WeChat Stops Accepting New Chinese Users (Temporarily)

WeChat Stops Accepting New Chinese Users (Temporarily)

WeChat Stops Accepting New Chinese Users (Temporarily)

New reports suggest that WeChat has stopped accepting new users from China at the moment. There is no other option for the messaging giant if it has to operate now. The move by the company comes after a bigger crackdown on tech companies in China.

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Essentially, what is being said is that ‘you cannot sign up for WeChat in China‘. You are being locked out intentionally and it is a confirmed move by the company itself. Thus, don’t think there is something with your phones, mobiles or tablets. However, if you are an existing user, you should not have any problem using the application yourself.

Most of the users who cannot sign up for the app are from Mainland China. The move will hold true till the company is able to comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the app maker itself.

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Further reports suggest that WeChat will be completing the China registration upgrade in early August. WeChat itself has not spoken much about the changes. However, the new move came after China cracked down on different tech companies breaking privacy laws itself. This was done by the country in light of the data collection practices itself. (Read: Important Technology Companies To Know In 2021).

Certain other companies have had to go through the same process itself. These include TikTok and few other companies as well. China’s move comes after the emergence of very important security breaches in the global sphere. China will also be prepping for a Personal Information Protection law that demands further stringent controls for WeChat. (Read on: New technology gadgets ahead).

The new move, however, will not be applicable for those who still have an account. The new move will affect those who want an app that can handle many aspects of life such as shopping and many other daily services in a country.

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