big no to whoever they are working for and that’s a mystery- That is not a mystery because everyone is talking and there is one man who is pseudo and cool. He is so mysterious that he doesn’t let people talk about his farts. That would be obnoxious and a man who doesn’t want to talk. That is an identification of a very weak personality.

Murder, Crime, Terminology and Thunder

Conspiracy Theorists And The Mystery Of Pakistan’s State.

If you want to understand a mystery, see how a man performs in the hidden; if you want to understand paranoia, look at how bad a man has done to you; if you want to understand love, see how good someone has been to you and if you want to understand pattern, be quiet about a man you are pissed about, be mouthful of a man who is too obvious and be quiet about a man who is too particular about his or her privacy.

The silence of a dead man is his tongue and a tongue is better till provoked and if provoked, then its is a sign of danger and danger is threat. If threat is too persist, it is done and if the feeling is wrong then something has to be done. and if nothing can be done, it will be #civilwar and if civilwar can be stopped then it will be martial law and if martial law is instated then law and order will be formed and once law and order has been formed, we have a New Government by population and by population vote- and common vote; which is now a necessity of Pakistan.

The invisible god schemes; keeping people at bare minimum, taking care of their healths by invisible torture (visible patterns : slick walk; pretentious walk, being slick and cool)-the slightest discrepancy shows a problem in personality. Not a problem by feelings but a problem in the wrong especially if the person is two faced or known to have many friends and selective friends off of the same friends and no friends but one friends for torture and the other for fun. That is God complex in one. Someone portraying his soul for torture on one, mouth on the mind of one’s body and soul and soul of the brain of one and that 3 and 3 can be 1,2,3 or 3,3,3, or 4,4,4, or 6,6,6,.. Numbers, figures or illustrations?

The God Scheme: Inspiration Towards Right Or Left. (Always the right ;-))

Finally, many people won’t be able to understand it but since we have an audience from all countries, let me just say that majority of the population can understand this by understanding the bad and corruption which is haraam. People in Pakistan KNOW what is Islam- good and bad and not just bad but Haraam and Halaal. And Haraam doesn’t work for too long in Pakistan.

Its a very minute circle in Pakistan being led by an invisible hand of “God” perhaps, so why the mystery? So I’d just say that this haram- the mishaps say your gold being ripped off of a gun while you are driving in a romantic city that you have brought yourself or perhaps a gun that would mysteriously be picked and dropped that even the loudest noises in far off villages might hear or just the air being dropped down or all of a sudden; voices and shadows.

Pakistan’s population does experience voices and shadows and for that what is necessary is Help. You need treatment for it and sleep is the best option of it.

Things aren’t just done. The hidden circle of Pakistan that is quite involved in the music industry and the entertainment industry and ESPECIALLY the political history is something that needs to be taken care of.

When three governments have persisted for years, even 30 year olds wouldn’t know how they worked. Pakistan is very close to LGBT and before there are riots in the country which are very necessary for order as this is an Islamic country, then I think there will be fixage and we will finally identify the mysterious problem of Pakistan. Corruption, in the name of murder, assault, women, men, murder, rape and Zina.

Stay tuned. Tech unveiled.

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