The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” is here and comes with an exciting new feature to incorporate Business Cards.

You can’t do much without business cards. Business Cards have now sort of becoming a necessity and with the incorporation of business cards, I’d say The phone should be a keeper for ‘the other work’.

What it is bringing to the table is simplicity and design.

The Thinnest Phone is made in Japan and it comes with a cardholder inside.

Being called ‘The ‘Card Phone’, KY-O1L, the phone has been manufactured by Kyocera. However, the phone will be coming to NTT Docomo.

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

Size And Other Measures

Furthermore, The World’s Thinnest Phone has the same footprint as a credit card. It is not bigger than 5.3mm and it weighs 47g.

Additionally, Docomo is calling the phone the thinnest and lightest phone available in the phone. With a 2.8-inch monochrome e-paper screen, the phone has a 380mAh battery on board and supports LTE connectivity.

Tiers Competition And Higher Volumes

New phones made a good advent in 2019 and companies are consistently trying to up their game.

The phone comes with LTE connectivity as well.

The phone has a camera on board, an App Store and a smart web browser.

While Docomo is saying that this is the Thinnest Phone, others are contradicting.

The New Phone And Its Features

They are saying that The Moto Z phone, which was launched in 2016 was under a 5.2 mm thick screen and claim that it is their thinnest. Moreover, the lack of camera on the new thin phone, however, makes it Quite Thin!

As far as the price of the new KY-01L is concerned; it is 32,000 Yen- $300. It isn’t a lot to pay, considering that it is going to be really easy for you to carry it around at all times too. The Thinnest Phone means comfort and ease.

Additionally, with a browser on hand and board, the new phone can be a good companion.

Watch the new phone and its video here:

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