Vaping Ads Ban After Death Reports

Vaping Ads Ban After Death Reports

Vaping Ads Ban After Death Reports

E-cigarettes/vaping are apparently causing many deaths, according to new reports.

Moreover, this has caused CNN to make an announcement that it will no longer continue to run vaping ads anymore.

According to reports, CNN will not be running any kind of ads after a serious vaping ban. Things are getting serious because there are serious, deadly injuries getting caused by it. However, vaping companies are freaking out!

Vaping Ads Ban: Tech Unveiled

Reports Suggest The Following..

Reports reveal that vaping is causing many deaths and CNN has agreed to ban Juul and other ads of electronic cigarettes after the subsequent vaping ads ban.

Furthermore, according to the President of CNN Worldwide, serious illnesses and serious deaths are being reported by vaporizers; these include e-cigarettes and vaping.

However, it is unsure yet as to which product category we are talking about and the consequent warnings associated with it.

Certain Reports Are Suggestive Of The Fact That..

Reports suggest that CNN and its policies regarding e-cigarettes advertising will not continue because an investigation is still on-going and the fact that in these investigations will come and follow through many observations.

It is also being said that the main cause of deaths with e-cigarettes and vaping are associated with a glitch in the electronic cigarettes or vaping itself. Things are serious because certain number of people have already died because of it. Nonetheless, the vaping ads ban is going to follow through.

Cigarette ads have been banned on the television since 1970.

Vaping Ads Ban: A Strong Concern

There has been a major and strong concern about cigarettes and vaping. E-cigarettes have many tobacco laws against them. Their regulation is necessary.

Reports suggest that President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump has suggested a ban on the non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes. In some states, they are illegal.

Juul- Vaping Ads Ban

The brand in question as far as this ban on e-cigarettes is confirmed is Juul. Juul is quite popular between teenagers & it is also being reported that teens are smoking this in great capacities.

Juul launched a multi-million dollar campaign, with ads on print, TV and radios. However, the notion these are less harmful or safe has not been approved legally.

Nonetheless, Juul and E-cigarettes both are a major concern. The ban on them is quite necessary because they are reportedly causing deaths.

It is a good way forward, to at least stop ‘devices’ from harming us! It is also a good way forward by CNN for a rapid vaping ads ban.

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