The Third Strain Of Corona Virus

The Third Strain Of Corona Virus

The Third Strain Of Corona Virus

Corona virus is back, it seems and people are worried again. They are calling it ‘the third strain of corona virus’ or ‘third wave of coronavirus’ and it doesn’t look good.

What is the third wave of corona virus?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. The third wave of corona virus is an extended virus of the second wave of corona. It is seemingly back after things started getting back to normal. As soon as schools started reopening in Pakistan and food joints in America, say Salt Bae, corona is back again.

If you have been diagnosed with corona or it is being called the third wave of corona virus because there was so much discovery of the second wave that once people started healing, more started coming up and they panicked, calling it the third wave because they couldn’t handle it.. the answer is that in this wave and period, you be simple and you take plenty of water, you stay at home and you protect yourself from anything and anyone.

Corona virus 3rd wave is as serious as a gut trying to make its way out of commotion and trying to make itself explain that it will take care of it once it gets a good grip of itself. Corona virus is a serious concern and most people will not be able to make sense out of it if they do not get a grip of themselves by aligning themselves by the center and start practicing meditation for clarity perhaps.

The third wave of corona virus may be the final calling for the fourth and the last but till then, we can still work wonders to help getting rid of it. Many people have died because of corona and in this last wave of corona virus, or the third strain of corona virus, you do the following:

1- You should ALWAYS wear a mask. If you cannot wear it always, wear it below the nose. Mask will even help to align your breath, so wear it!

2- Stay away from filth, wherever you find it. Do not compromise on quality of the foods especially meat. Get it fresh and spend more than suffering in agony because of the third strain of corona virus.

3- Have something sweet because there are so many things that have an impact on us as we move or even if we are sitting at our home. Get some energy and then walk or exercise or whatever. Just create your own world and sanctuary and this will only be possible if you get a grip of yourself. It may SEEM like an easy process to align yourself and take care of everything but trust me, it is not. You have to be stringent, you have to make sure that you balance everything, you have to take care of your ‘energy’ and you have to move around. This wave will probably end up killing what is left of the 2nd wave of corona virus.

4- When you close your eyes, you see a yellow or orange thing. This may be Al-nur or light for those He has sent his saving grace on. Whatever you see with your eyes closed is for you. Do not fight in the hidden. That is the game. What you do is realize that everything comes to you for help, be it eyes or a crisscrossed something or whatever it is. You on your part must always keep going. If that energy is getting out of proportion, you calm it down by having water. These are hormones. There is no harm in masturbation as well to balance your hormones and once they start getting in place, shit more and pee more till your body is stringent. Cleanliness is the way out of all evils so make sure you keep yourself clean and healthy so you can keep going. Never stop walking and as soon as you sink in depression, go for a walk. Just keep yourself going because anything can happen anytime and between corona, it will be hard to keep up. Thus, align yourself, your intuition, the gap and keep going.

5- During this third strain of corona, make sure that you keep praying, meditating, and keep yourself balanced and in the center. If you want to align the center, read “laillahaillAllahMuhammadUrRasoolAllah” – notice the ‘ahah’ in it, one of the things it is on is the other person laughing at you (Marut) in their hidden (you can have open enemies and we have all kinds of people in the world)… you reading it to find a tick in your head (and ticks are from the divine) that He understood and so will the other person, you keep going and ignore and silence is the best virtue and that they move out of of your life and that they understood while you necessarily having to react on it in your hidden. Some feelings we don’t understand but what you feel is coming from somewhere, it is people laughing at you or feeling for you so thus, it is important that you get closer to religion to understand everything is for you and you prioritize yourself in front of Him and you till the end of time because there is one life and that you keep going.

Thus for aligning the center, you read LaillahaillAllahMuhammadUrRasoolAllah

Furthermore, for keeping yourself going and not fighting in the hidden, you should practice religion. Mine is Islam so I will suggest the following for the following. Religion is WRITTEN (pre-written) and should be taken very seriously. Quran is the remedy of all, and it is. Science vs. Man- Man, Man Vs. Religion, Religion, Religion Vs. Science, Religion and Religion vs. All? Religion, after all, Islam persisted before technology and science, it was annihilation and people used to live much much longer than they do today. So definitely the Quran as it is mine, for all answers and some of the answers are:

1- Read LaillahaillAllahMuhammadUrRasoolAllah for aligning the center.

2- Read Surah Naas for aligning and then balancing the center for the left.

3- Read Surah Falak for balancing the right.

4- Then come on the center and you will automatically start reading laillahaillAllahMuhammadUrRasoolAllah

5- Alamnashra Laka Sadrak for Nazar (evil eye)

– Qul-o-Allah O Ahad for ghayab (even if you think you are dwelling in the ghayab)

– Alhakomutakasir for keep going and persisting, literally for breath and the notion ‘God persists in silence’.

– Ayat ul kursi for keeping your seat alive and balanced (for power and attorney)

– 99 names of Allah for consistency and letting go of all evil that is clung on your body (most of the cases these days because of nazar which inevitably leads to voices and shadows because you cannot take it and you go in reverse and start seeing shadows and spirits because these are people trying to get to you but you are in reverse so you start seeing this instead of what hits the heart and that ‘it is your gut feeling ‘.

– Read what you know: ayat-e-kareema, chaar qul, ‘wabe saumi ghadinaweeto min shar e ramadan for balancing the center through the eyes, and lailatulqadar.

The Third Strain Of Corona Virus

6- Just wear a mask in this third strain of coronavirus and drink plenty of water. Stay away from alcohol and keep it low. Once you have gotten a grip of yourself, move ahead in direction. You can do weed if you want but limit everything till your energy is balanced and you have the right strength. Then move forward in the direction.

7- Meditate, breathe from your nose, keep reading laillahaillAllah and stay away from any malaise there is. Keep it to yourself and work. Things might be distorted for a good amount of time if they continue to persist this way.

8- Vaccines are not bad, go for them and avoid eating out or in gatherings.

9- Get the mind body and soul healing rejuvenated and get in touch with your inner self.

10- Stay put and keep going.

The third wave of corona virus is now a bigger problem than the former two and things are apparently very serious. It is better to take care than lose a life. All of the stated above will help because otherwise everything else will have a serious impact on your life especially driving and all others. Keep travel to a minimum, sought out your trades, move forward with patience and ‘keep it going’. We hope the third wave of corona or the third strain of corona virus gets eliminated from the universe right away.

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