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The Human Race: We Can Only Humanize Things If We Are Surrounded By Humans

By on October 4, 2019

The Human Race: We Can Only Humanize Things If We Are Surrounded By Humans

It is 2019 and there is an incessant sign in the #universe to protect it.

Things are moving at a superseding pace and THIS superseding place (The World, The Earth and Everything In Between), only certain can take.

Furthermore, this piece of writing is for the Human Race.

We can only humanize things if we are surrounded by humans.

Those who need the most protection in the human race are the ones who are struggling the most. The best way out of this game is to know your limits, settle for your sovereign authority and move against this direction or perhaps, just step away from it.

However, who is shaking this authority and why things happen? You have to trust the universal laws.

The Human Race has been made by His Sovereign Authority, #Allah and in between is His doings for His beings. Anyone who comes in this #universalprocess will trip or drop; fail or lose momentum. Limits are the key and trusting the process is the key. The game? This is the #World and no one can escape it. Only #Death. If someone’s playing the race of the humans, #WhistleBlower, then it should be taken care off very seriously before more humans pass away or start reacting the same.

“The World At War”- October 4th, 2019. (Read here, here, here).

Playing The Human Race should be Everybody’s nightmare. Let’s not forget this is the World and we are all a part of it. Anyone who IS playing this game should be Kicked Out Of The Universe In Their Own Tongue, Slogans and Doings.


‘ Israfil (Arabic: إِسْـرَافِـيْـل‎, romanized: Isrāfīl, alternate spellings: Israfel, Esrafil) is the angel who blows into the trumpet before Armageddon and sometimes depicted as the angel of music. … It is believed that Israfil will blow the trumpet from a holy rock in Jerusalem to announce the Day of Resurrection’- #Quran. (Wikipedia).

Trump; Tech Unveiled.

The end of time: The Day Of Judgement.

Mr. Donald Trump is mentioned in the Holy Quran and it is quite safe to say that he is The Ajjal or Da’Jj’al. Nonetheless, his 2-2 of figurative speech is not coherent with his actions or behaviors. Furthermore, if we are looking at #whoistrump or if there are cries being heard of women or men saying “its trump”, its not schizophrenia or bipolar: Voices Are Created. (A very clear sign of the Day of Judgement“.

Understanding The Problem With The Human Race

There is absolutely no sign in the Universe for you to behave or act a certain way. If you want to understand the self, know that it is eternal.

You yourself are the problem, if you are endangering this #Universe and if you really are the problem, which you really are, then its time for ‘GoodRiddence’.

Also, there is a limit to blaming and then the blame game itself. The Universe cannot be the problem so the problem itself becomes very clear.

If we are playing the game of the human race, then, the #code of it is simple:

By the other:

Bypass every line with other individuals in the name of ‘self’, ‘ego’, ‘attitude’ or perhaps, just through Hidden Intentions and Motivations. Remember that the other self is also here and once they find out, Allah comes in the middle; and for and He reads every breathe, every second, every soul and every instance.


Remember the rule of solitude and grace: What goes around, comes around, even in the hidden by Allah’s decree.


Unfortunately, the game of the Humans is already on the go. Minor glimpses can be taken off the shows #GameOfThrones etc. However, those are ideas and concept, turning them into reality is ‘One’s” doing and that is…


It states in the #HolyQuran that the “Trumpet will blow on the day of judgement” and it will, if you ask #Muslims. However, if the #Quran itself states #Trump then it is definitely THAT serious.

May Allah protect us from this man of a face, face of a man, the conclusion, the spin, the 70 year old BAS#####. Trump.

The Human Race: We Can Only Humanize Things If We Are Surrounded By Humans

The Race Of Human: Playing The Human Race Game.

We can only humanize things if we are surrounded by humans.

Are we all humans? Most people wonder sometimes. “We are all God’s creation” said a psychiatrist to me once. I drew the line of interim from it that perhaps, we are all different.

The Truth?

We are All God’s Creation, true, but where you are standing is your health, what you do is who you are, what you want to do is where your heart is stuck and what you want to do is already that you are doing.

The stability?

To live in peace, aptitude, solitude; to be humble, to bow down in grace and to surrender to the Will of Allah SubhanaTa’Allah; The Supreme Authority Sitting On Top Of Our Heads.


The Human Race; By Trump and Other Allies.

After reading up on a lot of subjects and being a writer and researcher my self, I realized that the game of the Human Race is a very dangerous bet. Especially, if you are sitting 10 hours away from all destinations. Who so ever is playing this game, and whoever KNOWS this game, is the one who has Exploited this “Game” and This Game will inevitably bite you in the ass, sooner or later.

The way you can get OUT of this game is to feel with your heart, let your feelings submerge, get it out of your system but putting a line ON your system (your body) and wherever you see a little sign of universal mechanisms or perhaps anything that is discomforting you, you either press it with your hand or draw back and let your heart do the rest. Your eyes on someone else’s heart within your body and getting it out of your system is the way to keep going in this human race.

The soltitude for all in this is that Allah is there and if this game was THAT serious, he would have obviously not let it happen.


The Human Race: Global Economic Pressures

We are all humans but different notions or ideas come because these ideas have already been planted in the Universe. Things don’t just happen. In fact, tbut the war is now based on this race. If we are playing the games of humans, i don’t think it is game of thrones but in fact something very and deep down important. You cannot keep on screwing humans for your own vested interests.

It comes a surprise to me that most people in the World don’t know this but evil politics in the same world as we all are in can be a very dangerous phenomenon.

Reading the global news and being an avid reader of such news, I have realized how badly it effects on to have nazar on the other. It has been said that you cannot spill out anything in any others’ name, as per the Holy Quran and these are many categories of magic (sorcery, magic, spilling out beans in someone else’s name, making up different identities, presuming to be someone else and making sure you are someone else while making the other a fool). Nonetheless, these are important categories and names you must know to make sure that you are not a part of this game.

Fighting The Problems: Tech Unveiled

This World has become a problematic concerns and few hands are running it. Moreover, the concept and talks of taking over the world and its problems such as large scale destruction, global war and bigger phenomenons still persist. All of it is true but the concept and plan is all deceptive.. And that truly is what the game is now. We are talking about building homes in space, exploiting the universe, taking charge of the moon, creating destruction.. So on and so forth.

The problem is that the common man is unfortunately sitting in the middle of the World.

It is the right of every human to withstand any authority that is standing by him. Moreover, on a global scale, it is time that things start revolting.

You cannot play the game of humans because it will kill them. Whoever is playing it, aka Mr. Trump, on all levels, should immediately leave his Seat. Thats the First and Last message of the #Universe.

Secondly, if we really Are playing this game by population and majority, which we are and there is nothing much of it that is left, it is important that we take charge of the ongoing struggles and bring a face that is worthy of trueappreciation.

Nonetheless, this is not the time to bicker and backer because the World is at a threat and the threat is so severe that even the World cannot escape it.

Whoever is fighting against the norms or nature should realize that Death is not too far away. Death is inevitable and it may rock you to the core and not even come to you just to give you a glimpse of who you are and then walk away so that you stay in the same place as you are and let the universal forces bite you in the ass and come up to normal leverage.

Or perhaps, send you to the inevitable place of no return: Your Grave.

Stay tuned.

Tech Unveiled.

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