The New iPhone 11 Is Almost Here

Apple will be unveiling the new iPhone 11 on Tuesday but the phone will be launched officially next week.

In the next 24 hours, Apple will be kicking up a ‘brand new media storm’ and it is going to be BIG.

Along with the brand new iPhone, which is all over the Web today, it is also being said that Apple may also have a subsequent surprise at its NYC cube for its fans at Fifth Avenue.

Confirmation Of Apple New iPhone Releases

According to sources, the new iPhone 11 be launched on September 10th, which is tomorrow.

Furthermore, more devices and services will also be launched tomorrow.

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iPhone 11: Confirmed Features

Finally, the new iPhone will be boasting a brand new camera system, augmented reality with proper tags for tracking and certain other features.

Moreover, along with the new iPhone, will come an iPhone XR 2 or the iPhone 11R.

Pre-orders of the new phones will start on September 13th.

To Conclude

Further reports suggest that the company may have a special event in New York at its iconic Fifth Avenue Store. Reports reveal that the new place is going to be more spacious and more lit.

It is going to be a night to remember and a day to remember as well.

Stay tuned for more updates about Apple’s new phone here on Tech Unveiled.

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