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Trump Wants 6G Technology All To Himself: We Call It Senseless

By on February 24, 2019

In a series of new tweets, Donald Trump has called on companies to become world leaders.

In his latest move, which he revealed on Twitter, he is making sure that 6G technology should lead the way and he wants it all to himself. While 6G technology won’t be here till 2030, Trump is ensuring he gets the best to himself.

On Thursday morning, President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump wrote on Twitter, “I want 5G and 6G technology in the US asap”.

While commenting further, he said he wants it to be powerful, faster and higher than the current standards. Furthermore, he said that American companies should assess and step up their efforts otherwise they will be left behind.

Essentially, Trump wants the best of technology and the best of technology is mostly escalating to 5G to 6G technology.

Trump is eyeing technology at the moment as he takes a look at it further.

He wants the US to win through the competition and not block out advanced technologies. He wants the latest technologies to stay.

While commenting on this, he said that we must be the leader in each and everything that we do, particularly when it comes to technology.

Finland’s Schedule

President Trump’s tweets came after Finland’s schedule to hold the biggest mobile event in the world and next week.

While the rest of the economies are trying to get 5G technology, 6G technologies are here to stay. 6G technology is the latest and forthcoming technology and Trump wants to make sure he gets everything all to himself.

Well, the truth is that 6G technology is not coming forth till 2030 so we are unsure regarding which 6G technology he is talking about. However, it is Mr. Trump at the end of it all and he can say whatever he wants, as he always does.

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