If we are playing ’19, ’19, there’s a lot to see and a lot to explore.

You want to ask me something about this year, well I’ve got a lot to share.

This year has been the following:

  • Tumultuous sights: There have been many excessive. Earthquakes, floods, rains and excessive weather changes across the globe.
  • Too many infections: So far, there have been excessive infections. The month of May and June, with summer in full swing, was the start of cancer. There were¬†these many deaths reported off cancer.
  • Things have been haywire: There have been too many losses, in terms of ships, arms, sea, murder, suicide, and corruption across countries. On the other hand, other countries such as Russia have flourished.
  • Overall, in terms of murder, genocide and terrorism, things have been extreme.

The predictions for the rest of 2019 remain the following:

  • Stop talking when it’s not worth talking because everything is being recorded and there is a keen eye on someone or someone else (the infinity loop) – Trump’s genocide
  • The American Lobby is going to slay Saudi Arab by Eid to get oil from their soil. Till then, all Muslim countries and around the soil and oil and the Middle East will be looked at.
  • There will be mayhem between Muslims and Jews. The mayhem started two-three months ago, there was a mishap then and I think this War is still ongoing.
  • There will be carnage, created by the ones who create carnage and that probably means America. For intervention, oil, minerals, stones, sand and others.
  • Excessive floods and torturous rain will be a part of this plan. Then there will be a big hug to the World, in his own shadow and reflection, to reveal, that He (Aka Trump) is the boss. This will be buttons, pulled by buttons, off triggers and everything else to combine this world into One and then get the Barter system intact.
  • Half of 2019 has already passed. The rest is remaining. Other events this year includes the Wimbledon.

On a global front, predictions would include:

“In Trump’s Langugage”

  1. Have sugar twice a day as it will keep you away from all the others who are already there.. air.
  2. Check the air for Mr. Trump would be mixing a lot of Ebola and other treacherous diseases in water, sand and all the paths he walks on.
  3. By the end of the year, everybody will be eyeing Christmas and it is going to be a whole lotta fun.
  4. However, towards the end of this year, by say November or December, there will be a big bomb blast in Atlanta to show and reveal where the Bosses bring water from.
  5. Moreover, stocks will be determined and are detrimental on 5 global factors – money, shame, fame, game, lame. The controller is the one who takes supreme court over the run. That would be Mr. Trump leading the way but other than that, it could be other too. The truth? It’s going to be history.

Stay tuned.

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By Amnah


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