Top 5 Security Threats Today

Top 5 Security Threats Today

Security is an integral part of any company (top 5 companies today) or software let alone marriage by law or any universal diary or tale. Trillions are being spent on security at the moment and it is still not enough. You want to know why? Because there ARE SO MANY people out there to bring you down, pull you down and use you for their own purposes. The reasons for this could primarily be money but also revenge which exists in the lesser parts of countries such as Pakistan and perhaps in any religious mind as well by anyone if wronged by full proportion. Therefore, if you are alive and beating, here are 5 important security threats in and law that you should be aware of. (Top 5 security threats today).

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Top 5 Security Threats In And Law In A Country

1- You cannot talk for more than a designated period of 10-20 minutes for someone with a normal phone and you have a normal or any kind of phone because of security threats today. Otherwise, you can be recognized for false conversation and there could be security consequences by any discipline or law (if your conversation with the other is suspicious beyond normal/common language or law). If caught, you can be testified against by the common and personal law of the country by least perhaps se if caught or complained against.

2- You cannot go out and take more than 10-20 photogenic pictures of the country or city by ANY measure. As a result, you can be charged for murder or assault if these pictures are used against the country by any measure.

3- You cannot go NEAR a person in the hidden, which means that you cannot call out their name, or anything else for that measure. For someone who misbehaves in the hidden and does all things out of it, their is hanging by death on falsehood and death by murder and suicide for forging a person. You cannot have ANY relationship and conversation or anything else for and against a person in the hidden. If you hear someone on the other end, it literally is someone else doing something to you. For this, you can charge them for murder or assault. This is because the other party is actually playing games in the hidden (and for this they can be charged). The biggest sign of these is the first sign of shadows and voices.


4- You should be able to present yourself at 10-20 occasions annually to show yourself a proper citizen of the country. There should be no shaded performances and you have to have ONE identity no others. Otherwise, you can be eliminated as a COMMON citizen of the country.

5- You have to be presentable above and below the eye to participate in the economy and move around “FREELY” in an economy. You cannot be running around freely disrespectfully in the country. This means without garments for some hidden purpose and because all such things are done for hidden motives. You cannot talk to people without or against their will IN ANY WAY. Furthermore, you cannot claim anything to be yours till you have had it in your hands (such as property around the country etc.). This is because someone might be fooling you on that and for that they can be charged with degree and assault if it leads to that in a party or against a party.

All of the article in simple words would mean that inevitably and at the end, you are by the RELIGION of the country you are sitting in. You must therefore practice religion and therefore, all else will automatically fall into place. With religion as law, all else will fail and things will automatically settle into place.

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