Trump Wants 6G Technology All To Himself

In a series of new tweets, Donald Trump has called on companies in the U.S. to find solutions for 5G and 6G technologies. While 5G is already available in America, he is now on 6G, while most of America doesn’t even know how to deal with themselves.

In his latest move, which he revealed on Twitter, he is trying to make sure that he leads the way with 6G technology as well. Seems like Mr. Trump wants all of it to himself.

While however it may take time for 6G technology to actually bear forth with full and proper coverage, Trump’s move is admirable.

On Thursday morning, President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump wrote on Twitter, “I want 5G and 6G technology in the US asap”.

It’s like a baby yearning for his mama.

Trump: Tech Unveiled

While commenting further, he said he wants it to be powerful, faster and higher than the current standards. Furthermore, he said that American companies should assess and step up their efforts otherwise they will be left behind.

Essentially, Trump wants the best of technology and the best of technology is mostly escalating to 5G and 6G technology.

What Does Donald Trump Want?

Trump is eyeing technology at the moment as he takes a look at it further. He’s put most least developed countries to shame and is escalating now at the speed of science. However, he forgets to realize that… Well, nevermind, its Trump anyways.

He essentially wants everything to himself, the U.S. to lead the way and then for others to follow the league and for U.S. to lead the way. I think China is biting him in the butt too much and he is taking out his frustration on China and then the world.

Finland’s Schedule

President Trump’s tweets came after Finland’s schedule to hold the biggest mobile event in the world and next week.

While the rest of the economies are trying to get 5G technology, the President of the U.S. is on 6G. 6G technology is the latest and forthcoming technology.

Well, the truth is that 6G technology is not coming forth till another few years. Trump, then, at least is talking for he is saying the first word for ideas and essentially, marking a footprint, then that he said it first.

Trump, its not a race. This is life. People can live without 6G, let the world experiment with 5G first. Trump and his shenanigans.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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