The Top 4 Tech Companies In Pakistan

The Top 4 Tech Companies In Pakistan

The Top 4 Tech Companies In Pakistan

Pakistan is a country we cannot forget or miss out on for many reasons. It is a country equipped with some of the best talents. (Read: Talent in Pakistan). It is a country with good demographics and it is a country filled with ‘the right people’. If led by the right leader, the country can do wonders. Moreover and in fact, more wonders that it is doing at the moment. Like many other things, Pakistan is a country with some of the best companies as well. If you are a technology enthusiast, if you are an investor or if you are someone into startups and business, here is a list of 4 top tech companies in Pakistan.

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1- NetSol Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.

In the list of The Top 4 Tech Companies In Pakistan is NetSol Technologies Pvt. Ltd. NetSol Technologies Pakistan is currently ‘serving the top asset finance and leasing companies in the world’ with its ‘smart software technologies‘. NetSol Technologies is currently producing a lot of software solutions that help with different financial solutions. The company is employing way above 800 employees and providing front office implementation, back-office implementation, and other important services. Moreover, and least be told, NetSol is operational at a very big level now and it is definitely one of the top 4 tech companies in the world today.

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2- Codup

Codup is a growing software company. It has a growing base with its software solutions. Currently, it is providing software solutions throughout 23 different countries. Moreover, being in business for the last 8 years, the company is known to well provide the best software solutions. Codup holds deep industry knowledge. Therefore, it can partner with the right e-commerce companies that focus on business. Furthermore, for those who want to understand their business and not worry about technology.

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Codup is a big name in Pakistan. It is currently providing new technology solutions such as B2C eCommerce Development, Customer Engagement, Custom Software Development, API Integrations and WordPress Development.

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3- NayaTel

NayaTel is also another top tech company in Pakistan. Moreover, the company was established in 2004 and since then, it has emerged as a top name in the country. NayaTel employs many individuals today. Essentially, it is a fiber-to-home service provider, providing Micronet Broadband in the capital city of the country, Islamabad. Their services are applicable to TV, phone,s and the Internet.

4- Systems Ltd.

Systems Ltd. is one of the biggest IT companies in Pakistan. Led by Asif Peer, who is the CEO of the company, the company is listed on Pakistan’s stock exchange. The company is a top tech company providing partner communication, middleware connector, retail analytics, haute logic, sysHCM and TrIPS solutions. It is well diverse , authentic and it is operational on a huge level and exchange now.

There are other top tech companies in Pakistan as well. However, the above mentioned ones are still on top at the moment.

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