Top Three New Anime To Watch This Autumn Season

Top Three New Anime To Watch This Autumn Season

Top Three New Anime To Watch This Autumn Season

If you are a fan of anime, here are the top three new anime to watch this Autumn season. Number two is fantastic.

The Case Study Of Vanitas- Available On Hulu

One of the best and top three new anime to watch this Autumn season is “The Case Study Of Vanitas“. The Case Study Of Vanitas is around ‘Noe’, who is a vampire looking for a mythical Book of Vanitas which can bring death to the entire vampire race.

Noe then meets ‘Vanitas’, who is a human who chooses to cure an angered vampire. The end result is both teaming up to learn about the book and the sickness that affects vampires. The anime is literally a case study, an interesting one, and it is available on Hulu and Funimation.

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Scarlet Nexus- Funimation

Scarlet Nexus anime is from the Scarlet Nexus game from earlier in 2020. The anime follows Yuito, who is a new recruiter to the Other Suppression Force, which takes care of Monsters and ‘others’, who come near the planet and invade it. Made by the Sunrise animation studio, well known for the Gundam series, Scarlet Nexus is already quite popular. The anime follows the Scarlet Nexus game storyline.

If you want to play the game or have, the anime is close to it. However, if you haven’t, the anime can be watched on Funimation.

Edens Zero- Premiering on Netflix on August 26.

Edens Zero also among the top three anime to watch this autumn season. It is a story of a fairy tale in space. The story is around Shiki, a human who has lived around robots all his life. He then befriends Rebecca and Happy, who are his companions, and sets off on an adventure to go around the universe. Moreover, the anime is interesting and it will get you out of your seats to understand the mysteries of the universe. The anime is around love, in a subtle way, but more about the progressions and solitude in life.

Edens Zero is for you if you like Fairy Tail and Hiro Mashima other works.

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