Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Self

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Self

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Self

Winter is nearby and a lot has gone down this year. If we are talking about winters’, we must not forget about all the deaths that happened this year. Life isn’t easy but to keep going, you need to keep a watchful eye on yourself. Looking for top 10 ways to improve your self?

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Honestly, if you ask me, working on your own self is the best way out of this mess we are in. Living life is not easy, living off people is not permissible and screaming your way out of the day is really not the route to happiness. To succeed in and at life, you need to be happy and that starts by training your ‘self’ towards ‘the right’ or the good.

In today’s new age, where everyone is trying to play their own ‘game’, know that there are very few people who are honest and loyal. Loyalty is the best of all traits and loyal are those who succumb to nearby pressures’ live in a subdued temperature and smile always at what they already have.

Count your blessings.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your ‘Self’

Honest to God, know that so many people have come before us and so many of us have already died. It is the human race, it will be the human race and it will be these humans till the end of time. However, the World has changed in such a motion that everything looks haphazard now.

Now; we are on the notion: Is it us or is this for real or is this really happening..

You snap your eye and there is another tear; between that there is another fear; another fear is another one that is created out of a spirit of a man- for a woman; and of a woman; off her children.. Smile and you are in fear that it doesn’t get taken away from you, especially things that ‘get you going 😉 ‘..

Life’s a mess already and the solution now is: To stay TO yourself and stick WITH yourself. Don’t lose yourself in this super crazy life which is superseding at human pace but erratic craze and haze (which is not normal).

To keep to yourself, you have to make sure you keep your “Tongue” in particular, only to Yourself- not even your children. Once you accept that you as is are there as a father to your children and as children to your mothers, you will find balance and grace in the fact that ‘everything is already there’.

People can take your life, beliefs, honesty, dignity and self by their hypocrite ways and that is where the notion of self-belief comes in. Remember, life is a competition until someone else is competing and if not then you need to realize that it is going to be only YOU till the end so you might as well start taking life forward, your way this time.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Self

  • Don’t make others as big a priority that even you can’t handle it.
  • Tell people to back of on the Second you think its getting out of control.
  • Stand up ALWAYS for yourself. You should be your own motivation. Start believing in self-love.
  • Take people by your limits. No one is above you.
  • Make sure you don’t get angry at anyone more than you can take and make sure you don’t let anyone cross you in the hidden, let alone in the real.
  • Start believing in yourself.
  • Mind over matter; body over emotions and emotions over feelings. The way out? Intellect.
  • The only motivation to get up is ‘making money’. Money is food, life, travel : everything else needed to keep us sane. Find an opportunity to make money every day.
  • Never be afraid to give. Always do good.
  • Say no to people who you deem suspicious. Never enjoy a fool and never let anyone lower than you enter your home. It would eventually destroy your sanity.


Always keep to yourself.

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