There Is An Underwater Space Station And It Just Got Unveiled


CNN has revealed that there is an underwater space station beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea. This, according to Fabien Cousteau and Yves Behar, an industrial designer, (the designers of the habitat) might be the biggest underwater research station/habitat.

A 4k square foot modular lab, which will sit under the coast of Curacao, this Underwater Space Station will provide scientists and researchers a place to see marine life. The designers are hoping that this is a place where the medicinal breakthroughs will be coming from.

We guess that whoever has set this up just needs to operate in clarity though whatever suspicion this station holds must be right so that there is no discrepancy in where are we all seated.

The Story

A 2-story circular structure, with protruding pods and labs, moon pool, personal quarters and others, this station will be powered by wind and solar energy.

Furthermore, it will be used for ocean thermal energy conversion, for greenhouse food growing and as a video production facility as well.

With a mission to translate complex science into something that the average person might not be able to understand, this ‘Underwater Space Station’ is raising suspicion. Why would someone need space below the station when there is so much above the station.

You only go in hiding when you are working in hiding for someone or for yourself and in times like these, where the money is the only concern, no one is doing things ‘as is’. We hint towards Emmanuel Macron, rest who knows what their motive is or might be.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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