Top 3 Portable Blenders For 2020

Top 3 Portable Blenders For 2020

Top 3 Portable Blenders For 2020

If you are a fan of coffee or tea, portable blenders will help you go a long way. Time saving and cost effective, portable blenders make life easy for you, step by step. If you are looking for the top 3 portable blenders for 2020, here are 3 you can look into.

The CKEYIN MINI Portable Blender

Called the best portable blender, CKEYIN MINI Portable Blender can hold 420ml liquid and has a 3000 mAh operational battery. With a size of 21.7 cm x 8.4 cm, there are plenty of reasons you should go for this blender. A top choice amidst buyers, the blender has a high-speed blade, a USB charging port for your phone, a handy LED display and an attractive design.

On the other hand, if there is a reason as to why you should avoid the blender and look for another is that it is kind of cheap so you might want to think as to how long it will last.

Nonetheless, it is one of the top 3 portable blenders of 2020.

Nutri Ninja Pro

Ranked as ‘very good’ by raters, priced at $59 at Amazon, $60 at Best Buy and $90 on, The Nutri Ninja Pro is fast, easy to set up and clean and has a durable blender cup. It is generously sized, but the problem is that it is a bit noisy.

Overall, the blender has 900 watts of blending power. It can be used for pulverizing fruits and vegetables, and make silky smooth drinks.

It can also crush ice, lemonade and make for a good few things.

The GODMORN Portable Blender

For greater portability and well designed, Godmorn Portable Blender has 300ml capacity, 1,200 mAh battery rating and a 19cm x 8.6cm. Easy to transport, and a quick charge battery, the Godmorn portable blender has two blades with portable blenders and a nice shoulder bag. Overall, a good buy and a decent charge.

While there are many portable blenders out there, these are the top 3 portable blenders for 2020.

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