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Trending News: May 16, 2019

By on May 16, 2019

Trending News: May 16, 2019

Latest news in as of May 16th 2019 suggests that there’s still a lot going on and there’s a lot to say and think about.

They are commenting that the world is a mess and there could be a lot of havoc. What we need is damage control.

Trending News: Tech and More

Avengers: Endgame Plus Game Of Thrones: Link

More Than 250,000 Fans Signs To Remake Final Season of GOT: Link

EU Regulators Fine 5 Banks For 1.07B Euros: Link

Social Networks Are Recruiting Teenage Extremists: Link

Who Is John Bolton? Republicans On Iran? #Laul Link

Conrad Black Is Back: After Trump’s Mis-Shenanigans Link

Fever Could Kill 5000 Pigs: The Race Of Pigs: China and US: LINK

Trending News: Politics

May For Hard Exit? Link

White House Launches Tool To report Censorship In Twitter, Facebook, YouTube: Link

93 Pakistanis Deported From US Come To Islamabad: Link

US Pulls Staff From Iraq Between Concerns In Iran: Link

US Gets Rid Of Flights In Venezuela: Link

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